5 Interview Tips And Job Interview Questions For Teens

One of the best and most beneficial ways to prepare for a job interview is to practice answering some common questions you are likely to be asked.

This is most important if you are a teenager and may not have years of work experience to talk about.

Learning about the questions employers ask might prepare you for the answers and can give you a better chance of landing a job.

This article will review some of the interview tips and job interview questions for teens that hiring managers could ask during job interviews.

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Interview Tips For Teens

Here are some other tips you can use if you’re interviewing as a teenager:

Prepare In Advance

Doing some work ahead of time on the company’s history, values ​​, and mission can make or break the interview.

You can use this knowledge throughout the conversation to show that you’re not only doing your homework but also a team player with the larger company purpose at heart.

This prep work also gives you a chance to fully consider the position, says Amy Marschall, a psychologist, and author of a mental health blog who often works with teen job seekers.

“It looks good when you figure out that you know things about the position and the company, and that helps you figure out if it’s a job you want.

To do your research, research the company and read multiple pages on their website, and use social media to see how about the company is spoken by current or former employees.

You can also search for any news about the company to ensure you are up to date with all the recent happenings, good or bad.

For example, if the restaurant chain you want to work for just announced a new seasonal menu, you might want to read about it and mention it in your interview.

The most profitable thing you can do is to prepare well before the interview. You can practice answering common questions in front of a mirror or with a friend or family member. 

Ensure that you have a solid resume printed out to take with you. Also, research the business and your role and list any questions about them.

Make Use Of Available Materials

As a teen, you may not have a good working experience to speak of, so consider being creative. 

Talk about your traits, school experiences, and any extracurricular activities like sports or clubs. 

Employers don’t expect a wealth of experience from you yet, so don’t be afraid to talk a lot about high school.

Try To Relax

Interviews can be stressful, so try to relax. Get a good night’s sleep, and make sure you give yourself enough time to get to the interview early. Take the time to craft clear and concise answers.

Dress Appropriately

First impressions are important during an interview. Choose clothes that are professional, regardless of the job you are applying for. 

Ask a parent to help you choose an outfit if you’re not sure what to wear.

Job Interview Questions For Teens

1. Why Are You Looking For A Job?

Managers use this question to learn more about your motivation. Consider your reasons for wanting a job while you’re still in school, and then explain why those motivations might make you a good employee.

2. Why Do You Want To Work For Us?

Most managers might interview dozens of candidates for a single open position and want to ensure that the person they hire will be interested in working for them. To answer this question:

  • Find out more about the company before the interview.
  • Get information about the industry, customer base, size, and history.
  • Choose a few factors that interest you and explain why you want to work there.

3. What Qualifies You As The Best Candidate For The Job?

The market is very competitive, so employers might want to know why you are the best candidate for the job. Ensure to use this question to highlight your best qualities and sell yourself. 

As a teenager, you probably don’t have much work experience yet, so you may have to rely on your attributes and high school achievements.

4. What Are Your Greatest Achievements?

Managers like to know what you have achieved and see that you have strived for something, and this shows your desire to improve. 

You may not have much success yet, so you may need to get creative. If you don’t already have any awards or accolades, find a way to highlight smaller accomplishments.

5. Where Do You See Yourself In The Next 5 Years?

Managers desire candidates to be goal oriented and ambitious because they demonstrate motivation and hard work. Consider where you think you might be in the next 12 months, and so on. 

This will help you create a list of steps to where you would love to be in the next five years.

6. What Are You Learning At School That Will Help You In This Position?

When you’re a teenager, the biggest thing on your resume is probably your high school experience. 

The employer may ask you to name some specific things you’re learning in school that can be transferred to the job because you don’t yet have relative work experience. 

Think about what professional skills you will need for the position and how you learn those things in school.

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7. Talk About A Problem You Had Recently And How You Solved It

Solving a problem is a big part of any job. Managers want team members who can solve problems independently without asking for help whenever they run into a problem. 

If you can demonstrate your ability to assess and solve a problem, this can make you a stronger candidate. 

Think about a problem you may have had at school, with someone else, or at a previous job, and then review your strategies to solve it.

8. Do You Have Any Inquiries About The Job?

This is a question commonly used to close a conversation. Asking questions about the job and the company can help you not only decide if it’s a good fit for you but also knows that you’ve done your research. 

Before the interview, list questions you want to know about the job. At the end of the interview, ask questions that you didn’t get answered during the interview.


How To Start An Interview?

Start the conversation with a polite greeting: “How are you today? Thank the interviewer for the meeting with you.

What Is The First Question In An Interview?

The most common first interview question is “tell me about yourself.” And even if it is simple at first glance, it is very easy to make a mistake and turn off the interviewer at the beginning of the interview.

What Are The 3 Types Of An Interview?

Let’s start with different types of conversations. There are three types of interviews: unstructured, semi-structured, and structured.

What To Do Before A School Interview?

Provide as much information as possible before the interview. E.g., reference letters, short statements about the child’s abilities, interests, goals, and learning style (prepared by you or the child). This information will supplement and help administrators better prepare for the interview.

Which Type Of Interview Is Best?

The most frequently used interview technique is structured interviews. Structured interviews are used by 74% of HR professionals worldwide. Behavioral interviews are in close competition with others, and this interview technique is used by 73% of recruiters worldwide.

How Would You Describe Yourself?

I am a hard-working, goal-oriented individual who is unafraid to face challenges. 
I love my work, and I know how to get it done. I would say that I am honest and do not believe in misleading other people, and try to be fair in everything I do.

How Is A Good Interview?

Make eye contact and build rapport by finding common ground to talk about before tackling the tough questions. Go through your resume and phone screen notes beforehand, so you have some personal information to draw on. Ask open-ended questions.

What Is The Best Answer? Tell Me About Yourself

Any good ‘tell me about yourself’ answer should consist of: Work – This should make up about 80% of your answer. Here, focus on your previous experience and achievements. 10-15% of your answer should then relate to your academic background (university, academic results, etc.).

What Do You Say Before An Interview?

Any good ‘tell me about yourself’ answer should consist of: Work – This should make up about 80% of your answer. Here, focus on your previous experience and achievements. 10-15% of your answer should then relate to your academic background (university, academic results, etc.).

Why Do You Want This Job?

“I see this as an opportunity to contribute to an exciting/progressive/fast-moving company/industry, and I feel that I can do this with my….” “I feel that my skills are particularly suited to this position because…


There you have it, some of the best interview tips and job interview questions for teens. We hope you find the information in this article useful. We wish you success in your job pursuit.

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