What Does A Cosmetologist Do?

A Cosmetologist is someone who possesses the art of beautifying the hair, skin, and nails.

Being a Cosmetologist gives you flexible hours and creative freedom. It also gives you the ability to impact others satisfyingly as you render the service of building the confidence of your client. 

One can get job opportunities as a Cosmetologist in hair salons, nail salons, barber shops, spas, and resorts.

The environment in which they render this service must be pleasant to attract customers and make them feel comfortable. 

Activities of a Cosmetologist often require interaction with various chemicals and sometimes equipment, so protective gloves and clothing can be essential.

No wonder Cosmetologists often work full-time, but part-time positions are available. It is typical for them to work evenings, which are the busiest times in their profession.

But what exactly does a Cosmetologist do?

The article will give you an insight into that:

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What Does A Cosmetologist Do?

There are so many things a cosmetologist does. They include:

Hair Styling

A Cosmetologist
Hair Styling

A cosmetologist has the skill of hair styling. Some of the activities of a hair stylist include:

  1. Shampooing, drying, cutting hair
  2. Shaping, cutting, texting, styling, straightening, or curling hair
  3. Color, softening, lightening hair
  4. Chemical modification of hair texture, perms, relaxing hair
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Marketing Of Products And Services

A Cosmetologist
Marketing Of Products And Services

A cosmetologist is always in an excellent position to recommend good beauty products as they render their services.

Many vocational cosmetology programs teach students proper sales techniques and small business management.

It is essential because cosmetologists may get a commission based on the number of products and services they offer their clients. It is vital to keep up with the newest trends.


A Cosmetologist

A cosmetologist can venture into Barbing.

Barbering has traditionally focused on male customers. It includes carving, shaving, trimming, shampooing, perming, Fitting hairpieces, styling, Performing facial treatments, dyeing, and cutting men’s hair to look attractive.


A Cosmetologist

A cosmetologist can also be an Esthetician.

An esthetician is particular about the field of skincare. Some of these fields include exfoliation, Skin conditioning, and wrinkle reduction, waxing, tweezing, eyebrow threading, hair removal, and providing Anti-aging treatments and Facials.

Nail Technician

A Cosmetologist
Nail Technician

A cosmetologist can work as a nail technician. The nail specialist specializes in fingernails and toenails.

A nail technician specializes in manicures, gel nails, silk nails, acrylic nails, pedicures, nail artistry, and nail jewelry.

Makeup Artist

A Cosmetologist
Makeup Artist

A cosmetologist can work as a makeup artist.

A makeup artist knows how different cosmetics interact with skin and how to achieve particular looks and effects using makeup.

A makeup artist may work in professional photography studios, cinemas, special effects, fashion shows, weddings, or special events.

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A Cosmetologist

A cosmetologist can be an electrologist.

This field often requires additional certification due to the sensitivity of the job.

The electrologist uses specialized tools to help with hair loss. Electricity is applied to the roots of the damaged hair so that the hair does not grow again.

Managing Light Accounting

Although most of the duties of a cosmetologist revolve around providing services for their clients, they must have the management skills to handle the salon’s finances.

Keeping a record of supplies, re-ordering, and keeping on top of the cash flow are all essential. QuickBooks can be handy when managing light accounting for a salon or small business.

Salary Of A Cosmetologist

Below are the estimated salaries of a Cosmetologist.

Hair Stylists

The Median Annual Salary for a Hairstylist is $24,731.

The Top 10% Annual Salary of a Hairstylists is more than $50,107 

The Bottom 10% Annual Salary of a Hairstylist is less than $18,158.


The Median Annual Salary of a Barber is $27,955.

The Top 10% Annual Salary of a Barber is more than $52,603.

The Bottom 10% Annual Salary of a Barber is less than $19,281.


The Median Annual Salary of an Esthetician is $31,304. The Top 10% Annual Salary of an Esthetician is more than $59,800 

The Bottom 10% Annual Salary of an Esthetician is less than $19,323.

Skills Of A Cosmetologist

There are skills a Cosmetologist must possess. Some of these skills include:

Interpersonal Skill

Interpersonal skills essentially help you to get along well with others, to be pleasant and friendly even under trying circumstances, which can be very helpful.


Creating and being willing to adapt to new trends can be crucial.

Good Listener

People like to talk when they have time on their hands. You must be an excellent listener to give the correct answer.

Physical Fitness

You have to be physically fit, and it is because you will spend a lot of time on your feet.


It does not mean just your work channel; personal hygiene is also essential. Remember, you are an example of your work.

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Becoming A CosmetologistRequirements

There are essential requirements that you must meet to be a Cosmetologist.

These requirements include:

  • You must possess a high school diploma to be eligible for some positions.
  • You must complete a state-approved haircut or cosmetology program that takes at least nine months to become a hairdresser. 
  • The barbers should also attend the barbershop training program. 
  • A makeup artist usually attends a cosmetology school for a few months to a year. 
  • Sexual orientation professionals must complete a two-year training program approved by the region where they wish to work.


A written and functional examination is required to become a licensed cosmetologist.

Licensing requirements for makeup artists vary widely from province to province, but most require licensed aesthetics.

In all U.S. states, hairdressers must have a license, and the barbers must also obtain licenses issued by the government.

You can get a haircut license by graduating from a cosmetology school in some states, but you should get specific haircut training in others. Other states include licenses for shaving and cosmetology.


Cosmetology is a profession based on human interaction. Building a customer base depends not only on the skill of the cosmetologist but also on the trust and communication they build with their clients.

Clients place their faith in the knowledge and practice of their cosmetologists. If you can make your clients feel happy about them when they leave your salon chair, you can have a successful career in cosmetology. This job also requires physical stamina, as you will spend a lot of time on your feet.

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