Top 10 Nursing Interview Tips

Preparing for your nursing interview? Being invited for an interview after weeks of perfecting the resume and filling out online applications is simply exhilarating! 

Are your interview clothes ready?

Have you rehearsed the possible interview questions? Before the day of the interview, it’s important that you are both physically and mentally prepared. 

Here, we have compiled the top 10 nursing interview tips to prepare you for the Big Day.

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Nursing Interview Tips

1. Dress The Part

You want to make a good first impression in your interview. And it starts with your appearance. Here are some helpful guidelines for proper nursing interview dressing. 


  1. Wear a skirt and a button-down collar shirt or blouse
  2. A pantsuit is acceptable
  3. Skirts should be at knee length
  4. Avoid wearing flashy colors and patterns
  5. Wear closed-toe shoes
  6. Wear low heels or flats. Avoid stilettos.
  7. Do not wear clothes that expose cleavages
  8. Make sure to cover all tattoos and piercings
  9. Natural hair color
  10. No heavy or dangling jewelry. Studs are perfect
  11. Wear a simple and delicate necklace
  12. Your handbag should be neutral
  13. Use a mild cologne/ perfume or none at all
  14. Fingernails should be trimmed and unchipped in polish


  1. A suit with a buttoned-down collar shirt is preferred
  2. If you are not wearing a suit, pants and jacket should match
  3. Ties aren’t mandatory but you can wear one
  4. Wear dark-colored socks (black or brown)
  5. Wear black or brown dress shoes
  6. Tattoos and piercings should be covered
  7. Neat haircut
  8. Natural hair color
  9. Trimmed and natural fingernails
  10. Mild perfume or none at all

Keep your interview attire simple and avoid being flashy. Dress colors shouldn’t be flashy and body parts should be covered. 

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2. Prepare Yourself Mentally 

A new nurse can only be taught if he or she is willing, eager, and understands his or her limitations.  Your body language and overall presentation are important and give an impression to the interviewer.

Nobody likes to hire a cocky nurse. It’s one thing to have studied hard and be confident and it’s another to be arrogant. 

Ensure that before the interview, you are open-minded and your attitude and demeanor are humble and gracious, ready to learn from more experienced nurses and physicians. 

3. Know Where You Are Going

Hospitals and clinics or any other health care facility are usually big and can be confusing navigating your way around. Before the big day, take time to learn your route.

4. Rehearse Some Frequently Asked Nursing Interview Questions

This is very crucial. Some applicants may not have the answers to some common interview questions and that may be bad for the process. It’s necessary that you know these questions and prepare suitable answers for them. 

Here are 10 common nursing interview questions

  1. Why did you choose to be a nurse? 
  2. Tell me about yourself
  3. Describe a time when you had to handle a difficult patient and how you managed it.
  4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  5. Why do you feel you are the best person for this role?
  6. What do you find most rewarding about being a nurse?
  7. How do you handle stress?
  8. What is the hardest thing about being a nurse?
  9. Do you work best with a team or alone?
  10. What’s your strongest skill as a nurse?

Expert Nursing Interview Pro Tip:

Make sure to rehearse your answers and remember, good answers are straight to the point. Before the interview, read the job description and learn its requirements. Focus on your strengths, skills, and achievements.

5. Carry The Necessary Documents

For your nursing interview, bring folders that contain each of the following ( one folder for each interviewer);

  1. A copy of your resume 
  2. Nursing license and other certifications
  3. Letter of reference
  4. Business card with a picture of yourself

6. Get Enough Rest

Preparing for your interview can come with a feeling of anxiousness. But it doesn’t help to be perturbed just before your interview. Get plenty of sleep, eat and hydrate too for a refreshed feeling. 

7. Arrive Early

Make it a point of duty to be at the venue 10 minutes before the time. This shows eagerness and demonstrates punctuality and respect for the interviewer’s time.

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8. During The Interview

During the nursing interview, be sure to

  1. Make eye contact. This shows confidence and good social skills
  2. Smile genuinely
  3. Sit upright and forward in the chair. Ladies can cross their at the knee or ankle
  4. Be straight to the point with your answers
  5. Be polite 
  6. Attempt to present yourself as an eager, brilliant and professional nurse
  7. Avoid using slang or profane words

9. Listen And Take Notes

Note-taking helps you listen and also helps you remember important details. Plus, it shows you are interested in the role and that you care. 

10. Send A Thank You Note 

Sounds cliche right? But it works. Sending a personal handwritten thank you note says a lot about the nursing graduate’s manners and how much the opportunity to be interviewed was appreciated. 

You can include something funny that came up during the interview and some personal touch to help the interviewers identify you. 


Following the nursing interview tips, we’ve provided will help you land your dream job. Remember to have a positive attitude, be polite and show eagerness and willingness to learn, and keep a smile on your face. 

Gear up and go smash that interview! 

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