What Is A Source File On Fiverr?

Fiverr is a global internet marketplace for independent contractors. The platform of Fiverr links freelancers with individuals or companies seeking to engage them.

One of the most well-known freelance websites on earth is Fiverr because of the services it provides. You can either hire a freelancer or work as a freelancer on Fiverr. A single person is limited to seven gigs. Different services may be provided for each gig.

Before we talk about what a source file on Fiverr is, let’s know what a source file on its own is.

 A source file is a specific type of file that includes original and crucial data that serves as the basis for a publishing or other processing system. It also contains program instructions.

A file that you make for your design serves as the source. The type of gig you purchase on Fiverr ultimately determines the gig’s outcome.

In Fiverr, a source file is an editable copy of your work. For the source file, many Fiverr gigs charge their customers a small extra amount. 

The file format ultimately depends on the sort of gig you ordered, as I already stated. 

Let’s take an example. Suppose you order a gig that offers to draft a contract for you. You may get the finished item as a PDF file. You will receive editable indexable.doc or.docx files if you place an order that includes source files.

However, if you order a logo, the final product will typically be an a.png or.jpg file, and the source file for these may be an AI, PSD, or SVG file that can be edited in picture editing software.

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Article Road Map

How Do You Handle Source Files on Fiverr

When setting up your gig, you can add source files. 

When you deliver your order, you must upload the source files if the customer purchased the source file gig extra.

 Then when you’ve given your clients access to the source document, they can edit it as they see fit.

How Can I Send a Source File To A Client on Fiverr?

Let’s see how you can send a source file to your client In two steps as shown below. 

  • To begin with, be certain to transmit the appropriate file format for each purpose. 

When you’re ready to deliver an order to a customer, first click to display order at the top of the order page, then scroll to the bottom and select Deliver Now.

  • You must select Upload Source Files to attach a source file. 

A single file can only be up to 1GB in size. Write a concise explanation of your delivery after that, and then click “Deliver Work.” 

You can click Save Draft to save your work if you are unsure whether to submit it.

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Can I Edit a Source file on Fiverr?

Yes, you can edit a source file on Fiverr. That’s why the source file is known as an indexable document, which may be quickly modified or updated. 

To do this, choose the directory where the files are located to edit the source files. On the type of files list, select the type of file you want to open. 

Once you’ve located the file, double-clicking its name will open it for editing at your convenience.

How to have your order delivered on Fiverr

The following step is to deliver your order once you’ve completed it successfully. The last step in the process is order delivery.

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How Can I Deliver An Order On Fiverr

When you successfully finish your order, the next step is to deliver it. Let’s see a few steps to do this. 

  • After securely logging in, select Orders from the Selling menu to view all of your orders.
  • Click on Deliver Now next to the order you want to deliver.
  • You should first choose to Deliver Your Order at the top of the order page before scrolling down and selecting Deliver Now at the bottom.
  • Click on Upload Work to attach your delivery. Click Upload Source Files if you want to attach the source file.
  • Don’t forget to briefly describe your delivery.
  • Tap Deliver job.

Final Remarks

This article so far has discussed what source files are on Fiverr and here are some key takeaways from all discussed in this article.

  • Fiverr is a platform for freelance work where people can sell and buy their gigs.
  • The sort of file known as a source file contains primary or necessary data. They are simple to update, change, and alter.
  • According to the sort of job you are purchasing, the source file in a Fiverr gig is a file that you make for a design.
  • The source file may be in the.docx or.pdf formats. A logo could be in the.png or.jpg file type. Most people charge a little bit more for their source files, and customers are willing to buy them.
  • As source files are easily editable documents, you can send the source file at the time of delivery by following a few simple procedures.

I’m certain this article has been helpful to you in regards to knowing what source files on Fiverr are and how they work. If you have further questions, you can leave the. In the comments section.

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