10 Entry level Government Jobs With No Experience Needed

Are you looking for a government job with no experience needed? There are many entry level government jobs out there that would be perfect for someone just starting out in their career.

Government jobs can be very rewarding and can provide you with the opportunity to learn about different parts of government. 

You don’t have to have any experience to apply for these jobs, and you can find the perfect position for you right here in this article as I’ll be giving a detailed description of what an entry level job is and a list of these jobs.

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What Is An Entry Level Government Job?

An entry level government job can provide the perfect stepping stone into a career in public service. Entry level jobs typically require no experience or training, so they are a great way to get started in government. 

Entry level jobs vary from position to position, but many of them require only a high school diploma or equivalent.

Are You Looking For A New Career? Try These Ten Entry Level Government Jobs!

1. Data Entry Clerk Job

Are you looking for an entry-level Government job without any experience required? If so, you may be interested in data entry clerk jobs. 

These jobs are perfect for new employees who want to gain experience in the government sector. Many data entry clerks are responsible for entering data into a computer system. 

This can include entering employee information, billing amounts, and more. Data entry clerks typically have little experience with computers, so it is important that they have good typing skills and know how to use software programs.

 In order to qualify for a data entry clerk position, you must have good organizational skills and be able to handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

2. Human Resource Specialist

This position is perfect for someone who wants to get their feet wet in the government sector without having to start from scratch. 

Human resource specialists are responsible for all aspects of people management, including interviewing potential employees, maintaining employee files, and developing and administering employee programs. 

Entry-level human resources jobs typically require a bachelor’s degree in human resources or a related field.

 Many human resource specialists start out as administrative assistants before progressing to positions such as HR manager, recruiting coordinator, or industrial/labor relations specialist.

3. Human Rights Investigator

If you are looking for a government job with a human rights focus, then look no further than the entry-level human rights investigator. This position is perfect if you want to work in the public sector and focus on human rights issues. 

As an entry-level human rights investigator, you will likely be responsible for conducting research and investigating allegations of human rights abuses. 

Additionally, you may be assigned to work on specific projects or tasks related to human rights protection. The hours are varied, but most investigators work daytime or evening shifts.

4. Secretary And Administrative Assistant

A Secretary and Administrative assistant are two key positions in any business, but they are especially important in the government setting.

 This is because many of the duties of a Secretary and Administrative assistant are routine clerical work that need not be overly complicated or time-consuming, but they must be done correctly and on schedule.

 In addition to their administrative duties, these workers often handle communication with various constituents or superiors. Consequently, good communication skills are essential for anyone hoping to work in this field.

Both positions often require good organizational skills and attention to detail. Many secretaries and administrative assistants start out as part-time employees before eventually becoming full-time staff members.

5. Maintenance Worker

A maintenance worker is an important part of any government agency. They keep the buildings and equipment in good condition, ensuring that they are operational and meeting the needs of the people who work within them. 

Maintenance workers are usually entry level jobs and can be found in a variety of agencies, including schools, libraries, and government offices.

The work is often physical and requires good coordination and stamina. The hours are usually flexible, so you can work when it’s convenient for you. 

You may need some basic skills, such as working with tools, but most of the work is done manually. This means that you’ll need to be able to lift and move heavy objects.

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6. Graduate Accountants

Graduate accountants are in high demand for entry level government jobs, as the accounting and auditing process is complex and requires specialized knowledge. 

Many graduate accountants begin their careers as assistants or interns before advancing to management positions.

In order to be a successful graduate accountant, it is important to have strong math skills and knowledge of accounting principles. 

They are well-suited to work in the accounting and auditing departments of government agencies. 

These positions generally offer good pay and benefits, including a flexible work schedule and opportunities for advancement.

7. Nursing Assistant

The nursing assistant is a key member of any healthcare team. They provide a range of support services, including aiding in patient care, helping with wound care, and assisting with medication administration and other tasks.

 The nursing assistant may also be responsible for cleaning and preparing the hospital room or bed for the next patient. 

Because of the wide variety of duties that a nursing assistant may carry out, it is an excellent choice for someone looking for an entry-level government job.

‘Nursing assistant’ is a great entry level government job. The pay is good and the hours are flexible. 

The biggest downside is that the hours are limited, so you might have to move to a specific city or state if you want to stay in the workforce for a long time.

8. A Public Assistant Program Specialist

The public assistant program specialist is a crucial entry-level position in the government workforce. 

This job description entails providing basic support to public officials and employees, such as answering telephones, filling out forms, and greeting guests. 

In order to qualify for this position, candidates must have excellent communication skills and good attention to detail. Public assistants typically work in government offices located in large cities or metropolitan areas.

With experience and education in customer service, public assistants can move up the ladder in their careers.

9. Utility Technician 

Utility technician is an entry-level government job that can provide you with the opportunity to learn about a variety of essential services. Utility technicians are responsible for maintaining and repairing municipal water, sewer, and electric systems. 

They also may be responsible for installing and repairing telecommunications cables, meters, and other utility equipment. As an entry-level government job, utility technician positions often have opportunities for advancement.

10. Laborer

A laborer is one of the most common jobs in the United States. This entry level government job offers many opportunities for growth and advancement. 

Laborers are often required to have basic manual labor skills such as lifting, moving, and carrying objects. 

They often work in a variety of settings such as factories, construction sites, and agricultural fields.


If you are looking for a job in government without any experience, there are entry level positions available that you can apply for. 

Don’t let your lack of experience hold you back from applying for a government job that is right for you. Start your search on which entry level government jobs are the best fit for you.

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