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Obtaining a career job after serving your time in prison because of a juvenile misdemeanour or a felony can be quite tasking. 

In fact, In fact, most felons literally experience abruptly cancelled interviews whenever they relay information about their past crimes and convictions. 

Millions of people in the United States Of America are convicted or ex-felons, making it impossible to acquire a good career job.

Felons are in luck regardless because they have companies such as Amazon and UPS as their hope when it comes to getting hired. This article will describe the work environment that Amazon provides to felons in 2023.

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About Amazon

Amazon.com Inc company has been operating since July 5th 1994 till present and was founded by Jeff Bezos.

Amazon.com Inc is an American intercontinental telecommunications company that fixates on digital streaming, e-commerce, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and online advertisements worldwide located in Bellevue, Washington DC, United States Of America. 

Its headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington, Arlington, VA, United States Of America.

Will Amazon Hire Felons In 2023? 

Amazon is lenient enough to employ a felon, but only with certain strict policies and regulations. 

If you get lucky enough to attain a job at Amazon, you should do your best for the management to view you as dependable, reliable and diligent.

Amazon.com Inc Recruitment Policies For Felons

Regardless of the well-known fact that Amazon gives felons a second chance, the hidden truth is that gaining employment will not be that easy. Amazon.com Inc has very strict policies and regulations that restrict & limit every felon from attaining jobs.

Amazon.com Inc’s human resource management team is responsible for handling the employment process of all felons looking to acquire a job in their company.

Amazon.Com Inc Hiring Policies For Felons

1. Amazon employs felons only on a case-by-case basis. They will conduct a background check on your behalf, and your employment opportunity is at risk of being disqualified if the felony you were engaged in was severe. 

2. Amazon does not recruit or consider felons that just got out of prison. You will need to stay home for a long period of time before you are fit to apply for a job position at Amazon. 

3. Amazon will only hire a felon who will regard the company’s culture and ethical values.

4. Amazon will assess you to ensure that your individual skills and abilities match the job position you want to specialize in. 

5. Amazon’s human resource management pays close attention when conducting interviews for felons. This ensures that each felon tells the entire truth about his past misdemeanours or felonies. Any felon who does not open up about his past will be immediately detected and disqualified. 

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Career Job Positions Offered To Felons By Amazon

Amazon.com offers entry-level career job positions as a main delivery rider, assistant delivery rider, doorstep delivery, customer service representative, warehouse fulfilment operator, and seasonal driving jobs. 

You may have an employment opportunity for these jobs if your criminal record is clear of felonies such as violent crimes, driving convictions, fraudulence & theft.

Amazon.com pays felons an average of $15 hourly, for starters. There may likely be promotions if you work diligently and prove that you are worth a promotion.

Felony Convictions That Can Attract Disqualification 

Without any doubt, it is now known as a fact that Amazon Inc grants employment opportunities to felons. 

But, you have to be well aware of the fact that Amazon will not consider hiring felons who possess severe convictions on their criminal record. Severe criminal actions are not taken lightly by Amazon Inc.  Severe felonies that Amazon rebuffs include the following:

1. A felon who possesses violence on his criminal background will be rebuffed effective immediately 

2. The human resource management of Amazon is very specific about rebuffing job applicants who have partaken in substance trafficking and alcohol abuse. An ex-felon who has a criminal record of substance dealing and abuse of alcohol will probably not stand a chance to be recruited by Amazon. 

3. A criminal history of fraudulence and petty theft convictions will render your employment chance at Amazon impossible. 

4. If you have engaged an individual in body-to-body combat with the mindset of murdering him or her or you have actually murdered a person, Amazon.com Inc will unfailingly disqualify your job application.

Basically speaking, if any of the four major cases listed above are found on your criminal record, gaining employment will reduce to a 50-50 chance. Some important questions that require answers include the following:

Does Amazon.com Conduct Interviews For Applicants?

Some job positions on Amazon require a job interview. As a felon, if Amazon summons you for a job interview, it is important that you dress the part and answer every question you are asked diligently. 

Does Amazon.com Conduct Drug Tests On Applicants?

Yes, Amazon Inc runs swabs, urine or blood tests before officially recruiting a felon. Although, tests are not run for all job positions.

Does Amazon.com Run Background Background Checks?

Yes, all felons, including regular employees, undergo a compulsory background check by Amazon as a safety measure before they are officially recruited. 

The criminal background checks conducted in Amazon cover:

  • Reference Identity Checks
  • Criminal Record Checks
  • Urine, Swab or Blood Screenings For Possible Drug Abuse Detection.

If you are found to have engaged in severe criminal cases in the past or substances are found in your body fluids, Amazon might revoke your job application, and you will be considered unfit to attain the job position.


You can send an application letter to attain the particular that catches your interest on the Amazon.com Inc job application platform; now you are well aware that they will hire felons in 2023. 

You should also note that patience is always the key, which is why it is essential that you try being patient while waiting for your job application to be accepted by Amazon. 

Undeniably, it will take close to a few weeks or months before you can finally start working to earn money after being let out from prison, but being patient with Amazon will actually pay off, and it will be worth your wait.  

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