How To Answer 10 Tough Interview Questions.

Did you just apply for a job? Do you know some tough interview questions and how to answer them?

Some interview questions can throw you off guard if you don’t prepare well. 

Remember how you answer these questions, determines if you are getting the job or not.

However, This blog post will take you through a list of tough interview questions and how to answer them.

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Tough Interview Questions – With Answers

1. Where Do You See Your Self In 5 Years?

Hiring managers ask applicants this question to examine their career ambition, long-term goal, and interest in the position. They examine if the job offer suits your aspiration.

They want to know if you plan on working with them for a long time.


Find similarities between your career ambition and the job you applied for.

This would make the hiring manager know that you plan on developing yourself while working with them on this particular job.

In addition State, your desire to be promoted in the company over the years the hiring manager would be assured that you plan on staying with them for a long time.

2. What Are Your Weaknesses?

This tough interview question is asked to find out if you take responsibility for your actions. 

Before your interview date approaches think of a real-life weakness and the measures you have taken to overcome it.

Ensure you select a nice to have a weakness that can also develop the company indirectly.

Hiring managers, cherish lifelong learners. So state your weakness and talk about the improvements you are making to overcome it

Sample Answer.

I get scared whenever I speak in public, but I recently completed a course last week and made the best presentation among my mates. I was proud of myself. 

I have other presentations to make, I ask my colleagues to rate my performance so I can know how much I have improved in public speaking.

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3. Tell Me About Yourself.

Most applicants think this is a very easy job interview question, but do not know how detailed their answer to this question should be.

This is one of the first questions your interviewer would ask, which means you need to create a good first impression by selling yourself. 

By asking this question, the hiring manager wants to know 3 things:

  1. Your educational and professional qualifications.
  2. The skills and knowledge you have and how they are connected to the job you applied for.
  3. What you are searching for in the job offer and why does this role appeal to you?

Sample Answer.

I’m an international relations graduate with a master’s degree in international law and diplomacy.

Since leaving university I have worked as a human resource manager for over two years.

During my time in my previous company, I was able to settle employee disputes and created a better working environment for workers.

During my two months’ leave, I went through an IT course and it has helped me become tech-oriented.

Therefore I’m searching for a more challenging role with a global organization that would help me serve people from all over the world.  

There’s plenty of room for me to grow as an international business analyst. That’s why I applied for this job offer.

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4. Why Are You The Best Person For The Job?

You are not the only person that sent an application for this job. The other candidate might even be more qualified than you are. This question is another opportunity for you to sell yourself to the hiring manager.

Show the hiring manager why you should be one of the selected candidates for this job.

Sample Answer.

I have completed many projects thanks to my managing and stakeholder skills.

I have all the qualifications and skills that your company needs for this job.

My strong work ethic and ability to go the extra mile helped in the development of my previous company.

I am so excited and glad to be a part of the interview process at your company. I wish I would be selected to work with you.

5. Why Do You Want The Job?

This is another tough interview question. The hiring manager just wants to know why you applied for the job.

They want to gain insight into how the job offer fits the reason you applied. 

Sample Answer.

Don’t focus on financial or non-financial gains. Rather frame your answer by speaking about your passion for the company and job responsibilities, how the job suits your career and why you are excited about the company.

6. What Is Your Salary Expectation?

Do not underprice yourself when you are answering this question.

Be honest, straightforward, and open-minded, and support your view with proof.

Before your interview date, research the salary structure of the role you are applying for.

Tell the interviewer what you expect from the kind of role you would be playing in the company.

Sample Answer.

Based on my research, a sales manager earns $100 every hour so I expect something close to or better than this pay. 

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7. Can You Describe A Time When You Had To Work With A Difficult Person?

Don’t be tempted to belittle your former co-worker or group worker in your answer.

The hiring manager wants to simply know how you work with other people, to see if you are tolerant, and how you react whenever you have issues with your co-workers.

Sample Answer. 

Do not focus on what the other party did wrong but rather talk about your solution to the issue, and the measures you took to not repeat the mistake.

You must demonstrate your willingness to work with people and your ability to learn.

8. What Animal Would You Be And Why?

This is another tough interview question. It sounds funny, right?

This question aims to see how you respond when you are under pressure.

The interviewer is interested in knowing how creative you can be they want to know how the kind of characteristics you use in describing yourself.

Instead of laughing at this question, use it as an opportunity to showcase your strength in the workplace.

9. How Did You Hear About The Position?

The interviewer is interested in knowing how your network and communicate with people.

Because these are skills you would need not just for the job but for life.

However, if you stumbled on a blog post about the job offer, state what caught your attention about the job and why you applied for the job.

10. What Do You Know About The Company?

This is a tough interview question that throws people off guard.

So you must do your homework before going for the interview.

Research about the goals of the company, the day it was created, who created the company, projects the company has established and the names of the top managers.

If you get his question right the hiring manager would be sure that you are very interested in the job offer.


Is the date of your interview approaching? Make a checklist of these tough interview questions and prepare an answer that would suit the company you applied for.

Answering interview questions can be tricky at times. 

so save this post, share, and enlighten your friends on the best way to answer tough interview questions. 

However, if you have any questions regarding this blog post please drop your comments in the comment section.

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