What Is a Mock Interview and How Will It Help Me Get A Job?

Are you preparing for a job interview and do you want to be really prepared?

Have you heard about mock interviews, but don’t really know the benefits and how they can help you land a job?

This article provides all the information regarding mock interviews and how to prepare to ace your real job interview.

A mock interview or commonly called a practice interview is an ideal way to practice a real job interview.

It is an opportunity for those looking for jobs to practice for interviews and get feedback.

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 Mock Interview

A mock interview is a practice job interview that is carried out by a career counselor.

It’s like a training exercise that copies the format of a real job interview.

A mock interview can recreate any interview setting, such as in-person or online interviews.

The mock interview resembles a real interview as close as possible.

 Some organizations schedule mock interviews to help prepare students on how to conduct themselves during job interviews.

A mock interview can be seen as a playful and not-so-serious job interview.

 Anyone can conduct a mock interview as long as they are experts or have knowledge of career development.

The interviewer should be able to give feedback and advise on your strength and weakness during the mock interview.

Benefits Of Mock Interview When Preparing For A Job

The benefits of mock interviews are numerous to name, but a few are:

  • Mock interviews help improve your communication skills
  • Mock interviews help reduce your stress levels before the real job interview
  • A mock interview helps you to know how you can answer difficult questions thrown your way.
  • Mock interviews help you get familiar with the job interview process
  • Mock interviews help you boost your confidence
  • You will get advice and feedback from mock interview that will be implemented in the real interview.

Types Of Mock Interview When Preparing For A Job

1. Person Mock Interview

College career centers and career counselors provide mock interviews in person.

For a student or graduate, you can go to your school’s career center to prepare for a mock interview. 

Career coaches and counselors also provide mock interviews for non-students.

They could also provide a phone or video mock interview where the interview would be recorded and you would be sent feedback for it.

You would have to make an appointment for the mock interview and provide them with information on the company and career field you are applying for.

This will help them prepare a mock interview question that will be similar to the real job interview questions.

2. Online Mock Interview

Online programs and applications also offer mock interviews for those preparing for job interviews.

Some programs conduct live video with career counselors, records the video, and provide feedback on it.

Most of these programs are basically allowing users to type in answers to random mock interview questions.

Some of the programs are advanced allowing users to orally answer a set of selected questions.

Personal Mock Interview Options

Since the mock interview is none serious, you have some options on who to select to conduct it; including:

  • Mock interview with a career counselor

A career counselor is a person that offers professional advice for career development.

Conducting a mock interview with a career counselor can provide is most probably the best option because you will learn things to do better at the real job interview.

The career counselor should have a professional background that matches the position or industry you are applying for.

  • Mock interview with a mentor

A mentor is someone that you go to for advice, motivation, and emotional support.

A mentor that is within your industry or profession can coach you during the mock interview. 

  • Mock interview with a colleague

 Your colleague can simply be a friend from your workplace.

Your colleague as the mock interview should have held the position you are applying for.

 The mock interview may be informal and not so serious but you would get honest feedback and insight into the position or organization.

  • Mock interview with a friend

A mock interview with your friend can ease off the anxiety of the interview. 

 Your friend can also use their personal experience at their workplace to give you some tips to use at the real job interview.

  • Mock interview with a family member
A mock interview with a family member as your interviewer can make you comfortable during the interview.
As long as the interviewer would give a productive feedback based on their own personal experience in their profession. 
A family member can make it easier for you to simplify your responses to questions asked during the mock interview.

Preparing For Mock Interview When Preparing For A Job

You can prepare for a mock interview following these simple steps:

  • Dress professionally

For a mock interview, dress as if it’s the real job interview you are going for. Dress professionally to give the hiring manager a positive influence.

Your mock interviewer should evaluate your dress and how you present yourself as part of the interview.

  • Professional interview setting

Create a professional interview setting as closely as possible.

For interviews where the interviewer is present, have a desk or table in between both of you so you can put your resume on it like a real interview.

For online interviews, choose a quiet place with good network reception. Make sure your phone battery is full and you have network data.

  • Good interviewer

Choose an interviewer that can ask you questions related to the position and industry you are applying for.

It’s advisable to use a career counselor, mentor, or colleague as your mock interviewer

  • Carry required documents

Carry your resume, portfolio, and every other document you will need for an interview.

The mock interviewer should give you feedback on the arrangement of the documents.

  • Answer questions properly

Take your time to answer questions pertaining to your qualifications and skills during the mock interview.

Also, you can practice responses to certain questions that will impress the real job interviewer.

  • Do research on the company

Research every piece of information about the company that has been made public including its website and social media account.

Include the research in your answers during the mock interview so you can be impressed by the real interview.

  • Record the interview

Record the mock interview so you can be able to review yourself. Watch yourself for personal mistakes so you know how to correct them.

Recording the video also helps in getting feedback from other people on how well you performed at the mock interview.

  • Get feedback on the interview

The mock interviewer should give you feedback on your dressing, how you present yourself, how you answered questions, your communication skills, and your qualifications for the job position.

The feedback is to inform you of areas to improve on.

You should also get feedback from other people that watched the interview such as your colleague or a career counselor.

Example Of Mock Interview Questions When Preparing For A Job

Mock interview questions are general questions that can be asked during a real job interview.

Some examples of questions that can be asked during a mock interview are:

  • How do you view yourself? 
  • Do you compare yourself to someone in particular?
  • What is your biggest motivation?
  • What can you offer us that is better than the rest of the competition?
  • What strength do you have to help you succeed?
  • Tell me something about yourself?
  • What are your career goals?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • Why do you want to be a part of our organization?
  • What questions do you have for me?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What makes you a good candidate for this role?
  • Tell me about your last job

Have a great day.

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