Intelligence Careers In The US Marine Corps – Explained

The U.S. Marine Corps has made it possible for people to apply for different intelligence careers. 

Aspiring individuals must meet these intelligence careers’ unique eligibility criteria to qualify. The roles available in intelligence careers are impactful and satisfying.


In the military, despite their raw strength, toughness, and brawn, those in the intelligence department are vital for their operations.

They trace the location of their enemies, making them vulnerable to the U.S. Marine Corps.

The U.S. military has established the intelligence MOS to develop the full range of Marine intelligence and increase pre-employment opportunities for the Marines to switch to commanding positions or officers.

Intelligence experts are familiar with all the categories and aspects of intelligence operations.

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Duties Of Intelligence Careers In The US Marine Corps

Depending on the role of an individual in the intelligence service (OccFld), they may have to perform different duties.

There are a few specialties within Intelligence OccFld, including analysis, Counterintelligence (CI), image definition, and spatial intelligence.

Each of these roles contains a sensitive requirement that demands a different set of skills to be efficient. Here are some of the duties that characterize those in the US Marine Corps:

  • Those in Intelligence Careers, depending on their rank, may supervise intelligence sections of commands up to and including the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF). 
  • They collect and record sensitive information.
  • They analyze and process information for dissemination.
  • They supervise intelligence sections.
  • They conduct interpretation activities of foreign information.
  • They gather accurate target acquisition information.
  • They assist with the planning of reconnaissance missions.
  • They use electronic and satellite positioning equipment.
  • They direct and perform missions of a highly technical nature.
  • They communicate using open or encrypted methods.
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The Mission Of Intelligence Careers In The US Marine Corps

There are several missions for Intelligence Careers in the US Marine Corps. Some of these missions include:

  • Providing the basis for all training, doctrine, and equipment development and supporting Marine Corps-specific and operational tasks in maritime, expeditionary, land, and air warfare.
  • Providing intelligence support through its traditional intelligence disciplines will be explained in this article.
  • Providing commanders at every level seamless, tailored, timely, and mission-essential intelligence and ensuring they integrate intelligence into the operational plan. 
  • Since Marine Corps intelligence activities are in the line of operational and tactical levels, two-thirds of all intelligence Marines serve in the operating forces, with the majority assigned to the staff and units of tactical commands.

Eligibility Criteria For Intelligence Careers In The US Marine Corps

Candidates must meet the following requirements to be in an intelligence career:

  • Candidates must have 24 months of obligated service remaining upon graduation and be U.S. citizens.
  • Candidates must complete boot camp at one of the Recruit Training Depot locations, Parris Island, South Carolina, or San Diego, California. 
  • Participants in this MOS must be eligible for total confidentiality and access to Sensitive Information Divided Based on Completed Single Scope (SSBI) Background Investigations.
  • Candidates need 100 points in the General Technology category for Armed Services Vocational Aptitude (ASVAB) battery testing. They must complete the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF) ‚Äč‚Äčintelligence intervention study at the Navy-Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center (NMITC), Dam Neck, Virginia.
  • Suppose you are interested in military intelligence or U.S. military agencies. They will give you options, but if you are determined to become a Marine, MOS 0231 is where you will start your intelligence training.
  • Aspirants with a Defense score of 100 may be eligible to attend language training at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California.
  • Aspirants should have a clean criminal record and be able to pass a check that may include a credit check and interviews with friends and family.

These checks may be back in 10 years, so if there are unresolved issues, try to resolve them before signing up.  

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Structure Of Intelligence Careers In The US Marine Corps

Marine Corps Counterintelligence (CI) and Marine Corps Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Enterprise (MCISR-E) are critical sectors of the Marine Corps intelligence community.

The MCISR-E is a war-torn intelligence agency that supports critical decision-making processes by providing intelligence designed for soldiers operating on time efficiently and predictably.

Intelligence Careers In The US Marine Corps

There are different intelligence careers in the US Marine Corps.

Some of these intelligence careers include:

Intelligence Chief

They can oversee the activities involved in each intelligence unit and obtain a secure security permit to perform their duties.

Intelligence officers work under various crucial military service specialists, including MOS 0211, MOS 0231, MOS 0241, or MOS 0261.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Specialist 

The Technical surveillance countermeasures specialist, also known as MOS 0212, aims to identify and reduce potential threats to U.S. intelligence operations.

Under unique surveillance technology, the Marine Corps operates information related to foreign intelligence and terrorist organizations.

Geographic Intelligence Specialist 

The Geographic intelligence specialist, also known as MOS 026, may be responsible for updating operational maps and targets. A commander can use such a piece of information as a reference point.

Those working under geographic intelligence experts use special electronic and satellite tools to collect, analyze and analyze geophysics-related data.

Intelligence Specialist

The Intelligence specialist, also known as MOS 0231, depending on the level of a serviceman, those in the field may direct other intelligence units or serve command.

In addition, those Marines operating under the intelligence agencies, in general, are responsible for collecting, recording, analyzing, processing, and disseminating information used in various military operations.

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Counterintelligence And Human Intelligence Specialist

The Counterintelligence and human intelligence specialist, MOS 0211, gathered the information needed to direct the fight.

The navy engaged in the fight against intelligence and human intelligence, handling sensitive information related to terrorism, vandalism, espionage, insurgency, and other acts of the enemy.

Imagery Analysis Specialist

Imagery analysis specialists, also known as MOS 0241, make maps or models that help plan reconnaissance missions and may also update military databases to ensure accuracy.

Marines involved with the imagery analysis specialty employ specific photogrammetric technical competencies to facilitate the drafting of actionable target acquisition intelligence. 


The occupational intelligence field is a critical department that facilitates the Marine Corps’ strategic communications processes and their dissemination of sensitive information.


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