How To Answer: “What Challenges Are You Looking For In This Position”?

When you are going to an interview, you become quite excited and have a lot of questions running through your head about what they might ask.

Yes, of course, that’s why you were invited in the first place—so you can impress them with your level of knowledge and understanding and sell them on a part of your personality. Interview questions require answers that are mind-blowing and extremely uncommon.

You have a 60% probability of receiving a job offer if you answer an interview question correctly, so it’s not something to take lightly. One has to be intensely prepared.

Imagine going to an interview where there are many candidates; you would want to promote your values strongly to increase your chances of getting the job.

However, the secret to landing that position is how well you respond to their questions. I’ve written down some advice that might be useful to you. So, carefully read this article.

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How To Answer The Question  “What Challenges Are You Looking For In This Position?

Within the confines of our comfort zone, personal growth does not occur. Our ability to think creatively is put to the test when we are faced with unanticipated circumstances.

We like the gratification of overcoming a challenge and learning something new.

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Interviews have many twists and turns, much like roller coasters. A question like “what challenges are you looking for in this position” can knock you off the balance if you’re not careful, despite the fact that some inquiries are brief and simple to respond to.

This is how to respond to such a question when you encounter it.

1. Highlight Your Unique Potentials

Discussing how you would like to be able to use your abilities and expertise effectively if you were recruited for the position is an effective method to respond to a question about the challenges you are seeking.

The ideal way to market yourself and convince your employer that you’re the right candidate for the position is to emphasize all of your special abilities to contribute to problem-solving in a difficult situation.

2. Showcase Your Problem-Solving Skills

You can also emphasize how challenges motivate you, how you can overcome problems successfully, and how you have the adaptability and talents required to handle demanding work.

You might explain to your employer that adversity makes you stronger and that you are capable of handling difficult circumstances.

Your ability to plan ahead and manage your time is evident in this response. It demonstrates to the employer that you can work under pressure.

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3. Relate Your Answers to the Job

Connect your response to the demands of the work, whether you do so to highlight your abilities or to convey that you are driven by challenges.

Concentrate on the kinds of obstacles you’ll have at work and show that you’re capable of handling them.

Put the most emphasis in your response on the abilities you are most knowledgeable about or are most passionate about.

4. Share Examples

You can go on to give particular examples of obstacles you have overcome and objectives you have attained in the past.

You can offer an example of a time you used your time management abilities to finish a project ahead of schedule, perhaps at previous employment, after stating that you are motivated by a difficult deadline.

5. Don’t be negative

Even though it can seem obvious, you shouldn’t claim that you don’t enjoy difficulties or aren’t looking for them. Remain upbeat! Don’t be off the mark.

Adjust your response to the position’s requirements. Keep in mind that this question is intended to help the interviewers decide if you’re a suitable fit.

Interviewers can be cautious to hire you if you’re seeking challenges that are outside the parameters of the work.

4 Best Answers To The Question “What Challenges Are You Looking For In This Position”

  • I appreciate working on projects and coming up with my own solutions to various issues relating to the functionality and design of applications. Your business creates a variety of intriguing mobile apps and original products for the market. Such a task will undoubtedly be difficult enough to inspire me and advance my programming skills.
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  • I’m eager to put my management and planning abilities to the test. I’ve never worked in this industry before, but this company is expanding swiftly. I’m sure I’ll face a lot of new challenges and frequently make snap decisions while trying to address a lot of issues. But because I despise routine and want an intellectual challenge, that is precisely the kind of work that appeals to me the most.
  • I want a change more than anything else. I’ve previously worked in a completely different industry, as you can see from my resume. However, I grew weary of my job and the standards of the field. I’m looking for something new, therefore I know the adjustment will be difficult and provide some challenges. But that’s just what I’m seeking in my life right now.


The answers to interview questions help the employer choose the ideal worker for the job who can take on any challenge and lead the business to success.

So always be mindful to respond appropriately rather than with a simple yes or no, right or wrong.

This question benefits both the company and the employee because it enables the employer to identify the ideal employee and gives the person a chance to showcase their abilities.

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