Top 25 Microsoft Interview Questions (Example Answers Included)

The Microsoft interview questions are the first step on the path to any of the fascinating Microsoft jobs. Your chances of sticking out from the crowd increase significantly if you use the advice in this article.

Lots of people wish to have a job at Microsoft, and the competition will definitely be high. For you to stand out amongst the crowd and be the best, you must first learn how to answer interview questions properly.

Let’s examine how to respond to questions during a Microsoft interview.

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Prepping For Microsoft Interview – What You Need To Know

Microsoft uses a process known as the STAR technique, which stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

This is a way of formation that they will use, not only for main interviews but also for simulated interviews in several technical round situations.

They will perform a practice interview as a first step. You will advance to the next round if you perform well in the practice interview. 

In the STAR approach, The following characteristics are taken into consideration when you qualify in the technical round:

Situation and Task are used to gauge your comprehension and interview scope while Your coding and testing skills will be evaluated using Action and Results.

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How To Confidently Answer Any Microsoft Interview Questions

Since technology is at the heart of what the business provides, it’s useful to demonstrate that you’re an expert in computers, mobile devices, and more.

Don’t freak out when it’s time to answer the Microsoft behavioral interview questions. These creatures can be challenging to deal with, but they aren’t as difficult as you might expect.

You have a recipe for success if you combine the STAR Method with a good sense of humor and confidence, you’re good to go.

Your responses should be convincing, thorough, and pertinent, exactly what you’ll need to land one of the Microsoft jobs you’ve been eyeing.

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Sample Questions And Answers

1. Why Do You Want To Work For Microsoft?

Response: Working for Microsoft will be advantageous to me for a variety of reasons. Some of them involve a protracted partnership with the business, as Microsoft will significantly influence my professional life. 

I've been motivated to take part in Microsoft's upcoming accomplishments by learning about its history and past successes. In addition, I will always try to grasp and apply one or two of Microsoft's distinctive qualities from each product it develops in order to advance my career.

2. What Do You Think Are The 3 Qualities To Work At Microsoft?

Response: I could conclude from my research that one needs to be a good team player and exhibit a great deal of passion for the job. They are chosen for their capacity to comprehend, support, and treat each member of the team with the same level of respect. 

The core principles of Microsoft are to treat every employee equally in order to achieve the desired results.  The next quality is to establish everyone's opinions while maintaining a pleasant attitude and working together with your coworkers. 
One of Microsoft's primary objectives is to create a pleasant workplace, and this has helped them to reach a level where they are

3. Tell Me About When You Took Risks At Work

Response: While I was working on a project with a condensed deadline and a problem that needed to be resolved by a colleague. I worked extra hours on the weekends to master the specifications and comprehend how to complete the assignment by the deadline. 

In addition to finishing the assignment before the necessary deadline, I also avoided difficulty for my coworker and a significant financial loss for the business. 

4. Tell Me About Yourself

Response: I have lots of motivation. 
And I'm a person with clear goals who firmly believes that major advancements in a company like Microsoft can only be made if everyone on the team is moving in the same direction. 

I have acquired and comprehended the skills that exactly match the job description from my prior experiences. 
My performance reports and other evidence from my past managers prove that I am a qualified candidate and am eager to contribute my best efforts to Microsoft, a well-known and highly successful corporation.

5. Do You Use Microsoft Products Or Services? If So, Which Is Your Favorite, And Why?

Response: Yes, I make use of Microsoft's services and products. If I had to pick a favorite, Microsoft Office 365 would be it. Any gadget that makes my job easier is appreciated. 
I can view documents written with Office 365 using any internet-connected device, including when on the goal, because they are cloud-stored. 

It's the perfect option since it guarantees that, no matter where the day takes me, I can consistently surpass expectations because time management and meeting deadlines are important to me.

6. How Do You Build And Maintain Functional Relationships With Colleagues Working In Other Locations?

Response: I've discovered that communication is the foundation of creating and sustaining any kind of professional relationship, especially when dealing with colleagues who are located in other cities. 

I used a wide range of platforms in my previous position to stay in touch with my coworkers. Collaboration tools, which enabled us to share documents, hold impromptu talks, and more, were something I found to be quite helpful.

But because strong bonds can increase our efficacy, I went above and beyond to establish meaningful ties. For instance, I organized monthly informal video-based team meetings. 
This gave us the opportunity to have a "virtual water cooler" experience and added a social component that helped us feel like a team.

19 Other Microsoft Interview Sample Questions

  1. If you only had 90 seconds, how would you explain the cloud to someone?
  1. Name something unique that you bring to the project. How did you ensure it was a success?
  1. Imagine Microsoft is creating a new wearable product. Design the corresponding research plan.
  1. What do you hope to find in your next position?
  1. What motivates you to excel in a role?
  1. Name a product or service that you believe was marketed well. What about the campaign stands out to you?
  1. If Microsoft wanted to introduce a data analytics product to small businesses, how would you market it to drive interest and highlight its virtues?
  1. If you were given an array featuring 10^5 numbers, and we erased two of the numbers, how would you identify the missing ones?
  1. Tell me about a project where your initial assumptions ended up being incorrect. What steps did you take that revealed this? How did you ensure you moved forward properly after?
  1. What is your favorite piece of technology? Why do you enjoy it?
  1. If you could change one thing about [Microsoft product or service], what would it be and why?
  1. When you conduct user research, how do you account for your own biases?
  1. Why do you want to work for Microsoft?
  1. What steps would you take to correct a slow startup issue on a computer running Windows 10?
  1. Name an application with a UI you admire. What about it do you appreciate?
  1. If a sales rep in your department gave a valued client an incorrect sales quote, how would you remedy the issue?
  1. Explain recursion in a way that a non-technical person could understand.
  1. Tell me about a time you had a difficult relationship with a colleague. What steps did you take to ensure any challenges were resolved or, at a minimum, did not interfere with your ability to perform?
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Make sure to use all of the advice, and keep practicing your responses until you have them down. It all comes down to preparation, and you can ensure that the hiring manager realizes that you are a strong applicant.

As usual, best of luck!

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