Upwork Proposal Samples That Get Interviews

We have analyzed thousands of Upwork proposals and determined which ones get the best response rate. You can use many samples to increase your chances of getting an interview.

After you write your proposal, your next step is to get an interview. This article aims to show you some excellent Upwork proposal samples that get interviews, after which you can copy this template and paste it into a new submission to a job post on Upwork.

Here’s what you should include in your proposal

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How To Write A Good Upwork Proposal 

Use A template

If you are unfamiliar with Word or Excel, we recommend using a sample template as a starting point for your proposal. 

You can also use our template to format your proposals based on what works best for you. 

The more specific you are about what kind of job you are applying for and the client who is hiring, the better chance you have of getting interviews from Upwork professionals looking for help with their projects.

Copy This Template And Paste It Into A New Submission To A Job Post On Upwork

To create your proposal, simply paste the template into a new submission and submit it.

Once you’ve completed that, review your proposal and make any necessary changes before resubmitting it.

Use This Template To Increase Your Odds Of Getting An Interview

Use this template if you want more interviews and want to get more freelance work, too.

These templates are a directive regarding what should and should not be included in your proposal. These highlight key points that an organization deems important.

After You Write Your Proposal, Your Next Step Is To Get An Interview

To do this:

  • Send the client a copy of your proposal with a short note explaining why you think it would be a good fit for their site or project.
  • Wait for them to respond. If they don’t respond within two weeks, send another proposal with new information about yourself and what you have done before (if any).
  • If, after another week, there still has yet to be a response from their side, move on and try something else.

Here’s what you should include in your proposal


This section should be the first thing your reader sees. It should introduce yourself and explain why you are writing this proposal. Be sure to include a short bio, along with any relevant experience you have listed on your resume or LinkedIn profile. 

If there’s anything unique about your background that sets it apart from other applicants, address this as well.


“I’ve been working in Silicon Valley since 2001, which means I know how startups work better than anyone else!” 

You can also use this space to tell potential employers what they are going to profit from working with you.

Skills & Experience

Here’s where we talk about all those things we just mentioned above, skills and experience.

You want them listed in order of importance; if possible, try not to skip over any topics because they might seem less important at first glance.

Upwork Proposal Samples That Get Interviews

Proposal 1


I just read your post. Sounds like you need a cold email expert to help you with everything from content to overall strategy. I have experience in email marketing and have been doing it for some years. Cold emailing specialization in B2B is what I do best.

I can work with you on content and subject writing, recommend the best technologies to use, and much more. Let me know if my bio captures your interest, and we can set up a time to chat.


Tiffany Waters

Proposal 2


Just read your post. It seems like you require an email expert to coach you on a few company standards, from setting up your strategy and path, to what you should offer to get signups.

I have experience in funnels and email copywriting and have been on that line for 4 years, including some membership/subscription businesses.

I am willing to work with you to develop a great strategy and high-converting emails that will turn your prospects into paying customers. I can also help you get more email signups to this funnel.

If any of the above proposals seem interesting to you, let me know when you’re available this week.


Tiffany Waters

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Points To Note Before Sending Out Upwork Proposal

Avoid Unnecessary Mistakes

These are samples of the mistakes people make: 

  • They write long, bulky paragraphs without sufficient spacing. The reader immediately dreads reading your draft after opening it.
  • They cut and paste the same design to everyone without adapting it for publication. If you do that, no one will hire you. 
  • They write too much about themselves instead of writing about the potential client and their needs.

Direct Your messages To Them

Before you send a proposal, you want to ensure it’s about them and their needs, not you.

The average job seeker on Upwork talks about themselves in their listing, and the client doesn’t care. It is sometimes boring and generic.

Before sending, press CTRL + F (or Command + F on a Mac) and search for the word “You.” Count how many times you said “you.”

Then look for the word “I” Note that you should say “you” at least as much as “I.”

Time To Send In Your Proposal

Don’t waste time/proposals on jobs that are 48-72 hours old or more.

This means you will have to apply for jobs on Upwork several times a week because you will only be using it for jobs posted within the last day.

Your exact schedule will depend on your time zone, ideal client’s time zone, and your schedule/availability.

Back-Up your Skills With Your Profile

Your profile differs from your Upwork proposal, but it is very important. Potential clients will see this when they click on your name and view your full profile/bio.

If you write a great proposal, make suggestions, ask questions, and sound like a real expert, you need your Upwork profile to prove that you are the expert they need.


Why Am I Not Getting Hired On Upwork?

There are several reasons why you might not get a job on Upwork. Your bio may not be optimized correctly, your bids may be too high or too low, or you may not be bidding on the right types of projects.

Can You Get Rejected From Upwork?

UpWork requires you to complete all fields in your profile before approval. This includes things like your work history, education, and skills. If any of these fields are left blank, your profile will likely be rejected.

Why Is No One Responding To My Upwork Proposal?

Just like going out and applying for a job or sending a resume/application, if they don’t want to talk to you, clients and employers won’t say anything. 
They generally don’t have time to give a personal response to everyone they pass, especially if they have a large number of applicants.

How Do I Make The Upwork Profile Stand Out?

When potential clients search for freelancers on UpWork, they use keywords that describe the skills they’re looking for. To make your profile more visible, include these keywords in your profile title and the Skills section of your profile.

How Do I Not Get Rejected By Upwork?

If you want to stop getting rejected on Upwork, you need to talk exclusively about your clients. So say things like “I’m excited to see your project succeed” or “Sounds like you have a really interesting business, and I’d love to help,” instead of mentioning why you’re awesome.

What Is The Most Wanted Job On Upwork?

There are graphic design, Web development, writing, and data entry are in high demand at UpWork.

How Many Proposals Should I Submit Daily On Upwork?

This is because it can be interpreted as spam by the Upwork team. Therefore, it is advisable to submit a maximum of 10 proposals per week. 
If you are submitting multiple offers for the same job, make sure each offer is tailored to the specific job requirements.

Can You Make 6 Figures On Upwork?

Yes, but you have to be prepared to put in a lot of hard work. You will need to be smart in your job search and be prepared to turn down jobs that don’t match your skills or don’t pay well.

Does Upwork Always Take 20?

Earnings from client $0-500: 20% service fee applied to earnings. Earnings from client $500.01 – $10,000: 10% service fee. $10,000.01 or more in client revenue: 5% service fee.

What Is The Best Time To Bid On Upwork?

The best time to submit an offer on Upwork is usually within 24 hours of the job posting. Next, look at the budget the client has provided for the project. If it’s a project with a fixed budget, you’ll want to bid as soon as possible.


The best way to land more interviews is to follow these steps. We’ve analyzed some Upwork proposal sample that gets interviews, so you can use this template to increase your interview odds. 

We hope you follow this article’s guidelines and that it helps you land a good gig on Upwork.

Good Luck!

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