Study in Canada: University of Laval Masters Scholarships 2022/2023 for African and European Students

The University of Laval in Canada is offering master’s degree scholarships to African and European students.

The University of Laval Masters Scholarships is to encourage academic performance by providing scholarships to international students from African and European countries.

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The University of Laval Masters Scholarships

Eligibility criteria 

  • Must have applied and been accepted into an appropriate first master’s program at Université Laval with a complete application package.
  • You are an international student from a country in Africa or Europe other than France, as well as a French-speaking Belgian student.
  • The Canadian Bureau for International Education cannot award you a full scholarship (tuition and living expenses) (CBIE).
  • You received your diploma from a public university in your home country that was recognized by the minister of higher education.
  • When a file is reviewed at a private institution, eligibility is established.
  • You are enrolled full-time in the program for which the scholarship was awarded for the first two semesters.

Benefits of a Master’s Scholarship at the University of Laval

Participating faculties can set a cap on how many scholarships they will award. Successful applicants will receive $7,000 per year in scholarships.

How to apply

Candidates must submit a full application for admission to the University to be considered.

Visit the university’s authorized website for further information. www.ulaval.ca/en


February 1, 2021

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About Laval university

Université Laval is an important teaching and research university with a worldwide standpoint that is known for developing socially engaged and committed leaders. 

The community benefits from its research into the environment and culture of sustainable development.

The integrated university health network RUIS Université Laval, which provides continuing education for healthcare professionals in Eastern Québec, serves another 1.8 million people.

According to Maclean’s magazine, Université Laval is the second most satisfied student among Canada’s top 15 research universities.

In the health and social services sector, Université Laval has 780 associate professors and approximately 7,500 clinical instructors at its disposal.


The University of Laval teaches students to be involved and innovative citizens, scientists, and business leaders who have a significant impact on the direction that society takes, thanks to a deep-seated culture of sustainable development. 

The University of Laval strives for excellence in teaching and research as a premier French-language institution with a strong international focus. 

By marshaling the forces of change in Québec City’s dynamic university community, it hopes to serve as an example and source of inspiration for its partners.


Their community is dedicated to offering a one-of-a-kind student experience as well as creating a bold, open, and firmly multidisciplinary scientific culture focused on global issues. 

They want to be a humanist institution dedicated to the promotion of the arts and the education of a new generation of leaders willing to address society’s most pressing issues.


The University of Laval, ever cognizant of the diversity of people, knowledge, and ways of thinking in the world, conducts its educational and research mission by the following values:

  • Commitment
  • Respect\Courage
  • Integrity
  • Solidarity
  • Inclusion
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Laval Infrastructure

The University of Laval is located in the center of Québec City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and provides students with a world-class academic environment and cutting-edge facilities.

  • Green space and trees cover 64 percent of the 1.8 km2 area.
  • There are more than 5 kilometers of underground tunnels and 40 buildings connected by pathways.
  • A vibrant cultural, athletic, and social atmosphere
  • 2,300 rooms in environmentally-friendly student housing
  • A library with 6 million documents and tens of thousands of electronic resources that can be accessed via the internet.
  • The cutting-edge Center Apprentice is Canada’s first and only interdisciplinary healthcare learning facility.
  • PEPS is one of the largest modern sports complexes in the country.
  • In Old Québec, there are two campus buildings.
  • The Forêt Montmorency is the world’s largest teaching and research forest.


As written, this master’s scholarship is granted by the University of Laval in Canada, but students believe it is exclusively a French institution because of the French words or phrases used.

Although the majority of the courses are taught in English, you can also improve your French skills while studying there, which is a positive thing.

A few facts about the school are also written above, examine the requirements and apply when the time comes. 

Best of luck.

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