Felony Friendly Approved Apartments Near Me 2022

This article provides all available information about felony friendly approved apartments that won’t run a background check in 2022.

Finding felony friendly Approved Apartments is one of the major obstacles to reintegrating into society after serving time. 


Every state in the US has this issue, and for felons, finding housing is frequently more difficult than finding employment.

When looking for housing, a common error that felons do is wasting time and effort on applications that are virtually universally rejected.

You should know that all landlords or rental management companies are permitted by law to do a background check on prospective tenants and to reject them if they have a criminal history.

No matter what the crime was or how long ago it occurred, you could still be denied a rental and while it may appear to be discrimination, it is according to the law.


You have almost little chance of getting your application accepted after your criminal history is known. 

So you have to search for apartments that require little to no background check. If you’re interested, read on.

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Article Road Map

Felon Friendly Apartment Search Tips

Here are some tips to help you find felony-friendly approved apartments on various search engines:

  • Search for outlying, lower-income communities that are further from the city core

Rents will be less expensive and landlords in these less popular areas could be more accommodating, particularly if they genuinely need to rent out their property.

However, if you’re looking for a career, you need also to take into account how easy it would be to travel to work. 

To move to a more remote area where rentals for felons are accessible, you might need to save money for an inexpensive used car.

  • Consider apartments that are housed in a duplex or single-family home

Instead of moving to a management organization, a private landlord is most likely renting felony-friendly apartments.

  • Steer clear of rentals that are advertised in a huge apartment complex or a building

Most likely, a management business is the one listing these, and they will reject you. Large property management organizations reject applicants with poor credit and criminal histories.

  • Carefully read the listing to determine whether a credit or background check is necessary.  

Once a credit or background check is needed for that apartment, you don’t need to waste your time applying anymore.

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Search Engines For Felony Friendly Approved Apartments

1. Search Second Chance Rentals On Zillow.Com And Yelp.Com

These search engines such as zillow.com and yelp.com feature thousands of apartment rentals. 

You can enter your zip code and the criteria apartments with no background check in the search.

You will then receive ads for apartments in your neighborhood that don’t need a credit or background check. 

2. At Zumper.com  

A substantial number of second-chance flats are available on this little-known housing search engine without a background or credit check.

Many of the ads you go through will say “Felony-friendly” right in the unit description.

3. Search For Housing On Craigslist.Com

Craigslist provides the greatest variety of homes that are being rented out by private homeowners, and not by property management or real estate firms.

You can enter the minimum and maximum rental costs you can afford when searching for “no credit check apartments” in your area.

Your best chance of finding a felony-friendly apartment is to contact a part-time landlord who wants to rent out one or two apartments.

4. Search For An Apartment Or A Room In Zillow’s Community Pillar Program

Zillow’s community pillar program is a well-known search engine designed a specific initiative to connect those in need with landlords who are prepared to reduce their standards and requirements and give people a second opportunity.

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How To Convince The Landlord To Accept You As A Tenant

You must know and understand the perspective of a landlord before scheduling appointments to view numerous apartments.

Understanding this will enable you to approach landlords in a way that will persuade them to give you a chance.

Here are some general requirements that can help the landlord accept you as a tenant:

  • Regular monthly payments
  • Complete payment of the rent
  • Assurance that the renter has a reliable source of income
  • Upkeep of the property
  • Absence of significant, costly damages, and repairs 
  •  A good tenant is not disruptive to the neighborhood and doesn’t use drugs, violence, or the police.

If you are employed, it could be a good idea to set aside some money and offer to pay the landlord for a few months’ rent in advance. 

This is frequently very much appreciated because a lot of landlords need the money and might be enough to persuade them to sign the lease with you.

Remember to wear clean clothes to the interview, be courteous, and provide thorough answers to all of their inquiries.  

If you’re fortunate, the landlord might not inquire about any criminal history you may have, but it’s important to be truthful if the landlord starts asking you about your background.  

When discussing your criminal history, be sure to emphasize how much you have grown and changed, and keep attention off the specifics of the offenses you have committed.

You can also bring a few references such as people who can attest to your character as a good person who won’t cause trouble like a recommendation from a boss, relative, or friend.

A family member or friend who is not a felon can help you rent an apartment or sign the lease on your behalf and you can live in the flat without worrying about your criminal history.

Although this can only be effective if the landlord does not reside in the same home and will not be keeping an eye on the tenants.

How Volunteering Can Help You Rent A Felony Friendly Apartment

It’s recommended to begin volunteer work if you don’t already have one or are just employed part-time. 

There are numerous non-profits, neighborhood groups, and churches that are always in need of additional volunteers.

During the volunteering, you can begin meeting many people and maybe someone you know has a friend who is looking to rent a room or an apartment, and they can put in a good word for you. 

A landlord will always choose to rent to a renter who has a personal connection over one who applies on the street.

To show a landlord you’ve changed, your character and commitment to living an honest life will be demonstrated by your willingness to assist others.

Can A Felon Get Federal Housing/Section 8?

You might be eligible for Section 8 housing or another sort of federal housing, depending on the type of felony you committed. 

However, certain felonies such as those listed below will prevent you from applying:

  • Sexual offenses 
  • Drug trafficking 
  • Violent offenses such as assault
  • A few forms of fraud

Don’t spend your time applying for public housing if your offense falls into one of these categories.

But you can also apply for Section 8 if you believe you could be eligible, you just need to apply by going to your neighborhood housing authority. 

Complete the application, attach all necessary supporting documentation, and join the waiting list.

Remember that rules and restrictions will vary based on the state in which you reside and felonies may be rejected by some housing authorities, irrespective of the crime. 

Some states may demand a specific amount of time to have passed since the petitioner was released from prison.

And you might not be able to rent a place you like once you receive your Section 8 voucher because landlords that provide Section 8 housing still conduct background checks and have the right to reject you if they discover that you have a criminal record.


Many felons who are having trouble finding homes or who require assistance with rent payments have a history of getting evicted at least once.

This will be a major barrier to renting an apartment because prospective landlords can quickly learn about your eviction by checking your credit report and noticing that you still owe money to your former landlord.

But so as not to miss out on any felony-friendly approved apartments nearby, you can:

  • Speak with your previous landlord to arrange a payment plan for any outstanding rent debt.
  • Offer to pay for any repairs made to the property, but if you need a cash advance and have a criminal record, you can apply for felony-friendly credit cards. 
  • Ask the landlord to delete the eviction from your credit report once you’ve made all of the payments.

Following these tips and other information provided in this article can assist you in finding felony-friendly apartments nearby.


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