Sample Reference Letter for a Student Employee

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What Is A Letter Of Reference

This is a letter, written in favor of a person. It relates to a job or education, let’s say the admission process.

This letter highlights all the wonderful qualities of that person and why you should be given the position with ease.

These letters typically come from previous employers, teachers, colleagues, clients, or even a professor.

In summary, the whole letter describes a person’s unique Qualifications and skills and makes you seem like a good fit for the position you’re vying for. Another name for a letter of recommendation is “letter of reference”.

Most employers don’t really like to give out opportunities casually, Because quite a number of people could forge certain things on their resume and might not be up to expectation when they are finally

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employed or given the opportunity, and to think of a student, sometimes it gets difficult but if someone of high standards can take out their time to recommend you for a particular position, sure you’ve got some grounds and you’re really loyal and worth good value.

Having a letter of reference included in your resume or any application form even without them requesting it can increase your chances of getting the position you’re aspiring for.

How Does A Letter of Reference Works

If you were asked to include a letter of recommendation on your application, all you need to do is to meet qualified individuals, maybe your ex-boss, a higher colleague in your place of work, a teacher, or a professor and ask them to help you without letters of recommendation.

If they are willing, they would help out and then send them directly to the employer, other hiring personnel, admissions committee, or department. 

Most Recommenders may offer you the opportunity to review the letter before they send it, but they aren’t obligated or expected to, and bear in mind that some may not also.

How to Write a Reference Letter for a Student Employee

  • When you’re given the honor of writing a recommendation letter for a student employee, ask them to provide you with some information that’ll give you hints on the parts to highlight on the letter. If you need more clarity then ask them to provide you with a copy of their resume so you could see more about them.
  • You should also ask them for a brief job description about the type of position they are applying for.  If they have the name of the hiring manager, they should let you know that as well.
  • Ensure to follow the correct format. If you are sending your letter in a business format, you’ll begin with your contact information, followed by the date and the hiring manager’s contact information.

How To Choose The Best Person to Write Your Reference Letter

Choosing the best people to write your letter of recommendation can be quite stressful, especially as a student trying to get a job. So you might need to put in some extra work

When trying to get someone to write a recommendation letter for you, ensure to take note of this Tip I’m about to share so read carefully.

  • Ensure that the letter writer is someone who can speak directly to the quality of your work.
  • Make sure that the person to write for you is someone who Is familiar with your abilities and feels positive about you
  • Ensure that the person is one that can spare out time from his/her busy schedule and write a letter that could reflect a maximum of your qualities and impress a hiring manager
  • Make sure that the letter Writer Is in a position of authority or otherwise has a reputation that will mean something to the employer or admissions officer.

Once you approach someone that has all these qualities, and you were given a positive response, prepare a shortlist of qualities and accomplishments you’d like to highlight in the letter.

Just give them a glimpse of the things you’d like them to say, for example, “I know the hiring manager is particularly interested in candidates that have good problem-solving skills and analytical skills, so if you’re affirmative that I possess all these qualities, it’ll gladden my heart if you could mention it.

Use Letter Examples and Templates

It is a great idea to review letter examples and templates before you write a reference letter or a request for a letter. They will guide you in deciding what kind of content you should include in your document.

A letter template also helps you with the layout of your letter, such as how many paragraphs to include, and how to sign the letter, and shows you what elements you need to include in your letter, such as your contact information, etc

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