The Best 10 Jobs for 11-year-olds to Make Real Money

Granted, 11-year-old kids are way too young to be employed in corporate offices as staff, but they still have a means of making real money for themselves, which is entrepreneurship.

Finding out what works for you and making money through it at an early age to afford anything you like is a very good path to take, and it may help you develop positive financial habits.

All it takes is consistency, ambition, and lucrative business ideas to start pursuing your financial freedom and make real money. This article will help to sharpen your knowledge of the best 10 jobs for 11-year-olds to make real money. 

Can An 11-Year-Old Land A Job And Make Real Money?

The Fair Labor Standards Act of the United States regulates everything about child labour, stating that children from age 0 to 14 are not allowed to work real (traditional, seasonal or creative) jobs.

Teenagers from age 14 to 16 are permitted to work, but the number of hours that they will spend working is limited to at least 4 – 5 hours each week, and children from age 16 – 18 are permitted to work the jobs that they have the skills to handle, as long as there is no danger regarding the job. 

This means that kids from age 16 to 14 can land a Job and earn real money, but how about real jobs for 11-year-olds and above? 

The Fair Labor Standards Act law regarding children may not affect children from age 15 and below who have supportive families. 

Their families can support them with minor jobs like pet sitting, helping around the house and taking care of a family business, enabling them to earn real money.

The law is also an exception for kids aged from 15 to at least 8 years old who work and earn as actors and actresses.

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Jobs for 11-year-olds

The entrepreneurship jobs that will be described here are the best creative, seasonal and traditional jobs a kid can partake in to earn real money.

1. Pet Sitting

This traditional job is suitable for kids who love to contribute to the positive welfare of animals. 

A kid could be a dog, cat, bunny, or monkey lover, so if you are a parent who has friends that own pets, you could consider enabling your child to be the pet sitter of any pet that needs extra care.

There are so many ways through which a kid can positively impact a pet, and it could be through walking the pet, caring for the pet when its guardians are either at work or on vacation, feeding the pet when it is hungry, grooming its body and bathing it etc.

How Much You Earn As A Pet Sitter

Pet sitters often charge about $20-$25 for a 30-minute sitting or visit. Depending on the pet and the task involved, Pet sitters can make up to $250 weekly.

An 11-year-old can earn an average of $3 for pet sitting.

2. Family Business Assistant

Now this is a traditional job that is so close to home, and this particular business will work easily for 11-year-old kids whose parents run a family business. It could be a restaurant, a school, a showroom, a boutique, a cafe, a provision shop, a mall or a cyber cafe. 

Parents of an 11-year-old kid can recruit the child to perform some basic responsibilities around the workplace, such as washing dishes, sweeping offices, clearing dust off electronic components, dressing mannequins, running tables, helping to sell minor items, categorising products for sale, filling, organising & sorting respectively.

By helping around the house, an 11-year-old can earn an allowance of $3 at least every week.

How Much You Earn As A Family Business Assistant

The average salary of a family business assistant can range from $18,000 to $60,000 a year. The average hourly rate for a family business assistant is $16 per hour. 

3. Gift Box Wrapping

This is a seasonal job that a kid can learn and monetise. Gift boxes could be made on birthdays, Easter, new years, anniversaries, and Christmas; that is why it is called a seasonal job.

All you need to monetise the skill of gift box wrapping are materials such as wrapping paper, ribbons, boxes, tapes, gums, fancy gift wraps and scissors. 

Kids that possess artistic and creative skills will be more proficient and competent. A kid can earn bonuses and tips that amount to an average of $5 for every gift box wrapped.

How Much You Earn In Gift Box Wrapping

Most gift box wrappers charge $10 per gift. This means that if an 11-year-old wraps about 12 gifts per day, it accumulates to $120 daily. 

This is the perfect job for 11-year-olds, as it promises fun and satisfaction during the process. Most hiring managers do hire 11-year-olds for jobs like this as it speaks to their likes, passion, and interest. 

4. Car Washing

This nice job can start from home and extend to neighbours as well. In exchange for a small token, a kid can wash and clean cars that adults will drive to work, church, events etc.

You will need a vehicle cleaning kit, a bucket, a washing sponge, and a glass cleaner. A child will potentially earn $10 to $20 for washing cars. 

How Much You Earn In Car Washing

It is always satisfying when you open your car doors and the interior is well vacuumed, with a good smell. 11-year-olds can take up the car washing job and earn $10-$20 per hour. 

Most 11 years old may not stand the test of standing long hours washing cars; however, this much can be made per washed car.

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5. Lawn Mowing

For the family or neighbouring compounds, a child can make real money by mowing lawns. A homeowner can employ 11-year-old kids who love to be outside and love cleaning to help mow his or their lawn. 

The salary compensation of an 11-year-old that does yard work should depend on the work’s tediousness. 

A child should earn a fair salary of at least $25 for lawn mowing and should be paid a salary of $15 for handling the overgrown bushes.

How Much You Earn In Lawn Mowing

Should your employer follow the stated standard by the United States, the average hourly pay for lawnmowers is $21. As kids or 11-year-olds may be overlooked, these can earn close to $10 in mowing lawns for friends and family.

6. Help Around The House

The most common way for kids to earn tips is to provide help for chores around the house.

Basic routine chores such as sweeping the house, and cobweb, washing dirty linens, ironing your parent’s clothes, babysitting your baby brother or sister, washing the dishes etc 

A kid can get paid by his or her parents for providing help around the house. Kids that help around the house can 

How Much You Earn In Helping Around The House

It is seen as the duty of children to help around the house. However, should an 11-year-old take this job to the next level and extend this help to houses where there is a dire need, they can earn close to $5-$9 for house chores. 

7. Plant Sitter

Children can handle the responsibilities of caring for their parent’s garden or that of their neighbours while they are away at work or on vacation. 

Taking care of plants can also be very financially rewarding. It is an avenue through which individuals can use financially support kids who are productive enough to take proper care of plants and gardens.

This particular job can also serve to teach a child about different plant species, how they grow, the environment they thrive in and what they produce. 

Before taking care of someone’s garden, however, it is important that you take down some instructions on how to do the job precisely so that mistakes can be avoided.

How Much You Earn As A Plant Sitter

Plant sitters do charge $10 – $60 daily for sitting plants. As mentioned earlier, 11-year-olds11-year-olds can take up this job for their family or neighbours and earn as much as they want. 

8. Manage A Lemonade Stand

This is very common for productive and financially aware kids who are 11 years old and below. 

The task of managing a lemonade stand can equip a kid with knowledge on how to value money, the basic mathematics of handling money, and how to prepare a very refreshing lemonade.

It can also make a child creative because they will do their best to make their lemonade stand look appealing and beautiful.

The basic equipment a child needs to start a lemonade business in front of his or her house are a table, decorative items, beautiful cups, a refreshing lemonade recipe, an umbrella for the sun, and some chairs. Parents can support this by providing these items for the child.

How Much You Earn In Managing A Lemonade Stand

Based on each cup size, 11-year-olds and kids, in general, can make up to $1.00 -$3.00 for each Lemonade sale.

When there is good traffic, kids could get up to 20 customers, raising their earnings to $20 daily.

9. Babysitting

A babysitting task is also ideal for an 11-year-old kid who wants to make real money. 

A kid who is very caring and pays attention to little details can handle the responsibility of caring for his baby brother or sister or toddlers in his or her neighbourhood while the parents are busy or out to the market/work / on vacation. 

Babysitting is a sensitive role, so if the kid in question does not have any experience with caring for kids, he or she should be guided on the basic skills of babysitting and the responsibilities that are required of him or her.

How Much You Earn For Babysitting

As of February 2023, the average hourly earnings for babysitting is $18 per hour. This price is flexible depending on the number of babies and the situation in the care given. 

10. Running Errands

If you can go out to run errands for an hour or two, why not? Run errands for neighbours, your parent’s friends, grandparents, cousins etc. By doing this, 11-year-olds can make real money without much expense. 

Running errands is a job of trust. This means that people will only ask that you run their errands if they can trust you with things like groceries, food items, medical pills, etc. 

As children, you run errands every day; why not spice it up by charging for each errand? You would be amazed at just how much you could earn.

How Much You Earn For Running Errands

The pay range depends on the type of errand and the environment. According to the United States Senior Errand service, 11-year-olds can earn up to $20-$35 dollar hourly running errands for different individuals and personalities.

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Do you have 11-year-olds who are interested in making real money by getting a good-paying job? This article has explained, in some detail, the 10 best jobs for 11-year-olds to make real money. 

Are you an 11-year-old looking for a good job? We hope this article has provided the guide you need.

We wish you good luck in your endeavours.

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