How To Become A Rapper

One who artfully pairs words alongside ambient music or sounds, and performs it to an audience is referred to as a Rapper. 

Having said that, there is more to being a rapper other than just choosing a particular genre of rap, such as hip hop, rap-rock and jazz rap as people may think, and that’s why this article gives you  a clear view of how to become a rapper.

Take a look at what it takes to become one.

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Useful Tips On How To Become A Rapper

If you enjoy hip-hop music, have strong performance and writing skills, and would love to produce emotional or narrative songs, then you might consider a career as a rapper. 

Below are some of the tips you should keep in mind while you are on your journey to becoming a rapper.

1. Craft Your Genre And Rap Sound

Just like every other career path, the first step towards becoming a rapper is to decide the genre (field) you wish to major in as well as a rap sound that is unique to you.

This can only be achieved by carrying out thorough research. 

Research is necessary because there are a wide range of sub-genre contained in rap, so you need to explore them to be able to craft your own unique sound within it. 

Another way to reach a decision is by looking to your own favorite rap artists as well as other ones you barely listen to so as to have a competitive edge during the actual writing and recording of your music.

The points below are other research sources: 

– Go down memory lane, and discover the names of rappers who were the original drivers of the various genres.

– Find out which rappers have been in the industry the longest, and seek to know why their rap has stood the test of time. 

– Check out some of the most successful acts known in the industry by streaming spotify.

– Check blogs and playlists for the biggest rap newcomers

2. Develop Your Writing Skills

To become a rapper, it’s important you develop the art of writing as you would need this skill.

Knowledge of poetic devices is a plus because most rappers employ them to add creative elements to their raps, and some of such devices are rhyme, alliteration and meter .

Constant practice is one of the ideal ways to master this craft, so try as much as possible to write often.

3. Record A Mixtape Or Demo And Establish Your Brand

Having developed your writing skills to a measure, and written a few raps, you can try recording your music on your own using a microphone and a computer.  

This way, you can compile a mixtape, or short collection of songs specific to you that will serve as a way of introduction.

For instance, anytime you hear these lyrics: ‘I’m not a businessman, I’m a business…man,” you don’t need to be told that this is Jay Z.

Aside from a mixtape that serves as a way of introduction, there are other ways through which you can create a unique branding, and they include using things like:

– Your values, opinions and what you stand for

– Your image or overall aesthetic

– Your story or background

– Your clothing/styling

This way, you can easily establish yourself, and grow a fanbase who’ll identify with it. 

The last but not the least way to establish your brand is by choosing an intriguing stage name.

Select a memorable, easy-to-understand, and an unarguably ‘street’ name. A name that will surely ring a bell even after so many years as your rap name represents you in totality.

Feel free to include symbols, and some unique formatting, then try as much as possible to avoid opting for popular titles such as names that begin with the word ‘Lil’ and ‘Young’ so as to stand out. 

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4. Market Yourself

As a rapper, you may have little or no fan base, so the ideal way to grow your fanbase is to market yourself, and your career. 

If you are wondering how to market yourself, you can upload your music to a streaming platform, and share links with people easily.

Again, you start a channel on a video-sharing website or build social media profiles on different social media platforms.

Another essential way to promote yourself is by engaging in a rap battle where two rappers take to the stage and go head to head in what’s essentially “battle rhyming” that involves improvising rap verses. 

At the end of the day, the rapper with the best creative punchlines, metaphors, name or wordplay wins the battle.

Aside from marketing yourself, rap battles give you the opportunity to pick up some skills, tricks and techniques by watching and listening to other rappers do their thing.

5. Connect With Others In The Music Industry

No man is an island, so they say!

You must understand that one of the factors that will take you far in this industry is how networked you are, and as a newbie, you can easily rise to fame under the guidance and wing of popular rappers and industry tastemakers. 

Aside from this, you can benefit through collaborations as most rap artists usually feature other  rap artists. 

This is not to neglect the place of talent and passion but you must connect with other artists, songwriters, producers, videographers, promoters, disc jockeys, and the rest to thrive in the industry. 

6. Practice Often

Just like they say – every good thing takes time, so you need to constantly practice to become a sought-after rapper.

You need a level of passion, patience, and tenacity before you can reach that performer skill-level.

Some forms of practice include working on your breathing, reciting other rappers’ lyrics (mirroring their tone, rhythm and pace), speaking tongue twisters out loud, improving your pronunciation and so on.

With time, you will see yourself become a better rapper. 

Duties Of A Rapper

Some of the duties and responsibilities of a rapper are:

1. Writing lyrics to convey emotions or stories

2. Using poetic devices to achieve auditory effects through their lyrics

3. Pairing lyrics with background music and sound effects

4. Producing beats, or electronic instrumental tracks, to use as backing tracks

5. Performing raps to a live audiences

6. Recording music to distribute online or at performances

Skills Of A Rapper

Some of the major skills a rapper must have are:

1. Writing skills

2. Creativity

3. Organizational skills

4. Discipline. 

5. Knowledge of poetry

6. Musical ability

7. Communication skills

All You Need To Know About The Work Environment Of A Rapper

The typical work environment of a rapper is a personalized one.

Rappers work independently either in their home or music studio writing, recording, and producing their music. 

Their job also requires that they travel a lot because they sometimes go on tours which can take long hours, and even days.

Salary Of A Rapper

We may not know the specific salary of a rapper, however, we would like to consider that of a musician because they are both similar.

Having said that, the national average salary for a musician in the United States is presently $52,225 annually, however, they can earn higher salaries but this depends on their level of experience, residence, and education. 

For instance, if you live in Los Angeles, you can earn an average of $53,072 annually, while those in Washington, D.C. can earn an average of $62,452 annually.

Additionally, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that from 2020 to 2030, the number of people employed as musicians and singers could increase by 11%. 

As long as the digital streaming platforms that allow musicians to share videos of their performances and audio recordings online continue to increase, this prediction is highly feasible.


I bet that with the information provided to you in this article, you now know how to become a rapper, the skills they need, their salary as well as work environment.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask in the comment section.

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