20 Best Jobs For 13-Year-Olds To Make Money In 2023

It is quite natural for a 13-year-old to consider working to earn extra money while juggling school responsibilities and tasks. Even though age 14 is the legal age for employment, 13-year-olds can still attain good jobs to make money in 2023. 

Every individual needs to learn about entrepreneurship & financial responsibility, and it is very good to start learning it at a very young age. Best belief, working at a young age get you equipped with every skill needed to achieve financial growth successfully.

If you are determined to acquire favourable jobs to earn money as a 13-year-old, then this article is specifically for you. 

This article accurately describes the benefits of working at a young age, safe and appropriate jobs, skills and responsibilities required, potential earnings and other helpful entrepreneurship advice. 

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Legal Considerations And Regulations

The Fair Labor Standards Act of the United States Of America has some child labour laws and regulations enacted to regulate underaged children from engaging in job responsibilities they shouldn’t involve themselves in. 

But, for children of age – who are allowed to work – these laws vary slightly depending on the particular age of the teenager and the job position in question.

The Fair Labor Standards Act, child labour law, regulates the hours of duty, salaries earned, and employment conditions of teenagers who are of age to work.

Generally speaking, on behalf of children, the FLSA’s minimum age requirement for traditional jobs is 14 years old. Regardless of this general law, some states enact their own laws regarding the minimum age for child labour and employment. 

However, the general child labour law enacted by the Fair Labor Standards Act must be adhered to by every state, whether they have their own laws or not. Any child found working in traditional laws without proper authorisation may be penalised. 

Can 13-Year-Olds Work? 

Yes, a 13-year-old can work to earn their own money in 2023, but only household (local) and community jobs and traditional (non-agricultural) jobs are totally off limits for 13-year-olds as it is against the child labour law stipulated by the Fair Labor Standards Act. 

Parents or guardians are allowed to employ their under 14 years old children ( or wards ) to work under businesses that they own and manage, as far as there are no hazards relating to the job or business in question, and they are not required to work for long hours. ( According to the FLSA, n.d. ). 

Parents or guardians can also pay their children allowances to engage themselves and time on domestic household chores. This way, your child will be learning about entrepreneurship & money management locally, and he/she will also be of help around the house. 

If there are no family businesses or household chores, your child can work community (neighbourhood) jobs, enabling them to earn money and boost productivity. It would also boost their professional connection (network).

If your child works in the community, they will expand their professional network and meet new people. Your child will have money to spend on recreation and other personal purchases. 

For children of age to work, the United States Department Of Labor also prohibits them from working for eight hours and above per day. 

Potential Benefits Of Working At A Young Age 

Teenage jobs provide many benefits; aside from all the moral training a child gets from his or her home & academic training acquired from school, teenagers also need to have orientation regarding entrepreneurship and work ethics. 

Below are the advantages of working as a teenager 

  • Your sense of responsibility will be highly improved
  • Working as a teen boosts self-awareness
  • You will learn how to achieve financial independence
  • Your time management abilities will be greatly improved
  • Entrepreneurship orientation instils knowledge of how to save money in a teenager
  • Organisational skills, self-reliance and confidence, will be boosted.

Safe And Age-Appropriate Jobs

Teenagers (and their parents) are to understand that they are not permitted to work in places such as fast food restaurants, hotel resorts, supermarkets, malls, universities, primary schools, or high schools and employers of these organisations are not allowed to employ any teenager who applies for a job there. 

Understandably, you will not be able to work traditional jobs in the places stated above because you are not of age yet, but do not worry; we suggest many safe and age-appropriate jobs for 13-year-olds.

Here is a list of the 20 best jobs for 13-year-olds to make money in 2023, alongside the skills & responsibilities regarding each job and potential earnings. 

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1. Yard Work Services 

There are lots of communities and neighbourhoods in which people who own lawns, backyards, and garages that require cleaning from time to time reside. 

You could share fliers or posters to alert the residents of such households about the yard work services you can provide for an affordable payment.

Teens or full-grown adults with the ability and agility to perform yard work are often demanded, and it would be wise to monetise this particular community job.

A yard worker’s potential salary is $16.91 per hour, $676 per week, $2,931 per month and $35,180 per year.

Responsibilities Of Yard Workers

  • Weed control
  • Cutting lawn grasses
  • Cleaning out backyards and garages
  • Pest control
  • Yard maintenance 

Skills Of Yard Workers

  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to use mechanical equipment
  • Customer service skills
  • Motor skills

2. Pet Care Service (Pet Sitting)

There are many communities and neighbourhoods where people who own dogs, cats, or bunnies that require extensive care from time to time reside. 

You could share fliers or posters to alert the residents of such households about the pet care services you can provide for an affordable payment.

Teenagers with compassion and patience enough to handle the responsibilities of caring for people’s pets should monetise their ability as it is a lucrative way to earn money. 

Generally, based on research, pet sitters earn an average of $15.72 every hour. As a teenage pet sitter, however, you can charge either higher or lower.  

Responsibilities Of A Pet Sitter 

  • Grooming and fur brushing
  • Bathing the pet
  • Go for little walks or runs
  • Feed and give water to the pet when needed be
  • Engage in playful activities
  • Ensure it is always safe
  • Assist it in getting quality rest
  • Administer medications when ill 
  • Change his litter box often
  • Clean its cage, wash sleeping blankets and feeding bowl often
  • pet grooming and brushing 

Skills Of A Pet Sitter 

  • In-depth knowledge of animals
  • Patience and empathy
  • Ability to administer first aid
  • Decision making
  • A sense of humour
  • Kindness 

3. Sell Your Artwork Online Or Locally

Who would want to resist beautiful artwork? They beautify people’s homes, school halls, hotels, companies, hospitals and even restaurants. 

As long as you are artistic in nature and can draw out beautiful drawings & paintings, best believe artwork is lucrative enough to earn you good money. 

Due to the fact that there are such wide varieties of artwork in the market today, you will need to create something entirely unique and beautiful, something people will barely see on another online page or in another local shop (Just yours). 

Since this is a business of your own and no one is employing you, you could charge your clients any amount of your choice for your pieces of artwork. Depending on its worth.

Responsibilities Of An Artist 

  • Prepare work surfaces
  • Paint different kinds of artwork that speak to people’s hearts
  • Sell your artwork in your local shop, a museum or an online platform

Skills Of An Artist 

  • Painting and artistic skills
  • Creativity
  • Visuospatial awareness 

4. Sell Homemade Or Commercial Jewelry Online Or Locally

A teen who can make Jewelry on his or her own is considered artistic and creative, and your original Jewelry could be monetised by putting them up for sale on your social media platform or your local shop. 

This goes the same way for teenagers who are interested in selling commercial-made Jewelry.

Self Employed jewellery entrepreneurs are their own bosses, depending on the worth of the Jewelry they sell, charge their clients and make your money. There is no accurate estimate of how much a teenage jewellery seller can make. 

Responsibilities Of A Homemade/Commercial Jewelry Seller

  • Keep all Jewelry neatly packaged
  • Advertise what you are selling through any means possible
  • Treat customers kindly
  • Always reply to customer inquiries as fast as possible

Skills Of A Homemade/Commercial Jewelry Seller

  • Artistic talent
  • Creativity
  • Customer service

5. Babysitting 

If you are currently being or have been home or school trained to babysit perfectly, then go out and use word of mouth, fliers, and posters, to advertise your services. 

Everyone cherishes an individual who has the time and compassion to look after their little babies. The chances to earn good money are high in the babysitting industry. 

In the United States, babysitters get paid an average of $20.79 

Responsibilities Of A Babysitter

  • Drive or walk kids to school
  • Pick them up from school
  • Feed, bathe and help them do their homework
  • Teach kids good behaviour and how to be productive
  • Assist in dressing beds, washing dishes, mop floors, cleaning windows etc

Skills Of A Babysitter

  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Academic intelligence
  • Patience

6. Establish A Small Snack Shop

Snacks are always sought by passersby anywhere in the world, and you can set up a snack store to sell commercial candies, biscuits, cakes, cupcakes etc. Once people get to see your shop and the snacks you sell, they will patronise you. 

By opening a snack shop, you will be a self-employed entrepreneur, your profit in the business depends on how much gain you make from the commercial snacks you sell. 

Gain business insight from your parents; they will be more experienced and in a better position to guide you. 

Responsibilities Of A Snack Store Owner

  • Complete transactions with each customer
  • Provide each item a customer needs accurately
  • Kindly reply to customer inquiries and queries

Skills Of A Snack Store Owner

  • Business oriented
  • Money management skills
  • Customer service skills 
  • Physical stamina 

7. Gardening / Farming 

The skills could be monetised for teenagers who love handling plants and harvesting crops. You could sell the fruits, beans, rice, corn, millet, pears and other food crops on your farm. 

Also, there are teenagers whose parents own small shops, and the crops and fruits can also be sold in the family shop.

As a seasonal job, the income from farming could be limited because certain crops have their specific seasons for growth. The best thing to do is plant various crops and sell each that grows enough for consumption. 

A farmer earns $30 on average per month. 

Responsibilities Of Farmers

  • Harvest your crops
  • Pluck your ripe fruits
  • Wash them thoroughly 
  • Package them in a neat and organised manner
  • Take them out and arrange them in your parent’s store for sale

Skills Of Farmers

  • Business oriented
  • Horticulture skills
  • Agricultural skills

8. Establish A Lemonade Business 

Establish a lemonade stand in your neighbourhood, and you will be patronised, especially on hot summer days, by any passerby. All you need is a big umbrella, a table, some chairs, a lemonade jug, fancy cups, and a recipe too.

At least an average of $2 – $3 is charged by lemonade entrepreneurs in exchange for fresh lemonade.

Responsibilities Of A Lemonade Entrepreneur

  • Complete transactions with each customer
  • Provide each item a customer needs accurately
  • Kindly reply to customer inquiries and queries

Skills Of A Lemonade Entrepreneur 

  • Business oriented
  • Money management skills
  • Customer service skills 
  • Physical stamina

9. Yard Sales

Do you have any hats, electronics, tables, chairs, bedsheets or clothes that you would like to declutter? Set up a small yard sale in front of your house and sell these items in exchange for affordable prices.

If you can do this successfully, you will earn within the range of at least $30 – $100, depending on the load of items you have to declutter. 

Responsibilities Of A Yard Sale Person 

  • Organise the items you have to declutter
  • Wash them properly, and iron the clothes too.
  • Package them in neat bags
  • Arrange them outside your home and beckon passersby to buy what you have

Skills Of A Yard Sale Person

  • Marketing skills
  • Business oriented
  • Customer service skills 

10. Establish A Small Homemade Pastry Store

Pastries are a good way to earn money for teenagers who have culinary skills. Here are the job responsibilities, potential salary and skills of a baker.

A baker can earn within the range of $5 – $10 for every piece of pastry sold; pastries sold in bulk will mean more profit and earnings. 

Responsibilities Of A Baker

  • Develop pastry recipes
  • Maintain hygiene in the kitchen
  • Use quality ingredients for your pastries
  • Package neatly and sell

Skills Of A Baker

  • Culinary skills
  • Business management skills
  • Creativity 

11. Run Errands

Parents can send their 13-year-old children out on errands and give them little allowance tokens like every week or every day.

An average allowance of $2 – $3 can be paid for every errand a child runs for his or her parents. 

Responsibilities Of An Errand Person

  • Ensure that you appropriately perform the task handed to you.
  • Call your parents in case of any misunderstanding
  • Make a list of the items you are sent to buy to ensure accuracy

Skills Of An Errand Person 

  • Attention to detail
  • Physical fitness

12. Get Paid To Pet Sit Your Family Pet

Do you know that you can negotiate a little token of allowance with your parents in exchange for caring for the family pet extensively? 

To perform this task properly, just learn the basics of what it takes to properly care for the family pet and earn your money at home. 

As long as you are doing a great job, you can earn an average of $10 weekly. 

Responsibilities Of A Pet Sitter 

  • Grooming and fur brushing
  • Bathing the pet
  • Go for little walks or runs
  • Feed and give water to the pet when needed be
  • Engage in playful activities
  • Ensure it is always safe
  • Assist it in getting quality rest
  • Administer medications when ill 
  • Change his litter box often
  • Clean its cage, wash sleeping blankets and feeding bowl often
  • pet grooming and brushing 

Skills Of A Pet Sitter 

  • In-depth knowledge of animals
  • Patience and empathy
  • Ability to administer first aid
  • Decision making
  • A sense of humour
  • Kindness 
  • Communication skills 
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13. Take Out The Trash 

This is a very easy, safe and appropriate task that a 13-year-old can perform to make money in 2023. 

Every household has a need for someone who can manage anything concerning the house’s trash and incinerator. 

You can be productive enough to handle the trash in exchange for an average of $2 allowance from your parents. 

Responsibilities Of A Garbage Man

  • Carefully take out the trash
  • Burn the incinerator when need be

Skills Of A Garbage Man

  • Listening skills
  • Customer service skills 
  • Communication skills 

14. Babysit Your Young One

Babysitting is very tasking and sensitive. If you are able enough to handle the job responsibilities of babysitting, you can take charge of your little one while your parents are out working. 

At least for each babysitting task, you can earn an allowance of $2 from your parents. 

Responsibilities Of A Babysitter 

  • Drive or walk kids to school
  • Pick them up from school
  • Feed, bathe and help them do their homework
  • Teach kids good behaviour and how to be productive
  • Assist in dressing beds, washing dishes, mop floors, cleaning windows etc

Skills Of A Babysitter

  • Compassion
  • Empathy
  • Academic intelligence
  • Patience

16. Perform Basic Household Chores

Every home needs someone who can be dedicated to keeping it clean at all times. In exchange for handling the household chores, negotiate prices with your parents.

At least an allowance of $4 every week would be a great start to your entrepreneurship journey as a 13-year-old. 

Job Responsibilities Of A Housekeeper

  • Mop & sweep the floors
  • Clean the windows
  • Wash sheets and dirty clothes
  • Wash the dishes every time need be

Skills Of A Housekeeper

  • Attention to detail
  • Hardworking
  • Physical strength
  • Cleaning skills
  • Communication skills 

17. Wrap Gift Boxes And Sell

Gifts are given out on birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, new year etc. If you have a social media account and you have competent artistic skills, you can monetise it. 

Most gift wrappers sell their boxes in exchange for an average of $10. This means sales of 12 gift boxes every day would be $120 earned per day 

Responsibilities Of A Gift Box Entrepreneur

  • Wrap gift boxes using items like tape, scissors, gum etc

Skills Of A Gift Box Entrepreneur

  • Creativity
  • Artistic talent 

18. Wash Cars

Some teenagers have parents, cousins, grandparents, sisters, and brothers who own cars living with them.

They can wake up early in the morning to assist in washing their cars for a small sum of $3 – $5 on average. This job requires a vehicle cleaning kit, rag, bucket, sponge, bailer and glass cleaner. 

Responsibilities Of A Car Washer

  • Maintain the cleanliness of any car you are assigned to wash
  • Wipe the windows and interior of the car. 
  • Avoid pouring water into areas that are not water friendly.

Skills Of A Car Washer

  • Physical fitness
  • Attention to detail
  • Extensive cleaning abilities 

19. Plant Sitter

Teenagers can earn by managing the gardens and farms of their parents, grandparents, sister, brother, or neighbours. This is a very good avenue to get financial support from your elderly ones. 

Performing this task does not only help you earn money, but you will also learn about plant species and their growth needs. 

Individuals who can properly sit plants earn an average of $10 – $60 daily.

Responsibilities Of A Plant Sitter

  • Water the garden
  • Cut out unwanted weed
  • Maintain cleanliness in the garden
  • Pest and insect control

Skills Of A Plant Sitter

  • Horticulture skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication 

20. Hairdressing

13-year-old girls and even boys out there that have hairdressing skills will benefit from this the most. With items such as a braiding comb, hair cream, shampoo, hair dryer and weavons, a teenager can monetise his or her skill. 

You can braid your mum’s, grandma’s, sister’s, & cousin’s hair for affordable prices within the range of $10 – $30. 

Responsibilities Of A Hairdresser

  • Wash hair, comb, blow dry, and style it to the preference of your customer
  • Suggest very beautiful hairstyles for customers who have no idea what to braid

Skills Of A Hairdresser

  • Artistic and creative
  • Customer service skills
  • Finger dexterity
  • Motor skills
  • Communication skills 

Responsibilities And Work Ethics

Working as a teenager will not only enable you to make money or teach you money management skills, but you will also get to learn the general work ethics and morals that are essential for handling any job responsibility.

These work ethics are very important, and a lack of adherence to each one of them can cost you your financial independence and success. 

Work ethics is described as a general set of behavioural guidelines necessary for an employee to be accepted in a place of work. Training on work ethics equips employees with in-depth knowledge of acceptable and unacceptable workplace behaviours. 

Here are some examples of very important work ethics 

  • Punctuality
  • Adherence to the dress code
  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Honesty
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Time management
  • Integrity
  • Diligence

In addition, a teenager must learn financial management skills and discipline himself or herself to save money from what they are earning. 

Financial success can never be achieved if you just spend any amount of money you make immediately. 

Lastly, regardless of the fact that you are a 13-year-old with a job responsibility, you will still have to take your studies seriously while handling job responsibilities. 

Try as much as possible to balance work and school, and make sure it is equally balanced so that one responsibility will not be getting more attention than the other. 

Teenagers who can balance academics and work have a better chance of getting better grades in school than teenagers who don’t balance theirs.

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Finding Job Opportunities

For jobs like babysitting, pet sitting, yard service, hairdressing and others, you may need to prepare a resume or job application letter stating your skills, availability, school status, age, full identity and the price for the services you can provide. 

After preparing your resume or job application letter, send it out to homeowners, childcare centres, pet care centres and salons by networking both locally and on social media platforms. Join communities on social media to find your potential target market. 

While waiting on a response from your potential employer, you should start practising how to answer questions during interviews, learn all about interview manners & courtesy, and learn how to dress properly to increase your chances of getting employed. 

Building A Successful Work Experience

The management of your potential workplace will call you for an interview after the submission of your resume or job application letter. Remember to dress properly and practise interview manners and courtesy, and these actions will serve to pay the way for smooth employment.

On attaining employment in the organisation, work follows suit. Remember to practise all of the work ethics stated above, such as; problem-solving, teamwork, customer service, honesty, and diligence in your workplace to build a successful work experience. 

To achieve consistent punctuality at the workplace, communication skills, money management, self-improvement, work improvement and time management, you may want to set personal goals for yourself. 

Personal goals will encourage you to be better for both yourself and your colleagues when you set them. 

Ensuring Safety And Supervision

Teenagers might be mature enough to actually handle a job and earn money in 2023, but they are not so equipped with insights on how to ensure proper safety regarding work environments. 

Make sure that you boost your chances of safety while working by extensively discussing your entrepreneurial plans, potential job & workplace with your parents. 

Parents or guardians, in turn, should also extensively discuss and analyse their child’s potential job and workplace. 

This action will enable you and your parents to make plans for workplace supervision, safety guidelines and appropriate security. 


Which Job Has The Highest Salary?

The highest-paying jobs in India are doctors, data scientists, machine learning experts, blockchain developers, end-to-end software developers, investment bankers and product managers.

How Do Kids Get Money?

Do chores and odd jobs around the house or neighbourhood. Children old enough to help with household chores and yard work can earn from their chores. Families can assign a dollar value to household tasks such as vacuuming, washing dishes, folding laundry, or pulling weeds.

What Job Pays The Least?

Shampoos: $25,160. Fast food cooks: $25,490. Hosts and Hostesses (Restaurant/Lounge/Cafe): $26,000.

What Is A Good Age For Money?

The idea is that you have money before you need it. For example, if your money is 30 days old, it sits in your bank for 30 days because you haven’t had a reason to spend it yet. And 30 is a great age for money.

Can A 13-Year-Old Babysit?

Some children are mature enough to start babysitting as early as 12 or 13 years old. For others, it is better to wait until they are older teenagers. Before letting your tween sit, ask for the same qualifications as you would for any babysitter you’re considering hiring.


We hope that one of these 20 best jobs for a 13-year-old described above has caught your interest and you will manage your goals to achieve your desired financial success.

Remember to balance academic and work responsibilities equally. Ensure that you save money and practice work ethics in your workplace. 

If this article has helped you, please share it with other parents, distant relatives, siblings and your friends. It may be of help to them too. 

Comments are allowed in the comment section provided; make a comment on how you feel about the article. You could also ask questions, and we will respond as soon as possible. 

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