Top 6 Outplacement Firms

Are you out of work and in need of a new job? Do you need a job transfer and have a specific job or organization in mind? This article on the top 6 outplacement firms will give you details on your next line of action.

Outplacement firms specialize in helping laid-back workers find new jobs. And since their services are considered employer-sponsored benefits and part of a waiver package, there is usually no cost involved.

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What Is An Outplacement Firm

Outplacements are services certain firms provide to help former employees of other organizations easily switch to new jobs.

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Consulting firms usually provide an outplacement service. Still, it is paid by a former employer, which is always available through training, workshops, practical advice, and in rare cases, psychological support for a former employee who has been changed.

Leading outplacement firms help former employees get back on track with their services. This is of great benefit to the person who has lost his job.

A proper discharge will positively affect employees’ behavior and reduce or eliminate the risk of litigation.

Besides the traditional services model, technology-focused retailers who like to enter can provide high-quality outplacements at a low cost.

Professional participation ensures faster evacuation time and better trackable results for employees during outplacement.

Top Outplacement Firms

When looking for an outplacement firm, you will need to know who the top players in the industry are.

Our list of top outplacement firms includes descriptions of top country outplacement firms that are taken directly from their websites. 

According to our findings, below are the top 6 outplacement firms and some of the best services offered by these firms in the United States.

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1. Lee Hecht Harrison (LHH)

“From senior staff to C-suite managers, we can assist you, transform staff, get into new jobs with new employers,” the company reported on its site.

“We have career, program, and technology to support one or more employees worldwide. Our programs can be customized to support a variety of activities; businesses, consultations, independent roles and contracts, portfolio activities, and active retirement. “

2. RiseSmart

“RiseSmart offers better, smarter, and faster outplacement services than others by bringing a greater amount of savings than outdated, traditional donations,” the company said on their site.

“Having helped more people find new jobs, we are faster with the outplacement services we provide through our outplacement 

organized programs. In the meantime, we have helped the world’s leading companies to reduce costs and protect their core products.”

3. Careerminds

Careerminds have a lot of resources to look at that will show why they are at the top of this list, but here is the context of what makes them different:

“We combine high technology with personal, one-to-one training on the job, and this allows us to deliver first-hand services to anyone, anywhere, and at a lower cost than traditional companies.

We promise to support participants throughout the process by working with them until they are placed in a new, meaningful role.”

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4. Right Management

“Our solutions are intelligent and guided because they are based on information collected from your organization and its leadership,” they reported on their site.

“This ensures that we apply the strategies and solutions that align with your company’s culture, values ​​, and vision. Using data-based results can be measurable and provide you with long-term success.”

5. Global Outplacement Alliance (GOA)

“The Global Outplacement Alliance is an integrated network of professional outplacement service providers nationally, and internationally that provides seamless, best practices for industry management, outsourcing, and talent management services,” the company said on its site.

“GOA is in partnership with top organizations who adhere to a high standard of outplacement services, including customization, high integrity, and out-of-the-box services as well as job transformation focused on the individual needs of clients and employers.”

6. Mercer

“Today, employers are looking for an opt-out solution that provides a visual workplace, integration of a communication network and push jobs with job seekers’ warnings, supported by individual training,” the company said.

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“Mercer’s approach helps to convert workers to 3 times faster than the national average we take to get a job. We redefine the design, delivery, and results and provide a service that meets the needs of all levels of staff.”


There are many other companies out there. This article only provides samples of the best organizations in the U.S., with all the information copied and extrapolated from their websites.

Don’t forget to schedule a demo first to determine if it is right for you if you want an outgoing firm.

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