The 11 Best Jobs For 14-Year-Olds In 2023-How To Apply

Searching for jobs for 14-year-olds can be a great idea, but unfortunately, at that age, it is not legal for 14-year-olds to start working in some states.

There are several job opportunities available to 14-year-olds, whether you want to enhance your experience, master a certain profession, or work in a field in which you already have passion and competence.

You may be looking for ways to earn money as a teen without falling behind in academics or extracurricular activities. Most of these jobs are quite flexible in nature in terms of time and workload. 

Part time jobs are also a great way for teens to build life skills and work experience while also earning money. For the youngest, these jobs often offer more than the minimum wage, since they have flexible hours.

In this article, we will cover the job descriptions, skills required and how you can apply and promote your job opportunities.

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The 11 Best Jobs For 14-Year-Olds In 2023

Listed below are the best jobs for 14-year-olds

1. Babysitting And childcare Services 

Baby Sitters are responsible for providing supervision and care to babies and children in the absence of adults

They observe, monitor and supervise children closely and consistently and perform a range of duties including preparing meals, creating lesson plans, and helping children with homework.

Skill Required:

  1. High school diploma.
  2. Undisputed legal capacity.
  3. Demonstrable successful babysitting experience.
  4. First-hand experience with navigating child-related emergencies is beneficial.
  5. Perceptive to major safety-related threats.
  6. Ability to issue age-appropriate directions.
  7. Observance of caregivers’ babysitting-related requests.

Tips For Finding Clients And Promoting Services:

  1. Create a professional website.
  2. Use newspaper ads.
  3. Connect through social media.
  4. Join a babysitting website.
  5. Contact a local daycare.
  6. Use word of mouth marketing.
  7. Run your babysitting business effectively with Countingup.

2. Dog Walking And Pet Sitting 

Pet sitters and dog walkers provide an invaluable service for pet owners, particularly those who travel frequently or who have long work hours.

They make sure the dogs get sufficient exercise and social interaction through walks, trips to the dog park, and other activities. They often also take dogs for routine grooming appointments and veterinary care.

Dogs and pets may need bedding changes, and birds may require cage cleaning as well as interaction. Pets who are on medication may need to have their dosages administered per a specific schedule. It’s critical to ensure the pets are in good overall health and spirit and to report any concerns to the pet owner. 

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Skills Required: 

  1. Rapport with animals: Pet sitters must enjoy spending time with animals and have a gentle — yet assertive when necessary — way with them.

2. Reliable: Their clients count on them to take care of their beloved pets when they can’t, so pet sitters have to be reliable and provide their services for as long as they have committed to.

3 Trustworthy: Pet sitters have free run of a home while the owner is away. They must prove themselves worthy of the trust the owners invest in them.

How To Attract Clients And Build A Reputation:

1. Create a Referral Program

2. Network With Local Pet Professionals

3. Give your Client’s Branded Refrigerator Magnets

4. Have a Helpful FAQ Section on your Website

5. Use In-Market Google Ads

6. Learn The Fundamentals of Marketing

7. Build a Team

3. Yard Work And Gardening

The responsibility of a gardener is to maintain the beauty of plants, outdoor grounds, and trees in a garden.

They are also responsible for planting and watering the plants. In addition to this, you should make use of various gardening hand and power tools.  

On the other hand, A typical yard worker will be involved with moving large items around the yard, such as cars or trucks, and assisting customers with loading and unloading items.

Skills Required:

  1. High school diploma or GED.  
  2. Experience working in the Facilities department as a Gardener or a similar role.  
  3. Demonstrate the ability the manage time efficiently.  
  4. Good communication skills.  
  5. Ability to work in harsh conditions.  
  6. Ability to lift heavy loads and equipment.  
  7. Experience and knowledge of various gardening techniques.  
  8. Knowledge and understanding of synthetic and natural fertilizers.  
  9. Excellent ability to work for long periods of time.  
  10. Good organizational skills.  
  11. Ability to use hand and power tools.  
  12. Ability to read and understand safety precautions.  
  13. Ability to offer excellent customer service.  
  14. A close eye for details.
  15. Ability to lift 50 pounds

Tips For Finding Customers And Marketing Services:

  1. Create a Referral Program.
  2. Follow Up on Sales with Email Marketing.
  3. Advertise on Your Trucks.
  4. Utilize Social Media Platforms.
  5. Get More Online Reviews.
  6. Develop Partnerships with Other Local Businesses.
  7. Send Out Mailers.
  8. Increase Your Marketing Before the Busy Season.

4. Tutoring And Academic Assistance 

The primary role of the Student Tutor is to support Academic Enhancement’s mission to support student learning in the classroom by providing free tutorial services for many lower-level courses contained in the general education course requirements. 

This position requires the employee to have excellent communication 

skills and the ability to adapt his or her teaching methods to meet the needs of the student, as well as have a 

desire to see students succeed at the university. 

The Student Tutor may be required to implement instructional activities in both individual and group tutorial sessions. 

Student Tutors may be asked to assist with additional tasks to support

Skills Required:

  1. Ability to effectively manage time and schedules.
  2. Records maintenance skills.
  3. Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  4. Knowledge of test administration techniques and procedures.
  5. Ability to maintain confidentiality of records and information.
  6. Basic data entry and/or word processing skills.
  7. Organizing and coordinating skills.
  8. Knowledge of tutorial/learning materials and instructional aids.
  9. Knowledge of peer counseling/tutoring processes and methods.

How To Advertise And Reach Potential Students:

  1. Creating an impactful resume 
  2. Printing business cards 
  3. Building a website with scheduling capabilities
  4. Publishing a tutoring blog
  5. Developing a unique value proposition
  6. Using positive testimonials
  7. Creating an online demo
  8. Networking with schools in your area 
  9. Utilizing social media marketing

5. Retail And Customer Service

A customer service representative is a retail associate who works on the front lines of the business. The role is almost entirely customer-facing and may involve a wide variety of tasks. 

Customer service staff may be asked to greet customers, answer their questions, provide product information, and more.

They are also often asked to help maintain the store. This can involve stocking shelves, creating displays of merchandise, and general cleaning tasks. Retail customer service representatives are also often called retail sales associates.

Skilled Required:

  1. Active listening
  2. Adaptability
  3. Attention to detail
  4. Collaboration
  5. Conflict resolution
  6. Creativity
  7. Critical thinking
  8. Decision-making
  9. Effective communication
  10. Emotional intelligence
  11. Empathy
  12. Friendliness
  13. Negotiation skills
  14. Open-mindedness
  15. Patience
  16. Persuasion

6. Newspaper Delivery 

Newspaper carriers are responsible for delivering newspapers to subscribers each day. They may also be tasked with collecting payments, replacing papers that aren’t delivered due to weather or other issues, and ensuring that the paper is properly stocked at each stop.

Newspaper carriers are responsible for delivering newspapers to subscribers each day. They may also be tasked with collecting payments, replacing papers that aren’t delivered due to weather or other issues, and ensuring that the paper is properly stocked at each stop.

Skills Required:

  1. Driving
  2. Physical stamina
  3. Route planning and logistics
  4. Time management
  5. Organization skills
  6. Communication skills

7. Technology Assistance And Troubleshooting 

Technology Assistants are responsible for providing technical support, advice and guidance for internal/external users of IT systems and applications, either directly or by telephone, e-mail or other network interaction

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Skills Required:

  1. Proven experience as IT Technician or relevant position
  2. Excellent diagnostic and problem solving skills
  3. Excellent communication ability
  4. Outstanding organizational and time-management skills
  5. In depth understanding of diverse computer systems and networks
  6. Good knowledge of internet security and data privacy principles
  7. Degree in Computer Science, engineering or relevant field
  8. Certification as IT Technician will be an advantage (e.g. CompTIA A+, Microsoft Certified IT Professional)

8. Camp Counsellor Or Summer Camp Assistant

The job of a Camp counsellor is to assist in the camp planning process, ensure the safety of the children and lead them as they participate in camp events.

Their job description includes Monitoring campers to ensure compliance with camp rules and prevent accidents, reporting and recording details of incidents, such as accidents or rule violations, to parents and camp staff and attending meetings.

Skills Required:

1. Leadership: Leadership is the potential to influence behaviour of others, it is an important skill for a camp counselor to have, generally, when it comes to handling children, having effective leadership skills help to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to take charge in group situations.

Knowing how to lead can also result in camp counselors learning ways to encourage their campers to listen to them and familiarizing themselves with new methods for leading activities and tasks successfully.

2. Patience:  Patience is not just a virtue; it will help keep you from doing something you shouldn’t. Patience can help a camp counselor stay calm and in control during challenging situations, which can also ensure that all campers remain safe.  It gives counselors the ability to respond calmly to difficult situations and give children the time they need to express themselves.

Patience can be key when navigating challenges that supervising children can present. For example, if several campers are asking their counselor questions at the same time, a patient camp counselor might be able to calmly direct the campers to ask their questions one at a time rather than becoming flustered. 

Organization: Another major summer camp counsellor duty is organizing and leading activities. Whether it’s a game of soccer or a craft session, the camp counsellor is responsible for making sure all the equipment and supplies are in place.  You need to be able to keep track of the kids in your care, as well as any supplies or equipment

As a camp can be an exciting and busy environment, camp counselors who are organized might be more likely to facilitate positive experiences for their campers by maintaining a schedule that allows time and space for the activities campers enjoy.

Application Process and Tips For Standing Out

Here are some tips for improving your camp counsellor skills:

  • Always prioritize safety.
  • Learn from other camp counsellors.
  • Try to remain positive.
  • Ask questions to supervisors or fellow camp counsellors.
  • Listen to your campers.
  • Be open to trying new methods of leadership.

9. Car Washing And Detailing

Car detailers provide automotive interior and exterior cleaning services that meet company or client specifications. hey may examine a car for cosmetic imperfections, but they are generally not responsible for a car’s mechanical upkeep. Auto detailers are employed by vehicle dealerships, repair shops, and car washes and report to service managers and lot managers. It is not typical to travel.

The car wash attendant is responsible for providing a courteous and professional service to customers, and for dealing with any queries or complaints in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Required Skills:

A few skills that are required of car detailers include:

  • Attention to detail: These professionals must pay high attention to detail to catch small cosmetic imperfections and ensure all work is done properly.
  • Teamwork/interpersonal skills: Detailers usually work around people and as part of a team.
  • Communication skills: They must be able to communicate with team members and other staff.
  • Knowledge of tools/equipment: Detailers use cleaning equipment and chemicals and must be able to use them safely and effectively.

Tips For Attracting Customers And Offering Quality Services

1. Offer a variety of services: it is important you offer different varieties and packages that is related to car cleaning and detailing services. This is a good trick to attracting new customers and keeping old ones. 

2. Use high-quality products: make the cleanliness of your customer’s car your priority, invest in high quality products to keep your customers cars cleaned and detailed 

3. Provide excellent customer service: your approach can either keep or pursue a customer, always be friendly and helpful, and learn to greet your customers upon their arrival. This can help build trust and loyalty with your customers.

4. Advertise your services: social media is a big tool for advertisement, use it efficiently, also invest in flyers, and local advertising to promote your business and attract new customers.

5. Be efficient: to stand out among others you must be efficient, and always complete each job as quickly and efficiently as possible while still maintaining high-quality standards. This can help you serve more customers and increase your profits.

6. Offer competitive pricing: give bonuses when you can, ask for the prices of other car washing and detailing businesses in your area and offer competitive pricing to attract new customers.

7. Collect customer feedback: Always ask your customers for feedback on your services, its important because they might give you free tips to improve your business and offer even better services in the future.

10. Restaurant Or Fast Food Services

A Food Service Worker’s responsibilities include a wide range of tasks that keep the kitchen running smoothly, from cleaning up after cooking to adhering to food safety regulations. They are responsible for taking customer orders, preparing food, and serving customers in a fast-paced environment. 

They assemble some items, such as sandwiches and salads. They also collect payment. They include crew members, team members, store associates, cashiers and customer service associates.

Additionally, they may be required to follow specific food safety and sanitation guidelines to ensure that food is prepared and served safely.

Required Skills:

Interpersonal skills: Fast food workers must always be polite and respectful because they are essential for creating a positive dinning experience for customers. 

You must be able to keep your cool when customers aren’t as nice as you’d like…and it will happen. Remember, many people are in your establishment because they’re rushed, under pressure, and don’t have time for a “real” meal.

This can lead to increased customer satisfaction, repeat business, and positive reviews. 

Additionally, interpersonal skills can help restaurant workers work effectively and create a positive work environment. Overall, having good interpersonal skills is essential for success in the restaurant industry.

2. Physical fitness: The job is too demanding and will require standing for a long period of time. You’ll also probably be required to lift heavy items and clean work areas.

Being physically fit can help restaurant workers maintain their energy levels throughout their shifts, which can improve their performance and help them provide better service to customers.

A knack for teamwork: Working in a team encourages personal growth, increases job satisfaction, and reduces stress. It’s more than just being able to get along with your customers, sometimes under adverse conditions. You must also be able to work well with other staff so your establishment functions efficiently.

11. Online freelancing And Gig Economy Opportunities

A gig economy is a free market system in which temporary positions are common and organizations hire independent workers for short-term commitments. The term “gig” is a slang word for a job that lasts a specified period of time. Traditionally, the term was used by musicians to define a performance engagement.

A gig worker is a professional who, instead of receiving a regular income, receives wages based on the one-time projects or gigs they complete. In this flexible work environment, employers offer payment on a freelance or contractual basis for work opportunities that are available temporarily.

On the other hand, freelancers work within industries like technology, marketing, consulting and writing. These professionals often complete one-time projects, such as writing the content for a business website, building a web app or offering career coaching services. 

Skills Required:

1. Own Responsibility: in a gig economy, there’s nobody to push you to work hard or give you motivation, its a personal race and the earlier you realise that, the better for you.. People with high motivation will be able to work independently and accept full accountability for their gigs.

2. Interpersonal skills: It is the ability to communicate or interact well with other people. independent workers are in direct contact with their customers and their employers. They need to have excellent interpersonal skills to negotiate with both customers and employees in order to be able to make a deal.

3. Expertise: Although the technical skills required to work independently cannot be specified, it is very important that these independent workers are experts in their own field. One of the major reasons why organizations hire contract workers is because they are experts in their fields.

4. Agility: as the business scenario is changing continuously, there are no rigid skills that can be helpful for ever. It becomes essential to be able to adapt to the changing scenario and update skills accordingly.

5. Moderate assertiveness: as gig workers do not have any employees or permanent employers, having a higher level of assertiveness is not as important for them. However, they do you have to advocate for themselves. This requires some level of assertiveness.

6. Knowing your finances: as gig workers are solely responsible for their inflows and outflows of cash, they need to be effective in managing their finances. The income and expenses in gig work is an even which makes it a very important skill to manage finances.

7. Critical thinking: no matter what industry you are in or whether you are a full-time worker or an independent contract worker, critical thinking is a skill that is becoming increasingly essential in all these areas. It is the ability to conceptualize, analyze and understand information gathered from various sources.

8. Collaboration: although the gig workers mostly work independently, there often might be situations where they need to work with other full time or part time independent workers. Collaboration becomes a very important skill for such situations.

9. Networking: for gig workers especially, networking is a very crucial skill in order to be able to acquire contracts for work.

How To Apply For Jobs As A 14-Year-Old

1. Search Online For Job Openings

Online is the easiest way to find a job as a teen, use  online job postings to find out what’s available in your area. Websites, such as Indeed, pull a lot of job listings for different companies and post them in one place. 

This allows you to run a search based on your interests. Different sites also allow you to upload your CV online which makes the application process not just easier but faster.

2. Pick A Job Option You Will Like To Do

First of all, you have to know your field of interest and what you enjoy doing, it will help you focus your job search towards that direction.

Dont ever apply for a job that you hate doing much even though at this point you are thinking you’d take any job that comes your way.

Making a list of your skills and things you enjoy can help you decide where you want to apply. If you are an outdoor person then you may consider looking to work with landscaping or lawn care companies, plant nurseries, animal shelters, or construction companies.

3. Get A Work Permit If Necessary

Some cities and states require work permits for minors. You’re more likely to need a permit if you’re under the age of 16, but some places require them for anyone under 18. 

It costs $410 –$495 to apply for a work permit and takes 2-7 months to get one.

The permit is typically issued by your local labour department, but your school can tell you what you need to do. Sometimes, you need to find a job before you can get your permit

3. Ask Adults For References

Talk to people who are more advanced than you, Teachers, coaches, and other group leaders all make excellent references. When you ask if they’re willing to let you list them as a reference, be prepared to talk about the types of jobs you’re looking for and the work you want to do.

4. Create A Basic Résumé

Include information about your education and work experience. You can use the Microsoft app that comes with the CV template.  Just enter information about your school, your GPA, and any jobs you’ve had (whether paid or volunteer work).

Since, as a teen, you likely don’t have a lot of work experience or you don’t even have at all, include information about extra-curricular activities as well. 

5. Fill Out Applications For Jobs You’re Interested In

Apply for at least 3-4 different jobs to improve your Chances. 

Express your interest in the company, then ask if there are open positions you can apply for.

If you only submit one application at a time, it’ll likely take you a while to find a job. Submit applications to several different places, understanding that some places won’t even respond or schedule an interview

6. Look Into The Company To Prepare For The Interview

It’s always a good idea to know a little bit about the company before you go to your interview. The interviewer will likely ask why you want to work there, so your research gives you some ideas for how to answer that question. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1.What job is perfect for a 14 year old?


2. What is the best age for a job?

In ideal scenario it is always better to start the job as early as possible

3. What age is too late for a first job?

It’s never too late 

4. What age is a late career?

55-70 years of age


In conclusion, you can as well consider working in a restaurant, though people think its not the right place for a teenager. You can get a permission letter from your parents to help you apply and work in a fast-food restaurant.

Lastly, opportunities that don’t give you a good return on your time, should be avoided.

Try as many jobs as possible and see which works best for you.


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