30 Easy Jobs For 12-Year-Olds That Pay Well In 2023

Parents try to develop their 12-year-olds by instilling knowledge at home to boost their understanding of life skills. They send their kids to school to enable them to achieve professional goals, boost self-esteem, and socialise.

Another way to empower 12-year-olds is to permit them to get a well-paying job. They can achieve negotiation skills, financial independence, stability, and maturity, learn valuable skills and develop their personality by working real jobs.

We have compiled a list of the 30 easiest jobs for 12-year-olds that will provide satisfactory pay in 2023. Furthermore, whether you love craft work, entrepreneurship, blogging, or cleaning, at least one job described here will interest you.

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30 Easy Jobs For 12-Year-Olds That Pay Well In 2023

1. Freelance Graphic Designing

As a pre-teenager with technical and graphic designing skills, it is possible to monetise it. Find local customers via social media platforms or Facebook, YouTube or Twitter communities.

Your job is to design books, fliers, logos, blog websites and so on. A kid can earn $10 – $15 weekly as a new graphic designer. 

2. Sell Valuables Online

Do you have some nice sheets, clothes, canvases, teddy bears, pots, toys, and video games which you would love to sell? You could earn money by posting these valuables for sale on social media platforms.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, or WhatsApp could be used to achieve this purpose. Just attract your target audience on your social media or use your parent’s social media to sell them.

The monetary value of the items you sell is based on your choice. At least an average of $6 can be earned weekly by a kid who consistently sells valuables online.

3. Affiliate Marketing 

A child can also earn money through Affiliate marketing. This means that you have to boost awareness and sales for any brand that employs you as a marketer. 

You will earn at least a 3% commission payment for each successfully sold product, which means an average of at least $20; depending on the brand, you could earn higher or lower.

4. Create Your Personal YouTube Channel 

YouTube pays very well in 2023, and any kid who can handle the responsibility of creating content can earn from YouTube. 

Additionally, you need just a ring light, a profitable niche and a very good phone to start your channel on YouTube.

A very catchy and appealing name and profile are also essential; get an experienced person to help you get started. After creating a profile, begin creating engaging content and uploading it for viewers to see.

Some content ideas that can help you build a successful and profitable YouTube channel art: 

  • Product Reviewing (Toys, Game consoles, Gamepads)
  • Giving video game tips
  • Creating funny content
  • Post vlogs about your family’s lifestyle
  • Create YouTube playlists and post
  • Advertisements 
  • Teaching how to make pastries

5. Blogging

Another way to earn money is through blogging; start up your own blog and earn a satisfactory salary. It is among the best jobs a 12-year-old can use to gain financial freedom. 

Find a niche that suits your interest, whether gaming, health, fashion, business, toys, baking, or music. By doing this, however, you will gradually grow to be an expert in a particular niche and even be a coach to upcoming bloggers.

Some effective ways to make money through your blog include:

  • Google Adsense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Creating engaging content

A website host and domain name registration are needed to start a blog.

6. Create Your Podcast

A podcast can be a lucrative medium through which a 12-year-old can make money. Additionally, the child will, however, need parental guidance & consent before he or she can create an account for podcasts.

You can make money through your podcasts by using Spotify and Apple online streaming platforms. The downside is that the pay can be really low. A kid can earn an average of $3 monthly for podcasting.

However, if you dream of building a very big podcast, it will definitely be worth the wait.

7. Online Tutor

A child with knowledge of a particular educational field can earn as an online tutor. Furthermore, doing this can also enable learners to improve academically and pass tests or examinations. 

Teaching expertise and an understanding of the subject(s) will be required of a child who wants to earn as a tutor. Engage an audience that pays monthly or weekly on your social media platform with learning activities.

Online tutors earn depending on bargains and negotiations. At least an average of $5 can be earned by a kid who tutors other kids online.

8. Write Ebooks, Publish And Sell

A kid with writing skills can earn money by writing, publishing and selling ebooks. Ebooks are electronic books read online by mobile devices, computers or Ipads. 

The online platforms where ebooks can be sold include: 

  • Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Google Play Books
  • Apple iBooks

Effective procedures to successfully write an eBook include: 

  • Pick an ebook topic that suits your interest.
  • Create a structure or outline for the ebook 
  • Organise your outline in a way that will enable you to write easily.
  • Start writing once your outline is ready.
  • Ensure to cover at least 500 – 1000 words daily so the ebook can finish before the deadline.
  • Once the ebook has been completed, start editing to boost engagement, make corrections and make the book easier to read.
  • Use an editing app or get an experienced adult to handle the responsibility of editing and proofreading.

The several ways to effectively advertise an e-hook to boost sales include:

  • Using social media platforms to advertise the ebook
  • Communicating with friends and family members about the ebook.
  • Interacting with other writers and bloggers to help repost your link on their social media

9. Create Illustrations

Kids with a talent for drawing and digital art can create Illustrations for brands to make some side money. Just ensure that you have a copyright for each illustration you create.

The average annual income for illustrators is within the range of $50,000 – $100,000. However, as a child with less experience, you may earn less than $1,000 annually and around $80 for every illustration created.

10. Develop An Application 

You can earn money by developing an app if you have or can develop fundamental technical skills as a 12-year-old. The skills needed to develop applications and earn money are:

  • programming
  • C++
  • Coding
  • Backend
  • frontend
  • agile framework
  • cyber security 
  • software development 

Developing an application means that you have to optimise the user experience of that particular application. Users can enjoy their app once it is developed and back on the mobile devices’ home screen.

11. Apply For Remote Jobs

A kid with a Google account can search for an online remote job that pays well. The remote job has to have something to do with a skill that you are perfect at.

Remote jobs can also be considered part-time jobs while you handle the responsibilities of school. It is important that you have time management, multitasking and project management skills.

A lack of these skills can cost you your job and render you penniless. Remote Jobs vary from writing blog articles, data entry, online surveys or website designing.

12. Engage In Contests That Pay

Competitive children can thrive in areas where there is a contest ongoing or about to start. Contents can come in different forms, such as craftwork, singing, cooking, fashion, and beauty competitions.

A child who is looking for a medium through which money can be earned can engage in online contests. Although one has to rely massively on luck, it is always said that there is no harm in trying. 

Online competitions can also help to put your name, skills, and creativity out there and make you popular. An average online contest cash prize conducted for children ranges between $100 – $200 

13. Take Online Surveys

Teenagers will earn money in 2023 by completing online surveys, and it is a very easy way to make money. Surveys can include testing applications and games, answering questions on documents, and watching ads, tv shows and movies.

Online Surveys can enable you to earn from $35 – $100 monthly, depending on the accountability of the website you are completing surveys for. 

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14. Sell Jewelries Online

It is absolutely safe for a child or teenager to sell handcrafted or already-made Jewellery online. A beautiful jewellery collection is extremely lucrative and can fetch you a reasonable amount of money.

The steps you need to take to gradually build a successful jewellery line are:

  • Draw out a business plan
  • Find a jewellery vendor from which you can buy affordable Jewellery to sell.
  • Create an Instagram & WhatsApp account and attract your target audience. 
  • Plan how much you would be selling your items
  • Build your jewellery brand
  • Start monetising your brand

15. Create Playlists And Sell

Individuals who create Playlists earn between the range of $6 – $15 per viewer engagement. However, they can also earn more than this if Google advertisements are viewed organically.

A child who loves music and thrives in areas with music can make money with playlists. To get started, you can do some research on how to create your own music playlists.

Some social media platforms that can allow you to upload playlists and earn money are:

  • YouTube Music
  • YouTube
  • Spotify
  • Boomplay
  • Audiomack

You could also promote sales by sharing links on your social media and opting for Google advertisements. Ensure to Use social media to gain organic followers on the application to which you upload your playlist. 

16. Sell Artwork And Crafts On Etsy

Etsy is an online platform where business-minded individuals sell their handmade crafts and artwork. To earn money on Etsy, download the application, create your profile, organise your account and get your shop ready.

Afterwards, start posting your artwork and crafts on the platform for sale. The craftwork could be Jewellery, flower vases, or welcome foot mats.

If you are a teenager with technical skills, you could use a personalisation tool like a Cricut vinyl cutter. This tool can enable you to brand your flower vases, Jewellery, or foot mats.

If you are the type who loves artwork, you could sell paintings, portraits or landscape drawings. You could also do research on the most profitable products to sell on Etsy if you want to boost sales.

17. Sell Your Skills On Fiverr

Fiverr is one trustworthy application that can prove to be financially rewarding to 12-year-olds. The truth is that, on Fiverr, you can only thrive by earning through what you are skilled in.

There is quite an array of various lucrative jobs that teenagers can do on Fiverr to earn. We will provide a few ideas below.

  • Write stories: A child who loves to write books on both fiction and nonfiction content can sell his or her skill on Fiverr and get employed.
  • Graphic Design: Are you a graphic designer? Do you know how to create Illustrations, logos, fliers, or informative graphics? Then you will be able to attract clients on Fiverr.
  • Write Blog Posts: Fiverr has numerous job opportunities for children who can handle the responsibility of writing blog posts.

These and many more job opportunities on Fiverr can enable you to work and make money. Just ensure that you sell out a skill on something you love to do.

Download the Fiverr application on the Google play store, create a profile and enlist the services you can offer.

18. Create A Blog To Review Products

Product reviews and unboxing is a lucrative niches for a Kid who knows his or her way around YouTube. You could choose to make reviews on toys, video games, books, tv shows, and many more.

A blog will only pay you based on the number of views you can attract with your content. You can also make more money by applying for Google Adsense on your blog.

Based on research, an “unboxer” on YouTube has confirmed that he earns $4 for at least 1000 views, which means $8 for 2000 views.

19. Write For Blogs

For a kid who enjoys writing, you could earn money for writing articles for any website of your choice. There are so many websites in search of writers today that can pay you for your service.

You could undergo on-the-job training so that you will know what is required of you and create engaging content to their satisfaction.

20. Create A Gaming YouTube Channel

A child who loves video games can earn as a gamer on YouTube. An average of $0.018 is paid to a YouTube gamer for attracting at least 1000 views.

Here are some ways through which you can successfully build a gaming YouTube channel:

  • Attract your target audience
  • Play different games
  • Own all gaming equipment to optimise your gaming skills.
  • Pick a very catchy channel name
  • Join a gaming community, engage and interact with them.
  • Consistency is essential 

21. Become An Influencer On Instagram 

Instagram influencers create videos or take pictures consistently in order to earn money from the brands they work for. 

As a child, if you can handle promoting sales for an Instagram brand, you should monetise your ability.

Brands pay a specific commission to influencers every week or every month. The amount of money paid depends on the brand you work for, but you can earn at least $1,420 monthly.

The amount of money you earn depends on the brand, your followers, your online engagement and marketing skills. 

22. Edit Videos And Get Paid

Offering a service like this makes you a freelance video editor, and yes, you can get paid handsomely for it. 

Freelance video editors earn money by providing their services to clients on YouTube, Fiverr or Upwork. The most interesting aspect of selling on these applications is that the signup process is easy and free.

As a kid who has editing skills, create an account on any of these applications, and monetise your skill. A kid can earn an average of $20 per hour for editing videos professionally.

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23. Become A Voiceover Actor

Voiceover acting is fun, and the skills required to perfect the art are quite easy to understand. It is a very good way to earn real money as a young kid.

A child who has a very satisfying voice and is also perfect at reading books out loud can create an audiobook, commercial and movie-related voiceovers.

Some online platforms where you can find a voiceover job are:

  • Fiverr
  • YouTube
  • Upwork
  • Google
  • Voices.com

It is easy to create a profile on these applications and enlist your creative skills, talents and experience if you have any. 

Once the public sees your profile, interested clients conduct auditions with you and negotiate voiceover jobs once you pass the audition.

Voiceover acting requires professionalism, and you must be able to manage time very well and produce high-quality voiceovers before deadlines.

24. Photography

If you are a kid enticed by beautiful pictures, then photography is your skill. You can monetise this skill by:

  • Creating a photography blog
  • Engaging in photography contests
  • Creating a photography YouTube channel
  • Creating a photography TikTok account
  • Selling your pictures on Instagram

It is important to note that as a photographer, you may need to be outside more in order to take captivating pictures.

25. Create An Online Thrift Store

This is a business for kids who love fashion a whole lot. All you need is a ring light, a good camera, beautiful thrift wear and consistency.

Selling clothes online is very lucrative, and it is among the best ways to earn money online in 2023. 

26. Sell Pastries Online

As a 12-year-old who would like to make money through pastries, you can sell them on your WhatsApp platform. There are different kinds of pastries, such as cookies, cakes, brownies, cupcakes and many more.

To make more sales and attract more clients, create an Instagram, Facebook and TikTok account to promote your business.

27. Sell Books On Amazon

Publishing a book on Amazon as a kid can work extremely well in your favour. To get started, all you basically need to publish a book on Amazon is to create the perfect manuscript for yourself.

As a 12-year-old, publishing a book may be quite difficult, so you would need help to consult a publisher. A publisher would help to publish your book on Amazon, and you can also publish by yourself if there is no money for a publisher.

Another way through which you can publish a book is Amazon Kindle, just that your book will be published as an electronic book on Amazon Kindle.

If your book happens to attract readers, Amazon will print the book out for sale. Books priced between a $0.01 and $2.98 range will attract a payment of 35% royalty, and $2.99 – $9.99 price lists will earn a 70% royalty for any book sold.

28. Become A TikTok Influencer

An Influencer on TikTok receives payment through the creator fund, Pulse, the ad-revenue sharing platform and creativity scheme of TikTok.

Influencers on TikTok have confirmed that the social media platform pays them within the range of $0.02 – 0.04 for at least 1000 views. 

TikTok pays influencers directly through its Creator Fund and Creativity Program and through Pulse, its ad-revenue-sharing program. 

Influencers have said the programs often leave much to be desired regarding payouts. Six influencers shared what TikTok paid them through its Creator Fund in a day.

Here are some effective ways to earn money on TikTok as a kid: 

  • Create content for brands
  • Sell your craftwork, Jewellery, paintings, printed shirts, customised footwear, or bags.
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Convert the virtual gifts received from TikTok into cash

29. Promote Family Business Online

Family businesses are one of the best mediums through which a child can earn money. Families could run a restaurant, a hotel, a school, a rental apartment, a boutique, a mall or a small supermarket. 

Although family-owned businesses are promoted locally, as a tech-savvy kid, you can promote the business on your social media. Attract more clients for your parents and get paid for it while juggling school responsibilities.

You could also help your parents at work during holidays in exchange for a small token. Of course, you would need to negotiate this with your parents and finally decide on the amount you will be paid for your service.

A parent whose child is productive enough to support the family business can pay an average of $5 for every product he or she helps to sell.

30. Sell Homegrown Foodstuffs

From homegrown fruits, vegetables, millet, rice, beans, peas and so forth, a 12-year-old that enjoys working in the garden to grow organic food can monetise his or her skill.

Harvest your foodstuffs, pluck your fruits and wash them, package them neatly and post them on your social media. People who work in nearby restaurants and local markets and mothers who love to cook will patronise you. 

Although earning through farming can be limited because it is a seasonal side job, a child can earn an average of $30 per month by selling organic and fresh farm produce if he or she has plenty of clients.

Online Jobs For 12-Year-Olds

1. Earn By Watching Ads

So many sites can be used to achieve this purpose and earn money as a 12-year-old. Sites such as Earnably, Ibotta, AdWallet, FusionCash, & Swagbucks.

You can earn within the range of $0.50 to $5 daily just by watching ads.

2. Earn By Reviewing Songs & Movies

This can be done on YouTube. Create a channel for reviewing celebrity music and trending movies.

You can provide feedback and review songs on sites like Slice The Pie, Musicxray & Playlist Push.

3. Create Music Covers

Music lovers use this as a means to make money on the side and gain popularity. You could choose a specific music you like, create a cover and sell it. 

Music covers can be uploaded on applications like Spotify, Boomplay, YTmusic, and Audiomack for viewers. You will earn by creating music covers depending on the engagement of your organic followers.

4. Data Entry

A data entry remote job is suitable for a 12-year-old who has the basic skills for the job.

Skills such as computer literacy, writing, typing, and time management are essential for this job. The average salary rate for a remote data entry worker is $10. 

5. Proofreading

Proofreading is a task that can be done by kids who have a certain fluency in grammar. Offer your proofreading services on Fiverr or Upwork and get paid.

You can earn an average of $25 – $45 hourly, depending on the client base you have built.

Jobs For 12-Year-Olds In Your Neighbourhood 

Apart from chores, there are profitable jobs that 12-year-olds can do to earn money outside their comfort zone. Here are some lucrative business ideas through which you can earn side money in your neighbourhood: 

1. Set Up A Snack Shop

Here are some procedures to set up a snack shop and gradually build it into a successful business: 

  • Draw out a business plan
  • Find a biscuit, candy, pastries, or juice vendor from which you can buy affordable snacks to resell.
  • Communicate with passersby and let them know what you are selling 
  • Email or text your friends and family 
  • Plan how much you will be selling your snacks
  • Build your snack brand
  • Start monetising your brand

A 12-year-old snack shop owner can earn at least $40 monthly, depending on customer turn-up. 

2. Clean Your Neighbour’s Garage Or Attic

Some people who have no time to handle tasks like these often need someone who can help. 

In exchange for a little token, you can provide cleaning services for the specific areas that need cleaning. Financial stability can be achieved by doing tasks like these.

You can charge a minimum of $5 to clean out garages or attics.

3. Pet Sitting

A child can learn to provide help to another living being by taking up the responsibility of pet sitting. To be a pet sitter, you will need to have a caring nature, be responsible and pay attention to detail. 

The guardian of a pet can offer payments within the range of $5 – $10, depending on how many times you provide your services.

4. Do Seasonal Jobs

By seasonal jobs, we mean raking, lawn mowing, watering gardens, gutter cleaning and planting beautiful flowers.

Neighbours who will need a helping hand to get these tasks done are willing to pay money for your help.

In exchange for an average of $5, you can help a neighbour with tasks like these.

5. Yard Sales

How about you declutter some of the items piled up in your room? Stuff like clothes, sheets, shoes, socks, hats and so on can be sold to individuals in the neighbourhood.

Depending on how extensively you planned your garage sale, you can earn between $50 – $100 from this job.

6. Sell Lemonade

Many kids in the United States make money by operating lemonade stands in their neighbourhoods. All they use to set up their stand are some takeout cups, a table, a chair, an umbrella and a lemonade recipe.

You can learn how to value money and gain financial stability by selling Lemonade to your neighbours. At least a sum of $2 – $3 can be charged in exchange for a cup of Lemonade.

 Jobs For 12-Year-Olds At Home

12-year-olds can do basic chores around the house to earn allowances. Kids who earn an allowance for house chores usually get motivated to complete chores every day, every week.

Here are some simple tasks that a child can do and earn some money on the side: 

1. Run Errands

Kids from the age of 12 can be trusted to run errands and get paid for it. 

A parent can offer a payment of at least $2 – $3 for each errand their child handles successfully.

2. Pet Sit & Feed The Family Pet

Do you know that you can charge your parents a very little token just to feed the family pet?

Well, now you know. Just learn the procedures of preparing its food and take care of it in order to earn money. 

As long as the needed food items are made available, sitting and feeding the family pet can be done for $12 on average.

3. Take Out The Trash 

Are you a teenager who can take out trash bags and put them in the trash can for recycling? 

You can help your parents at home by taking out the trash in exchange for a charge of at least $2. 

You can only earn money by performing this task diligently and consistently.

4. Babysit Your Little One

This is a very sensitive task that requires extra care, compassion and extra attention to detail. 

You can take care of your little sibling while your mum or dad is out to work or busy at home. For each babysitting task, you can earn at least $2 for a job well done.

5. Mopping, Cleaning And Washing Dirty Linens

You can monetise your ability to handle dirty linens, mop floors around the house and clean up. 

Your parents can offer you a weekly allowance for completing tasks like these. It is important to note that payments can only be gotten if you are consistent and thorough with the menial job.

Tips For Parents

Parents should be aware of the following when their 12-year-old children are searching for jobs to earn money:

  • Their Maturity level and age
  • The type of work 
  • Local child labour laws 
  • The type of supervision 
  • The hours they ought to put in
  • Types of work that will help them develop basic skills

These considerations are worth thinking about. Furthermore, if you have younger children, you may want them to get online jobs for good parental supervision. 


What Is The Youngest Job?

According to the Department of Labor, the minimum age for employment in the United States is 14 for non-agricultural jobs. 
Employed minors are restricted in terms of the job type and the number of hours they are allowed to work.

What Jobs Age You The Fastest?

Jobs that can make the skin look older are those that require physical activity and exposure to the sun. 
Professional beach volleyball players, tennis players, surfers, cyclists, skiers and marathon runners age visibly faster due to the large amount of sunlight and daylight.

Which Age Is Best For A Job?

Ideally, it is always better to start work as soon as possible. Because as you approach your late 20s, it becomes harder for you to adjust to new jobs and people. 
So it helps if you start socialising and working early in your 20s. You should get a diverse set of experiences as soon as possible.

How Can A Kid Make 100 Dollars Fast?

Ask your parents if they can pay you for more difficult chores like mowing the lawn, cleaning the bathroom, and doing the laundry. 
Make a list of jobs you could do in a week and put a price next to each one. Make sure you do enough to reach $100

Is 12 A Little Kid?

A supplement is a child between the ages of 9 and 12. A tween is no longer a toddler, but he’s not quite a teenager either. 
They are between these two age groups, and their behaviour and emotions reflect this. Puberty approaching: Major changes will begin or have already begun in the tweens’ bodies.


The practice of working & saving money is an essential life skill, but it is never an easy task. It is important for parents to guide their productive children and help them establish a saving habits while they are young.

The early stage of financial independence can be a little bit tricky because there is a possibility of unnecessary spending. 

A 12-year-old who works a job that pays well in 2023 can save money through delayed gratification. 

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