10 Common Exit Interview Questions With Sample Answers

Are you considering leaving your company or position? If yes, you are likely to encounter a common exit interview.

An exit interview is a meeting that you have with your employer to discuss your departure from your company.  

In order to answer these exit interview questions confidently without hitches,  this article would be stating common exit interview questions, Tips, and sample answers.

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Common Exit Interview Questions With Sample Answers

1. What Made You Decide to Leave This Organization?


A few reasons influenced your decision. These reasons might be professional development, financial independence, flexible work hours, or that your new work location is closer to home.

Sample Answer :

” The reason I’m leaving such a wonderful job is that I was unsatisfied with my former employer’s lack of attention to employee development. One of my personal goals is to be in a managerial position by the time I reach thirty.

Last time I discussed pay increases and promotions with you, I believed that this company could give me what I am looking for. I’m very glad that I’ve been here, as the things I’ve learned will be of great use to me in the future.”

2. What Factors Influenced Your Acceptance of This New Role


 Work conditions are always changing and advancing. If you are unsatisfied with your workplace policies or values, then you should provide this feedback.

You are not obligated to reveal all of your reasons. Pick one or two that you think will best benefit the company in the future.

Sample Answer:

” My new job has a benefits package that is suitable for my way of life. The package includes a gym membership, on-site counseling, and statements that all lunch breaks be taken away from my desk. I work in a less formal environment.

I’m optimistic that this new job brings many challenges, a lot of responsibility, and a lot of money. These factors are essential to me, and they were not available here.”

3. Were You Supported Enough in Your Job Role?


  If your response to the question is ‘yes,’ say as such and give instances of when you did that. This interview is for feedback it doesn’t always have to be negative.

 If you can not give an answer, give any suggestions about what happened that you would find useful and when.

 If there is a particular circumstance that you felt you could not receive any assistance and it negatively affected your work, mention it, but keep it to yourself.

Sample Answer :

“I was pleased with the assistance I received at this company. When I obtained a customer complaint, I was allowed to speak my mind and provide my point of view, and the problem was reviewed. 

There were periodic coaching sessions, as well as periodic review sessions with my manager, that I found to be very helpful”.

“Unfortunately, I think I was not given adequate support in my position. While there were several pep talks, I felt that it was every worker for themselves.

 When an associate had a flatly critical intervention toward me, I was not offered a sufficient chance to debate it. I concede that the incident took place during a busy time, but I regret that there is no support for them.”

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4. Is There Anything We Could Have Done to Keep You?


Once again, be honest but keep it reasonable. If you left because you wanted a pay raise and a promotion, find a constructive way to start the conversation by stating that it’s also fine to admit that there was nothing that could have been done differently. 

If you are moving, or hope to start anew, then nothing could have kept you there. If you are leaving for reasons not entirely yours, tell it.

Sample Answer:

“My life’s a lot of unpredictability required a fresh start. More than anything, I love working for this brand, yet there was nothing you could do to keep me here. It was only something I had to do.”

5.  What Did You Like Most About Working Here?


Avoid responding negatively to this question in order to give employers a clearer picture. An ideal solution could maximize your employer’s advertisement. But it also keeps things fun and helps to show them that you’ve actually made an effort.

Sample Answer:

“I liked the way that the workplace felt and the number of coworkers I had to interact with. The workloads were broadly shared and my supervisor was decent about ensuring everything was done correctly without becoming overly strict. 

Unlike the other jobs I had recently attempted, it offered me some control over my schedule, and I could usually get my paycheck without any issues”.

6. What Did You Dislike Most About Working Here?


Don’t include grievances about irrelevant points on the list. Build on the pillar of the good.

Sample Answer:

“During my stay in the company  I noticed the management would likely comment if you left your desk for the entire lunch break, and there was a double standard for senior management and the rest of the team. 

This made for an awkward work environment where many people felt uncomfortable expressing their thoughts.”

7.  Did You Have a Good Relationship With Your Manager?


If you had a beneficial relationship, explain to the manager why to your HR representative. If your manager was bad, then her HR representative has a legitimate right to know. 

Maybe the company has already received complaints, and they’re looking for answers. Keep in mind to remain respectful and professional while speaking and vice versa.

Sample Answer 1

“I had a very good working relationship with my manager. They were open, supportive, offered helpful advice, and resolved any issues we experienced.”

Sample Answer 2

“Unfortunately, I was unable to align myself with my supervisor. They were eager to find faults in my work and drew attention to all of my errors.

 I was able to have a conversation like this with them. What they say goes. When I needed help with something, they were always too occupied to lend me an ear.”

8.  Did You Find the Career Development Process Helpful?


Many employees can quit their jobs because they do not have enough to develop in their careers. That is why it is crucial that your coworkers understand how to proceed in their career development.

Sample Answer:

” I thought there would be a greater focus on development when I first started here. However, I have been at this job for a decade, and my accomplishments go unrecognized. 

If you’re designed to promote this program, I think you should have a dedicated team and make it part of their work schedule.

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9. Would You Ever Consider Coming Back to This Organization?

Tip :

This is a yes or no answer, but your interviewer may decide you would like to expand. Based on your answer, it may be a good choice to bring up a return or offer. 

If you state that you would want to return if the work culture changed and in addition, your pay increased, then expect HR to work with that.

Sample Answer 1:

“Unfortunately, I would not have the ability to return to this company after this. Due to my new living arrangements, it would not be possible for me to return.”

Sample Answer 2: 

” Under specific circumstances, I may take your business back. If the company updated its policies and practices to reflect current practices, I may be tempted. At the same time, I would require increased pay and much more opportunity to progress my career path.”

10. Do You Have Any Other Issues You Would Like to Address?


Avoid grudge episodes that belong to you but aren’t of any interest to high-level managers. Such conversations might give the impression of being petty and on a power trip.

Sample Answer :

‘Thank you; however, I believe the topics I wished to discuss have been covered.”


These common exit interview questions and answers mentioned in this article can help you to understand the reasons why you want to leave as an employee when properly executed, an exit interview can be an invaluable tool in retaining top talent.

 Make sure you have the right answers to these questions and be sure to have the best exit interview. 

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