How To Answer “What Makes You Unique?” (Sample Answers)

When a hiring manager asks the question ‘’what makes you unique’’? What comes to your mind?

This question is not an opportunity to start telling the interviewer your life story.

But rather, you should let the hiring manager know why your unique traits would benefit the company.

The question ‘’what makes you unique?’’ only means: why are you the best candidate for this job?

Before we dive into the best ways to answer ‘’what makes you unique’’?. 

First, let us check out why the hiring manager asks this question.

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Why Do Hiring Managers Ask The Question ‘’What Makes You Unique’’?

From this question, the highering manager is only trying to understand the soft skill you would contribute to the growth of the company.

Two unique traits that should come to the mind of the candidate during an interview are your ability to complete your task before the deadline and sincerity at the workplace.

Sample Answers to “What Makes You Unique?” 

1. I’m Dedicated To A Lifelong Learning Process.

I have a passion for incessant learning and personal development.

I am aware that I have to upgrade my skills and potential to contribute value to the company.

 I have many personal goals that I want to realize in life, and these require that I keep seeking ways to improve myself.

 I am devoted to staying ahead of the company and searching for ways to learn new skills for the business.

2. “I Am A Very Good Communicator. And find it’s easy for me to relate to other people.”

After going through the job description, let the interviewer know about a skill you have that would be good for business.

Create a checklist of attributes that would make you stand out during the interview.

You should be aware that whenever you state a personality trait in an interview session you are showing the hiring manager that you are the best fit for that job opening.

Furthermore, let the hiring manager know that it’s very easy for you to communicate with customers.

Including this personality trait in your answer, showcases how you’re a good fit for the role.

3. “My prior experience In Customer Service Has Provided Me With Unique Technical Skills That I Can Apply To This Role.”

Do you have work experience? If yes,  you can explain the kind of role you played in your former job to the hiring manager.

Use this opportunity to explain the question ‘’what makes you unique’’? 

Explain why you are the best candidate for the job to the hiring manager. 

You must provide evidence or proof that you have worked as a customer service representative before. Your previous job experience should be stated in your resume.

However,  If your previous job doesn’t match the new job you are applying for. You don’t have to worry all you have to do is explain your role at your former workplace to your interviewer. 

They would pick out the essential skills that aided your work.

4. Refined Sales & Client Relationship Abilities.

One of the essential things that makes me the perfect candidate for this job opening is my unique examination technique.

I make use of many creative methods to expand my client list. 

Secondly, I communicate and create relationships with my customers. This helped me in building long-term investments for my former company.

Finally, my ability to close a deal is second to none. I was able to generate sales and positive results for my previous company.

5. I’m not afraid of failure.

Being scared is an essential part of the process that helps you succeed.

I’m not afraid to take risks. even if I fail, I am always ready to learn from my mistakes.

In my former role, we were running sales and customer demands were low.

Did this stop us? No.

My team restrategized.  We decided to advertise our goods on some social media platforms. This action, increased customers demand by 20% 

6. Unwavering Honesty And Ethics.

I believe that one of the most important attributes of an employee is honesty.

I’m honest, I work hard to make sure that I carry out my task effectively and I believe in always doing what is right.

I need little o no supervision whenever it works because I fully understand my role.

I have a positive mindset, which I believe is one of the key qualities you are searching for in a candidate.

7. I’m Exceptionally Organized. 

You cannot answer the question ‘’what makes you’’ unique without talking about your organizational skills.

The hiring manager wants to know how you would help the company if you are recruited.

At the end of the day, your answer must reflect how you solved problems for your former company.

Tell them a skill that helped you solve problems in your former company. Ensure that you have proff to support your claim.

8. I’m A True People Person.

Over the years I was able to build relationships with my customers. 

I am a great people person, I always understand the needs of my customers.

As a people person, I can get into the intended user’s head and direct my content to draw their attention.

The use of social media also helped me to reach a larger audience for my previous company’s product.

9. I have Deep Technical Skills.

Technology is the order of the day. As a candidate, having technological skills would give you an edge over other applicants.

My unique technical skills increased the productivity of my previous company. 

Technical skills and specialized knowledge are requirements every employee should have. I know that I have the qualities that your company is searching for.

10. I’m  A Perfect Match for That Particular Job.

Another answer to the question ‘’What makes you unique’’? Is Explaining to your interviewer that you are the best match for the job.

I have all the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience that are needed for this job.

I made a checklist of everything I achieved in my previous job.

Here are the soft and hard copies of all my educational qualifications.

11. Strong Team Player.

I can work as a group. Working as a group has made me develop strong team culture.

I’m a team-oriented worker, and I flourish in a collaborative environment where employees work together to achieve one goal.

I believe this is an essential skill because worker needs to work as a team to satisfy their customers and stakeholders.

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The purpose of a hiring manager asking you the question ‘’what makes you unique’’?, Is to examine if you are the best candidate for the job opening.

This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your abilities, skills, and strength.

However, With the list above you are sure to ace your interview.

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