Does CVS Drug Test Their Employees? All You Need To Know

Have you ever considered working at your local CVS pharmacy?

The company presently owns and operates one of the country’s major pharmacies. CVS has fantastic work opportunities with competitive pay. You will also be compensated for working at a CVS shop.

The company makes an effort to look after its employees. You’ll get a lot of benefits, so it’ll be well worth your time. CVS is a terrific company to work for, but the role may not be right for everyone.

 It’s also worth noting that the corporation may conduct drug tests on prospective hires.

As a result, learning more about the company’s drug-testing program is critical. After that, you’ll know what hoops you’ll have to pass through to secure a job with CVS.

 Prepare for the forthcoming test with the information provided below.

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Does CVS Drug Test Their Employees? – What You Need  To Know About CVS

It’s a good idea to learn as much as you can about CVS before applying for employment there. Otherwise, you may be committing to something you will not enjoy in the long run. What exactly is CVS and what does it do? CVS Pharmacy, or CVS, is a retail chain based in the United States.

It is a CVS Health business that operates a large number of pharmacies across the United States. It is headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, but has locations throughout the country. CVS was originally known as the Consumer Value Store. It was established on May 8, 1963, and has developed tremendously since then.

Although CVS is best known for its pharmacies, the company also sells a wide range of other goods. A CVS, for example, sells food, beverages, cleaning supplies, and other items.

Jobs Found In CVS

When you decide to start looking for work, you’ll discover that you have a lot of possibilities. The company hires new employees regularly.

As a result, you should not spend any time submitting your application. Simply ensure that the employment you choose is a suitable fit for your talents, experience, and qualifications.

  1. Operations managers
  2.  Staff pharmacist floaters 
  3. Operations supervisors
  4.  Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)

These are all frequently hired by the company. CVS hires frequently, so it’s a good idea to look over your possibilities until you find one that suits you.

CVS Employee Benefits

It will be worthwhile to apply for a job at CVS. Work hard and put your heart and soul into the job. You will be rewarded for your efforts if you do this.

The organization offers a variety of advantages to its employees. 

  • First and foremost, the pharmacy will ensure that its employees remain healthy.  It achieves this purpose by providing healthcare benefits to employees.
  • As a CVS employee, you’ll have access to dental, vision, and medical coverage.
  • You’ll also have access to a health savings account, which will be funded by the firm. A company stock plan, adoptive incentives, paid time off, school tuition, and an employee discount is among the additional perks.
  • When you shop at CVS, you can take advantage of the company’s up to 20% employee discount on CVS brand merchandise. You’ll also receive a 10% discount on other brands.

How Does The CVS Drug Test Operate?

To screen prospective employees, CVS routinely conducts urine drug tests. You’ll have to urinate in a cup if you’re requested to do a urine drug test. You’ll do it in front of a medical professional at a clinic.

The sample will then be forwarded to a third-party lab to be drug tested. The findings will be received by CVS in a few days, and you will be notified.

Is There A Drug Test For CVS Employees?

You’ll almost certainly have to pass a drug test before starting work at CVS. The organization conducts drug testing on its employees regularly to ensure a drug-free environment.

While it may conduct drug testing on entry-level employees, it always conducts drug tests on those looking for roles as a pharmacist or managers. For the most part, the corporation uses urine drug tests for this.

You will not be hired if you fail a CVS drug test. Furthermore, failing a drug test could result in you losing your existing work.

If you want to work with CVS, you must abstain from taking any drugs. Otherwise, you’re going to have issues at some point.

Is It Possible To Get A Urine Test At CVS?

CVS generally conducts drug checks on its employees using urine samples. You’ll be asked to take a urine drug test whether you’re a new employee or an old one.

Is A Mouth Swab Drug Test Available at CVS?

CVS may utilize the mouth swab drug test from time to time. A urine test will almost certainly be required of new employees. If your boss suspects you of being high at work, you may be drug tested using a mouth swab.

CVS Performs What Kind Of Drug Tests?

Although there may be occasional outliers, CVS primarily performs urine drug tests. You must urinate in a cup and then submit it. The sample will then be examined by a third-party lab.

CVS Drug Tests For What Substances?

CVS will test for a variety of illicit and illegal drugs, including methamphetamines and cocaine.

CVS will test for permitted substances like alcohol and marijuana (in some states) as part of its zero-drugs and alcohol policy, which prohibits in-store personnel from using these substances.

If You Fail A CVS Drug Test, What Happens Next?

If you apply for a job at CVS and fail the drug test, you will not be considered for the position. You could lose your job if you work at CVS and fail a random exam. Before returning, you may need to seek drug treatment. It depends on the situation.


CVS has a lot of great job opportunities. You should be able to identify one or two jobs that match your qualifications. 

Don’t wait to apply so you can have a chance at getting the job. Just keep in mind that getting the job will require you to pass a drug test. If you don’t succeed, you’ll lose your job.

Before applying, stop using drugs for at least a week. Stay clean after you get a job at CVS to prevent losing your employment due to a failed drug test.

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