Does Aerotek Drug Test New Employees Before Employment?

One of the biggest employment and recruitment service providers worldwide is Aerotek. 

Aerotek is an excellent tool to use if you want to advance your professional life.

You can apply if you’re a biologist, a lab technician, or even a clerk with a demonstrable love for engineering, aerospace, or life science.

You only need to be older than 21 and have a university degree to qualify.

But then the one thing that makes people resist it would be the drug test.

So the question: Does Aerotek drug test new employees before employment? Would be answered alongside other useful Information you need to know.

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Does Aerotek Administer Drug Tests?

Yes, they do, Aerotek has a stringent anti-drug policy. 

Each applicant must complete a drug test by Aerotek’s code of conduct to confirm their enrollment. 

This is done to ensure a drug-free workplace environment.

Since Aerotek is a global corporation with a heavy daily workload, I can appreciate why they would need safe working conditions.

Drug addiction is not something you need in a production environment since it fosters inefficiency.

For more than 30 years, this organization has provided employment opportunities across the globe, but a drug test is a requirement. 

They are allowed to conduct sporadic and arbitrary drug testing on their workers.

Many people contend that the drug test is unnecessary because they are physically capable, but Aerotek disagrees.

To make sure that everyone is in a good frame of mind to create a healthy atmosphere, which is top of their list, they test their personnel for drugs.

It’s also to guarantee the wellbeing of their staff. 

Because Aerotek prefers long-term employees, they must confirm that none of their staff members have any health problems that could interfere with their ability to work effectively over the long term.

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Does Aerotek Drug Test New Employees Before Employment?

Again, the answer is yes, a drug test is administered to prospective employees at Aerotek.

But not any Tom, Dick, or Harry, it only happens if the person has already received a conditional employment offer.

Additionally, make sure to submit to a drug test if you’re applying for work where safety is a concern.

From everything stated above, it should be clear that Aerotek takes its clients’ privacy seriously and won’t tolerate this.

Therefore, if you intend to apply, you must make sure that you do not abuse drugs or alcohol.

Aerotek Consulting, Baltimore, Maryland; Aerotek Contract Engineering, Dallas, Texas; TEKsystems, Westminster, Colorado; Aerotek Scientific, Syracuse, New York; and Aerotek, New York are some of the branches that demand pre-employment drug testing.

Why Do New Employees At Aerotek undergo drug testing?

The Aerotek Code of Conduct states that the business is committed to giving its employees a risk-free working environment.

Urine testing is typically used by Aerotek over using hair or dental fluids since it is more practical. 

If you’re in good health and aren’t using any drugs, you might be able to finish the test quickly.

Drug testing benefits both Aerotek’s staff and clients since it provides a safe and effective working environment.

What Sorts Of Drugs Are Tested At Aerotek?

A vast list of medications is used by Aerotek to screen potential employees.

They include 

  • Hydrocodone
  • Amphetamines
  • Barbiturates
  • Ecstasy
  • Cocaine
  • Cannabinoids
  • Ethanol
  • Opiates
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Propoxyphene
  • Phencyclidine
  • Methaqualone
  • Methadone

If any of these medicines are discovered in your system, you can be certain that your chances are removed. 

After some time, perhaps six months to a year, you can reapply.

Note that Aerotek does not test for nicotine because using the 5-panel drug test won’t be detected. 

How Are Drug Tests Conducted?

Urine, hair, and oral testing are the three basic forms however, Aerotek often uses urine drug tests for pre-employment drug testing.

A 5-panel urine test is typically the test of choice.

The most popular and advantageous method is this one because it is so precise.

Drug testing differs from job to job, but as I’ve indicated above, those who test positive for drugs that are safety-sensitive must undergo pre-employment testing.

The candidates must take everything out of their pockets and their outerwear is also taken off.

Although, Aerotek occasionally demands that a representative stands by the toilet to make sure the sound of urine is detected.

How Frequently Does Aerotek Conduct Drug Tests?

A lot of businesses conduct drug tests to weed out workers who might be disruptive at work. 

Frequent drug use can lead to workplace aggression, staff turnover, theft, low productivity, and accidents.

Each applicant must pass a drug test following Aerotek’s code of conduct to maintain a drug-free work environment, which will further verify their eligibility for employment.

Because Aerotek is a well-known company with several projects and activities being done every day, it is crucial to reduce the likelihood of hazardous working conditions.

Aerotek only conducts pre-employment drug tests, but they are willing to conduct additional tests if they discover anything suspicious. 

It is uncommon and best to avoid random tests.

What Will Happen If You Test Positive For Drugs?

You might be able to pass the test if you are in good health and refrain from consuming the chemicals Aerotek is concerned about.

In any case, the authorities will inform you that you do not satisfy the standards for this post and will not be hired if you fail the drug test.

You might be allowed to reapply after six months to a year, depending on the kind of work you were seeking for. 

As a result, it’s usually advised to take a drug test before applying to Aerotek.


This article has answered the question: Does Aerotek drug test new employees before employment? 

Aerotek’s top priority is having a healthy work environment with their workers, they aim at their customer’s satisfaction and this influences this decision.

You should take a personal test first for any of the drugs mentioned before applying them to save yourself.

Feel free to drop any more questions or suggestions and opinions in the comment section.

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