Interview Questions To Discover Commitment And Motivation

Getting the most competent candidate for a job is hard enough. However, finding a candidate with exemplary commitment and motivation is even more challenging.

Unlike tangible traits like working abilities and accomplishments primarily written in curriculum vitae and resumes; these hard skills are easily noticeable and show how capable an individual is based on their experience and output.

That, however, is not the case with soft skills. There are interview questions to discover commitment and motivation in an individual because, with the right motivation and commitment, an individual is sure to give in their best to any given job at any given time.

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Why The Question?

There are many variations to these questions. For example, it can appear in “what motivates you” or “what are you most passionate about” however the result and intention are always the same.

  • To determine how long one is likely to stay in the company.

You can predetermine how long one is to stay in the company by asking the right questions. For example, “why would you want to work with us?” or something even as direct as “what are your plans three years from now?”.

It is important because you do not want someone to leave your organization so soon. It can be damaging with all the turnover and the need to source new employees to work with.

  • To be an inspiration to others.

When a person is motivated to work, they can serve as motivation to others to do their best. These people can be good leaders and push others towards their goals in life.

When people work together with just the right motivation and commitment, it is easy to attain success.

  • To determine how people react to pressure.

When a person is faced with challenges that can be used to test the commitment level of such an individual and so much more.

The qualities of every human can be ascertained during extreme pressure. However, we are not encouraged to put individuals under duress to determine commitment.

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Interview Questions To Discover Commitment And Motivation

As mentioned, commitment and motivation are intangible. Hence this can be not easy to ascertain. It is easier to see based on thought and action.

You can start with general questions and eventually put in scenarios or ask about previous experiences to unravel their behavior.

Interview Questions For Motivation

  • Why did you choose us?
  • What are the personal career goals that you have set? 
  • What drives you?
  • How can you define success?
  • What can affect your level of motivation and commitment?
  • How do you hope to deal with setbacks?
  • Have you failed at a thing before? How did you cope?

Real-Time Motivation

  • From previous experiences, what is your best motivational gear?
  • Have you failed to meet any deadlines at your last job? What did you do afterward? How did you plan to change the course of action at that time?
  • Have you ever been the brain behind a big idea that changed the course of your job and affected your company positively? What inspired that idea?
  • Would you say that you are more productive now than you were before? What did you learn to necessitate that?
  • Have you ever worked extra hours for your company to meet a deadline without being forced to do so? What triggered that level of commitment?
  • How do you keep yourself committed if you’re stuck with a particular routine job?
  • Have you faced a challenge at work? How did you deal with such a challenge at that time?

Motivations At The Workplace Questions

We said that motivations could be cultivated externally, too. So here are some questions that connect good work bases and an individual.

  • How would you define a good motivating environment?
  • How do you hope to create a good working environment for your staff?
  • What activities do you think would self-motivate your staff, and how do you plan to create them?
  • Your coworker is feeling demotivated. What will you do about it?
  • Have you been part of a team that looks pretty discouraging? How did you go about it?
  • Ever been in a toxic workplace? Did you leave, or did you plan to change it?

Commitment At Work

Your job seekers may be fresh graduates or have left their previous job roles to work with you. It is definitely up to you to show how committed they will be in this new position that they are applying for.

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Ask These Questions To Know How Serious-Minded They Are. 

  • What made you leave your previous job? Was there anything that would have changed your decision
  • Where do you hope to see yourself say, six to seven years from today?
  • Have you set any goals for yourself? What are they?
  • How do you balance work and your life?

Real-Time Commitment Questions

  • You are to choose between high pay and low work custom and low pay and high working custom. Which will it be?
  • If your previous organisation offers you expectant pay, will you return to them?
  • How do you rule the line between work ethics and your lifestyle?
  • What extreme activities will make you abandon your work
  • Do you wish to stay with our company for the next four years and more?


It is imperative to find employees with the right drive and commitment to work. These individuals are the key to a flourishing business.

However, not all of these individuals know their stand and their choices. It is then left for you, the employer, to bring out the best in them through the right motivational factors. They might be your crucial employee waiting to be polished in the right direction.

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