Marine Anti-Tank Missileman (MOS 0352) Job Facts

Marine Anti-Tank Missileman (MOS 0352), also Marine Military Occupational Specialty 0352, are specialists operating unique and highly complicated weapons systems.

Due to technological advances, military systems have become so specialized and technologically advanced in recent times. It now takes special training and more than one person to use them safely and effectively.

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What Role Does The Marine Anti-Tank Missileman (MOS 0352) Play?

The Marine Anti-Tank Missileman (MOS 0352) is responsible for the tactical employment of the M98A1 Javelin Weapons System, M220E4 TOW2 Weapon System, Tactical Vehicle Operations, and Anti-Armor Operations.

They also make provisions for medium to advanced anti-armor fire in support of the tank battalion, an infantry battalion, MAGTF, and the LAR battalion. 

The location of the Marine Anti-Tank Missileman (MOS 0352) is usually the LAR battalions and anti-armor platoon within the weapons organization of the infantry battalions, the scout and anti-tank platoons of the tank battalions, as well as H&S Co 4th Tank Battalion (MARFORRES). 

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Marine Anti-Tank Missileman Systems 

Wire-guided, tube-launched, and Optically-tracked weapons like the Javelin weapons are part of the military ammunition systems in the custody of the Marine anti-tank Missileman.

They are responsible for ensuring these military ammunition systems are used to maximum effect.

These military Marine Anti-Tank Missileman Systems can wreak tremendous damage and destroy impenetrable tanks in battles.

The capability of these systems is a decisive factor in determining how successful a troop will be in a combat battle.

The location of the Marine Anti-Tank Missileman systems are the anti-armor platoon within the LAR battalions in the TOW Company of the Tank Battalion, and the ammunition of the infantry battalions in the TOW platoons of the tanks battalions,

Types Of Marine Anti-Tank Missileman Systems

There are several systems available for Marine Anti-Tank Missileman. 

Some of the systems used by the Marine Anti-Tank Missileman include:

1. M98A1 Javelin

The javelin is a tube-launched, wire-guided, and optically tracked system capable of taking out tanks in battle.

M98A1 Javelin is another sophisticated weapon system used by the Marine Corps.

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2. LAV

They have eight wheels and live in water. The role of LAV within a large maritime unit or MEU is to secure, re-inspect, and test a larger army through specific independent missions.

3. M220E4 TOW2

This weapon system is resourceful for anti-tank operations.

It is a tube-launched, wire-guided, and optically tracked weapon system used by the Marine Corps. 

4. An Anti-Tank Missileman

Tow Gunner relies on him in combat missions to help support lower-level troops and gain strategic advantage.

Training Requirements For Marine Anti-Tank Missileman (MOS 0352)

All Marine Anti-Tank Missileman (MOS 0352) began their military service in basic combat training or training camp.

The boot camp for Marines requires less and longer than other military units.

The Marine Anti-Tank Missileman (MOS 0352) offers two military training schools interested in becoming an Anti Tank Missileman (MOS 0352).

After completing basic training, you will begin to spend time focusing on your new Military Occupational Specialty.

Applicants for MOS 0352 are required to complete an Armed Forces-to-Army Armed Forces Training School.

Training can occur at Camp Geiger (Camp Lejeune satellite campus in North Carolina) or Camp Pendleton (California).

Upon completing the special navy studies, he may complete further on-the-job training.

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Eligibility Criteria For Marine Anti-Tank Missileman (MOS 0352)

There are eligibility criteria that candidates must meet to qualify for Marine Anti-Tank Missileman (MOS 0352). Some of these criteria include:

  • New registrants are required to complete the Armed Weapons Battery (ASVAB). ASVAB is a series of tests that help determine the appropriate Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).
  • Students must have a good driving record. Their previous driving records, as reported by the National Drivers Register, should indicate that they are eligible for an SF-46 military license.
  • They must have the mental and physical qualifications required to obtain a license to drive a motor vehicle.
  • Candidates must also have a standard color. A vision test should show that a soldier has at least 20/2002 adjustable views to be 20/20.
  • Candidates must complete an anti-tank guided Missileman course at the School of Infantry at Camp Pendleton in California or Camp Geiger, a satellite site of Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina. It is because the Marine Corps infantry provides two training schools for Marines who want to pursue a MOS 0352. Both are available after basic training.
  • They might also complete appropriate managed on-the-job training. 

Educational Requirements Of Marine Anti-Tank Missileman (MOS 0352)

There are educational requirements that candidates must meet. Some of these requirements state that:

  • People interested in joining the Marine Anti-Tank Missileman should endeavor to finish high school with a diploma or GED equivalent. 
  • It is tough to get into the Marine Anti-Tank Missileman within one of the two types of paperwork.
  • Furthermore, having some higher learning under your belt is recommended as the average Marine has completed at least 15 college credits.

Duties Of Marine Anti-Tank Missileman (MOS 0352)

There are so many duties of the Marine Anti-Tank Missileman (MOS 0352)

Some of the responsibilities include:

  • They operate the lightly armored vehicle crewmen (LAV), MOS 0313. They also maintain the LAV and its weapons systems. These vehicles are test vehicles capable of carrying communication materials.
  • Implementation of effective tactics when handling military ammunition systems. Some of these ammunition systems include the M220E4 TOW2 and M98A1 Javelin.
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  • Provision of support in anti-tank operations and tactical vehicle operations.
  • The provision of medium and heavy anti-armor fire supports the Marine infantry and other specialized units like Light-Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) and Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF).
  • The Anti Tank Missileman falls under the anti-armor platoon within the weapons company.
  • Unauthorized officers in the Marine Corps serving MOS 0352 are often made available as firearms or group leaders.


The Marine Corps Antitank Missileman  (MOS 0352) is responsible for providing firefighting assistance during combat. 

It plays a decisive role in deciding who comes out of the combat battle victorious.

It is crucial to have in-depth knowledge and practical understanding when operating the Marine Corps Antitank Missileman (MOS 0352).

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