NNPC Recruitment Application Form 2024

Do you have what it takes to get the job at the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) then proceed and read further because you find this article useful.

In this article, you can find all you need to know about the NNPC recruitment and application. Also, the requirements and guidelines for the job are embedded in it.


You can apply for NNPC job on the website www.careers.nnpcgroup.com portal and also get shortlisted.

Most importantly the NNPC recruitment 2022 application form is free. Take note so you don’t end up being scammed if you wish to apply for a job vacancy in The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Application form is obtainable online on the recruitment portal of the NNPC.

The recruitment exercise cut across all states of the federation defiling the principles of ethnicity, tribalism, and favouritism.

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This Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) achieves this by making use of the quota system and federal character principle.

This is to ensure that every State benefits from the recruitment exercise. So if you are an interested applicant have no fear or doubt so long you have the necessary requirements for the job.

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) is currently embarking on the construction of 40” X 614km Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano Gas Pipeline and Stations (AKK).

The AKK Pipeline is a section of the Trans-Nigerian Gas Pipeline Network. The Segment 2 scope covering a distance of about 318.66 km of the Trans Nigeria Gas Pipeline and stations was awarded


to Brentex CPP Limited for the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction of Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano (AKK) Gas Pipeline and Stations Project.

With this, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) will definitely need more workers.

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About NNPC Recruitment

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) was established on 1977, April 1st. Apart from explorational activities, the corporation was given right in refining, petrochemicals, and products transportation as well as marketing.

Between 1978-1989 NNPC constructed refineries in Warri, Portharcourt, and Kaduna and it also took over 35,000 barrel shell refinery established in 1965 in Port Harcourt.

In 1988, the NNPC was commercialized into 12 strategic business units, covering the entire spectrum of oil industry operations: exploration and production, gas development, refining, distribution, petrochemicals, engineering, and commercial investments.

Since the establishment of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation ( NNPC) so many transformations have taken place and expansions were also part of it. 

This brings us to age categories in the recruitment process of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

Over the years the corporation has been dragged for limiting people from applying due to the age factor but in recent times it has been split into four categories.

So if you can’t meet the one you can meet the other. For the graduate trainee, they put the age level at 28 years, the second 34, the third 37, and the last 40.

So, any Nigerian looking for employment that falls within any of the four categories is qualified. With this, everyone can benefit from the NNPC recruitment process.

NNPC Recruitment 2024 Requirements

A B.Sc or Masters’s Degree from an accredited Tertiary Institution in any related discipline or an HND in a relevant course in any field of study.

Also, having a good knowledge of computers and their basic applications to use for the work and proper delivery of various tasks as required by the organization.

Ability to work in an organized environment and absorb pressure. Mobility is one of the key factors when NNPC is considering the application.

By mobility I mean if you can accept transfer at any given time. You be aware that the ability to deliver on time is a criterion for employment and no lazy applicant would be accepted.

Also, you should be aware that jobs in the oil sector are in high demand so only the best can be selected that’s why you must have a well-packaged curriculum vitae or Resume which has all your details in it.

Other certificates include NYSC discharge certificate, birth certificate, Local government cert. and Medical certificate.

Applicant must be at least 18-25 years old

You must be a Nigerian. Have it at the back of your mind that falsification of age is a crime and it is punishable by law. 

Other requirements are

  • You should be mentally stable
  • You should look humble not having a bad behavior
  • Only Nigerians can apply for the job
  • You must graduate from a well respected institution
  • No one with past criminal records will be accepted
  • Applicant with 2:1 certificate can apply with their first degree only. While those with 2:2 will have to apply with a master degree
  • You must be productive.
  • Ability to adapt to a new working environment

Benefits That comes with Working in NNPC

Without being told you can guess the numerous benefits that come with Working in NNPC though the activities can be stressful that not withstanding below are some of those benefits

  1. Constant technological advancement: as technologies advance knowledge also advance. You have the opportunity of upgrading yourself through special training that would be sponsored by the organization.
  2. Salary Structure:As an NNPC staff you are entitled to huge bonuses and fat salary.Due to the regorous process of recruitment which creates room for only the to strive you can’t expect anything less.
  3. Travelling opportunity: Due to high demand for these resources an employee would have the opportunity of travelling outside which gives you real geographic versality.
  4. New Skills

Skills you can develop in this industry may be very specific, such as petroleum economics, oil and gas exploration management, refinery management, and operations material management.

Professional courses are brought in to make up for the global advancement of technology. So working with NNPC gives you such an opportunity.

How to Apply for NNPC Recruitment 2022

To successfully apply for this recruitment, login to www.careers.nnpcgroup.com and fill out the application form also make sure you check this webpage for further instructions and updates regarding the status of your application.


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