Preparing For Navy Boot Camp (2022)

Are you preparing for navy boot camp 2022? and you’re pondering on the many things you need to do.

Well, there are ways to get ready for Navy boot camp before your due date.

I know how intense it can be especially when you are trying to over-scrutinize it. 

The transformation from being a civilian to working in the military is a lot to take in.

Furthermore, You wouldn’t have all the time during your training session to put your attention on parenting, bills, and other areas of your life.

This is why one needs to prepare well enough for his change, to fully enjoy this experience.

Nonetheless, Some military members enlist for Navy boot camp just before they complete high school, although the majority of them enroll immediately after their high school program.

However, irrespective of how much time one has on his hands. There are critical procedures one should take to prepare for navy boot camp 2022.

Helping you get ready without delay is our purpose for writing this article.

Nevertheless, All the things you need to do would be listed in this article as you read on.

Article Road Map

Preparing For Navy Boot Camp (2022).

1. Let Your Loved Ones Know Your Plans.

When you start deliberating on your military career, you may not have the time to let everybody know about your decision.

Here are some ways you can let the most important person in your life know about your decision:

  • Send a group text
  • Host dinner or lunch with your family and friends.
  • Do a live video if you can’t see them physically.
  • Call and share the details

In addition, you must share your Recruit Training Command (RTC) location. 

Once you arrive so your loved one would know where you are.

Moving forward, you can only do this through letters because phones are not allowed at Navy boot camp.

They can send letters of encouragement across to you, this is important in keeping a recruit going.

Remember that it’s important for you to let every important person in your life know that you are heading off for Navy boot camp.

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2. Prep Your Mindset.

Irrespective of how mentally strong one is, your basic training session can weigh you down in a new manner.

At Navy boot camp you wouldn’t be pampered or given luxury treatment.

You might be yelled at, castigated, scolded, or even punished for not completing your task.

This can overwhelm you, so better you start preparing early. So that you would know how to handle cases like this without any hassle.

Some ways to increase your mental strength:

  • Meditate
  • Work with someone who would train you privately.
  • Remove negativity from your thoughts.
  • Look at problems as short term
  • Create an affirmation that you would say every morning to guide you during your tough phase.

This will give you some mental focus when you are physically aching or mentally exhausted.

You can now use this method during intense workouts, discussions, or other challenging situations.

3. Set Your Finances Straight.

Before you hop on a bus or book your flight to head out for navy boot camp, you would have to get your financial life in order.

Before you board your bus or plane to leave for Navy boot camp, you’ll have a few financial affairs to get in order. 

If you don’t have an account number you must register for one just before you leave for navy boot camp.

Furthermore, the navy would pay some money into your account; this means that you would have to get an account number before leaving.

Nevertheless here are Some tips that would guide you financially:

  • Set your bills on autopay.
  • Pay off all you’re owning before heading off to navy boot camp.
  • I know how tempting it is. When you want to live your life to the fullest just before you leave for navy boot camp.

Don’t spend all your Money Have some savings in your account. This would help in catering to your needs when you get back from basic training.

  • If you don’t control your finances properly, the navy would have to control your expenses.

make sure that your bills are not pailing up while you’re at Navy boot camp. 

This means that you would lose control of how your money should be spent.

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4. Get In Shape Before Leaving For Navy Boot Camp 

As soon as you start thinking of becoming a sailor comes to mind. 

You can’t avoid the fact that you would have to do push-ups, curl-ups, and bodybuilding exercises, so you must start practicing now.

Furthermore, you wouldn’t have foods like protein shakes, and caffeine while at basic training.

Try to remove these luxuries from your mind, before you leave for Navy boot camp 2022.

Before any recruit starts boot camp, it’s stated that you should be able to carry out these physical exercises below.

Physical exercises are as follows:

Male (ages 17-19): In two minutes: 46 push-ups, 54 curl-ups.
Female (ages 20-24): In two minutes: 17 push-ups, 50 curl-ups.

Both females and males in not more than 18:37 run a 1.5-mile distance.

In addition, regardless of the physical exercise that you undergo, you would need to make some vital changes in your life.

This implies that you would need to cease smoking, unhealthy diet, and drinking. You must eat healthily and stay hydrated.

Also, make sure you get enough sleep. Working out overnight won’t do you any good. Taking care of yourself properly will set the stage for a perfectly accomplished navy boot camp in 2022.

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5. Prepare Yourself Intellectually.

Before you’re going to be accepted into the navy you would have to undergo a vocal test.

For this, your muscles and strength wouldn’t help you. You would have to study hard to pass this test.

However, you would also spend so much time in the classroom room likewise the time you would spend during training.

There are written educational assessments you must pass before you get accepted such as knowing your first aid procedures, protocols, and weapon handling.

In addition, as a recruit, you must be aware of the naval core principles, history, and values

 So, while getting ready for navy boot camp 2022, do not forget your books too to strengthen yourself logically.

6. Take Care Of Personal Business.

Once endorsed as a U.S Navy you can retrace your steps. By signing that deal you have accepted a new responsibility on your shoulders.

There’s no time to start planning your life because you are now the property of the state.

Here are Some parts of your lives that you would need to attend before leaving for navy boot camp 2022.

  • Your kids and pet should be handed over to someone responsible. 

Because you would have the time to look after them while you’re at boot camp.

Your properties should be taken care of by someone while you are away. 

All the life of your family or kids would still go on while you’re at basic training. So be sure that you have prepared well before leaving.

It’s not a good idea to wait for your due date before you start your preparations.

In addition, you are aware that it takes time to find pet sitters or register for a bank account number.

Make sure that you start these processes on time so that you wouldn’t leave anything unattended. This would make your basic training journey easier.

A few other things you need to be aware of:

  • Know your Sailor’s Creed
  • Obey your general orders.
  • Study how the rankings operate. 
  • Study the naval manual.
  • Spend enough time with your close friends and family

Navy boot camp will be here before you know it. So utilize your time by doing all that you need to do. 


This article would guide you as there are lots of things you need to do.

Put your time and energy into your preparations, be committed and you would be glad that you started this process on time.

We have given you a lot of steps and advice, which might not be easy to recall instantly. Save this article, so you can always come back and go through it, whenever you get confused.

Finally, make effective use of the few months you have left as a civilian.

I wish you luck in your journey as a Naval Officer.

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