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Are you planning on applying to work at Ulta? If yes, how much do you know about Ulta’s dress code? 

You don’t have to be scared about this decision because Ulta is one of the best beauty stores in the United state.

Keep reading this post and find all you need to know about Ultas dress code.

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Ulta’s Dress Code.

It is easy to identify an employee at this company due to Ulta’s dress code.

Ulta’s dress code allows the employee to put on a red, black t-shirt and black pants, gray and black color shirt.

The company encourages employees to put on black pants, black shoes, black socks, and a name tag for identification.

Stylists at Ulta wear all-black clothing during work hours. This means that their dresses should be all black with no form of pattern.

The reason for this decision is to, enable clients quickly identify them as soon as they walk into the store.

If the stylist decides to wear a long t-shirt, she must combine it with leggings. There are some restrictions on the length of clothing. 

Although, there may be times the pattern of clothing can might change. For instance during Christmas, independence, labor day, memorial day easter, and all other American celebrations.

The company is exceptional in what its employees wear and how they wear certain items of clothing.

You don’t want to break laws, do you? So, ensure you buy clothes that suit the exact criteria and stick to all the guidelines that are given.

Additionally, putting on makeup at the store is optional. However, if you choose to put on makeup ensure it’s simple and smudge-proof. 

You don’t want your makeup to wash out during working hours, do you? Ensure you maintain your makeup because you will be wearing it all through the day.

Finally, the application of neat makeup cannot be overemphasized. 

Customers are attached to the looks of the employees, if your makeup is neat and smart clients would be ready to get the products you used in achieving that look.

This is the general Ulta dress code however some branches might modify theirs to suit the weather conduction and the kind of environment the store is located in. 

Ensure you thoroughly research the dress code of the branch you are applying to.

Remember it’s a beauty store, so looking your best is crucial as you will come across clients every day.

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All About Ulta Beauty.

Ulta is one of the most popular beauty supply stores in the United States. 

Ulta has a wide range of products, the company is popularly known as a place to get original and affordable beauty products. 

Furthermore, with the products this company has available at their store, they also have employees who help clients with whatever service they require.

Being an employee in this store means, you need to be well-groomed to represent the company as well as encourage customers to make good beauty choices.

With this reputation they have established, it’s only a disciplined spender that enters Ulta without spending more than three hundred dollars at a go.

Codes of conduct were put in place by the company to ensure the best services are provided for their customers. This is why many people shop at Ulta.

Can You Buy a Uniform From Ulta?

As stated earlier, Ulta allows you to buy your uniform on your own or purchase your uniform from the company.

Can You Use A Dyed Hair To Work at Ulta?

Ulta is not a company that ties down its employees with laws therefore you are completely free to do whatever you wish on your hair, even if it’s not a natural color.

However, note that some employers might set rules and guidelines, and sometimes the employer may not feel very comfortable with unnaturally colored hair.

While other bosses might not care what you do with your hair the most important thing is that you carry out your task effectively.

Ensure you research the hairdos that are allowed in the branch you are applying to.

Are Visible Tattoos Acceptable When Working At Ulta?

Ulta’s dress code allows its employees to wear tattoos as long as the tattoos are not offensive and discriminatory.

Although some bosses would ask you to cover them up, face tattoos are also not allowed in stores with these kinds of bosses.


Can You Wear Jeans to Work at Ulta?

Yes, jeans are also one of Ulta’s dress codes. You can put on jeans with a shirt at Ulta beauty as long as they abide by the dress code requirements of the company.

This means that blue jeans and ripped jeans wouldn’t be acceptable. So ensure you find a suitable pair of black jeans for work.

Ulta allows their employees to wear jeans, so that they can be comfortable during working hours and so that their clothing would interrupt them while they are at work.

Can You Use Piercings To Work At Ulta?

Piercings at Ulta depend on the branch because some branches have stricter bosses than others.

In some branches, a maximum of two piercings are allowed per ear while employees are at work.

Ensure you check with the manager of the branch you are applying to if you are unsure.

Can You Wear Hoodies or Sweaters? 

There are no visible rules on if employees can wear hoodies to work or not. 

Some employers may allow hoodies this is highly dependent on the season and the location of the branch.

Can You Wear Shorts to Work at Ulta?

There are no specific guidelines available, on if you can wear shorts to work at Ulta.

In addition, Ulta as a  company wants its employees to always feel comfortable at work, so they don’t feel distracted during working hours.

Therefore Ulta’s dress code permits shorts to be worn in-store. 


Ultas dress code is subject to change in weather conduction. 

However, the famous ults dress codes are black shirt, gray shirt black pants, black t-shirt black shoes, and black belts. 

Ensure you have good hygiene during your shifts, follow Ulta’s dress code guidelines, and dress accordingly.

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