Training Coordinator Job Description Examples

Training Coordinators lead and oversee development programs for employees.

They access areas in the workplace where training is most needed, occasionally provide training to evaluate the effectiveness of the training provided, and hire consultants for any given job.

The training coordinator job description examples are simpler than you think. The training coordinator can be seen in many organizations with good employee-employer relationships, and this is done to improve output and productivity.

However, In some detail;

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Who Is A Training Coordinator?

Training coordinators are responsible for designing, managing, developing, coordinating, and managing all training programs in a typical job setting.

The ideal candidate has experience in various training methods, including on-the-job coaching, mentoring programs, and e-learning.

In addition to increasing the quality of work and productivity, employee training is generally accepted as a means of improving employee morale and as an opportunity to build organizational loyalty.

However, these are only some reasons for any organization’s essential growth.

Some other factors include the increasing need for the complexity of the work environment, the rapid pace of technological and organizational change, and the growing number of jobs in similar fields that generate new applicable knowledge.

In addition, advances in learning theory and technology have provided insight into how adults learn and how you can most effectively organize training for your adult workforce.

The workplace has also gained more knowledge about developing staff skills more effectively in external programs and using internal opportunities to help staff further develop their skills.

Training coordinators and employers are willing to invest and appreciate knowing that their employees are given the best training, giving them more opportunities to develop their careers.

In 2019, approximately 42,300 people were trained as such and worked in this profession.

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Training Coordinator Job Description Examples

Training Coordinators have different job titles depending on the size of their organization, its complexity and need to stay on top, and their organization’s commitment to employee development.

Evaluate Productivity And Identify Inefficiencies

Training Coordinators must develop training plans to deal with inefficiencies when they see them. Training needs assessments and delivery plans must help the organization achieve its goals and objectives and fit within the training staff budget.

This includes obtaining training materials, if necessary, and creating a specific training program that addresses identified weaknesses.

Implement Educational Programs

Training Coordinators implement internal or external employee training. These programs are evaluated and modified as needed to ensure they are as effective as possible.

They help strong personality and profile workers maintain and improve their job skills and possibly prepare for jobs requiring more skills or promotion.

Conduct An Orientation Session

Training Coordinators organize on-the-job training for new hires. They also help high-ranking workers maintain and improve their job skills and potentially prepare for higher-skill jobs and promotions.

They can create individualized training plans to strengthen an employee’s existing skills or teach new ones.

Assist Supervisors And Managers

Training Coordinators can work with managers and supervisors to help them develop both hard and soft skills, including interpersonal skills, to deal more effectively with employees.

They can put together individual training plans to strengthen an employee’s existing skills or to teach new ones.

Create Leadership Or Executive Development Programs

Training Coordinators in some companies implement leadership or executive development programs among junior employees.

These development programs are designed to develop potential and current leaders to replace those who are retiring.

Assist Employees With Transitions

Training Coordinators lead programs to assist employees with transitions due to mergers and acquisitions and technological changes.

Act As Case Managers In Program Selection And Implementation

Training Coordinators can act as case managers in selecting and implementing a wide variety of employee training programs.

They will first assess the training needs of employees and then implement them with the best applicable training methods.

These training methods include on-the-job training, apprenticeships, schools in which shop conditions are duplicated for trainees before they are placed or showcased, classroom training, workshops, and e-learning. 

E-learning can include interactive Internet training, multimedia programs, distance learning, satellite training, videos, and other computer-assisted learning technologies, simulators, conferences, and workshops.

Training Coordinator Salary

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics opined that the highest-paid training managers ($132,590 on average) in 2020 worked for scientific, technical, and professional services.

  • Annual Salary (Median): $113,350
  • Top 10% Average Annual Salary: More than $196,070
  • 10% Annual Salary (Bottom): Less than $64,720

Education, Training, And Certification

Those seeking a career as a training coordinator should ideally have a university degree and relevant work experience. The following information is from the “Career Outlook Guide: Training and Development Managers.”


A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is usually required, and a master’s degree with a concentration in training and development and organizational development is a real plus.

Eligible degree programs include human resources, business administration, and education.


Related work experience may be critical. You can start your career in another HR field and then work your way up. 

Having experience in the field of information technology can also be very valuable in developing effective electronics-enabled training programs and training employees in new technology features.


Certification may not be required but may also be beneficial. You would also want to keep up with new and innovative trends.

Training Coordinator Skills And Competencies

It would help if you had several essential qualities to be successful as a training manager.

Communication Skills 

These skills will help you deliver information and training to audiences from diverse backgrounds and personalities.

Decision-Making Skills 

This skill can be valuable in determining training programs to get the most out of staff.

Leadership Skills 

Most training Coordinators are in charge of employees dealing with various responsibilities and duties. You will have to motivate them and teach them.

Collaboration Skills 

You will work with interns, other management, and professionals.

Job Outlook

The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics opined that jobs in training and development are expected to grow at a 7% increase rate between 2019 and 2029, faster than the average for all occupations.

The growth is mainly attributed to the rapid development of new technologies that employees must learn to use.

Working Environment

This is mainly an office job, but most training Coordinators find they have to travel to regional offices or training facilities. You should know that the job involves spending a lot of time working with people.

Work Schedule

This is generally full-time work during regular business hours, but some situations may require overtime. Around 30% of training coordinators said they occasionally worked more than 40 hours weekly in 2016.

How Many Hours Is Considered Full Time?


The job of a training coordinator is not really daunting; however, it deserves all the attention and seriousness you can muster.

This article has been able to arrange a training coordinator job description examples and the simplicity of applying for one. 

Arrange your priorities, plan out your resume and go for it. You might stand a chance more than you think.

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