University of Waterloo Mathematics Global Scholarships 2022/2023 for International Students – Canada

The University of Waterloo is a Public Research University and is regarded as one of Canada’s best institutes in teaching and research. They have world-class standards as regards transfer, preservation, application, and creation of knowledge.

The University of Waterloo is situated in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

What does the University of Waterloo Mathematics Global Scholarships offer?

The University of Waterloo offers ten scholarships to applicants studying in any program in the Faculty of Mathematics which excludes Software Engineering, Computing, and Financial Management. 

Their scholarship spans eight terms which makes the valuation priced at $12,000 to $25,000.

Presently, it has enrolled over 42,000 students. No doubt, the University of Waterloo is prominent in Canada and North America by extension.

It is evident that even partly funded scholarships give some students a lifeline because, to a considerable degree, they reduce the expense of studying and other factors in-between.

Admissions to University of Waterloo Global Scholarships are currently open for international students. Let us find out if they can benefit. 

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Target Students For The University of Waterloo Mathematics Global Scholarships.

The target students for these scholarships are international students who have a deep interest in computer science or mathematics.

However, these international students must have a study permit.

This interest would be beyond regular course requirements like an active member of computer clubs that are employment/voluntary experiences and mathematics studies inclined or active membership in mathematics clubs. 

Applicants will have outstanding academic standing, especially in mathematics, as well as a record of mathematical achievement and computer science competitions in high school.

They also guide active and ordinary students in sports, government, arts, music, etc.

Payments over the First Year depend on the student maintaining an 80% or higher academic record and continuing to enroll in an accredited program.

Price description: the distance between $ 12,000 and $ 25,000 is equally divided over eight terms.

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Available Subjects

All subjects are available to study under the University of Waterloo Mathematics Global Scholarships program.

Documents Required

There are essential documents that are required to apply for the University of Waterloo Mathematics Global Scholarships successfully.

A list of those essential documents includes:

  • Valid passport
  • Statement of purpose
  • Official and verified transcripts and degree
  • English language proficiency certificate from TOEFL, IELTS, C1 or C2, CAEL, PTE or EFAS
  • Admission Information Form
  • Bank Statement
  • Proof of covid vaccination
  • Research Proposal
  • Health Certificate
  • At least two recommendation letters
  • CV
  • Canada study permit

Eligibility For The University of Waterloo Mathematics Global Scholarships

There are criteria an applicant must meet to be eligible for the University of Waterloo Mathematics Global Scholarships. Such criteria include:

  • Applicants must have good character, demonstrated qualities of leadership, and positive attitudes in keeping with the Mission Statement of the University.
  •  Applicants should be entering the first term of their program. 
  • Generally, students should not simultaneously receive funding from a foreign government or agency (e.g., Chinese Education Council, Libyan funding, etc.) or support themselves fully or partially beyond the minimum level of Faculty support.
  • Students raised by grandparents under the current IMSA system cannot be nominated for IMAE; however, a student who has been awarded an IMSA with a previous master’s degree can be selected by IMAE.
  • Students will automatically be selected for this award based on their application for admission. Departments and Faculty will define their internal selection process for recipients based on the criteria for eligibility and allocation.
  • Applicants must have good academic performance.
  • External academic involvement as assessed through the National / Global Scholarship application
  • Applicants must be international students.
  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate the need for funding.
  • Applicants must accept an unconditional gift of admission for the 2018-2019 academic year.
  • Applicants must be full-time graduate and graduate students in any faculty who wish to participate in an international experience in Israel. It includes the placement of low-paid international volunteer or volunteer work, volunteer placement, academic exchange, or study time—related to educational needs.
  • Applicants must ensure that both the application for the program and the scholarship application must be complete, which means that all applicants must complete their preferred study program application.

Students must meet the academic requirements of their curriculum and have no remaining admission requirements during the examination.

Suppose English is not the preferred language in your native country; you must demonstrate that your English language skills are advanced enough to succeed in your studies with TOEFL, IELTS, C1 or C2, CAEL, PTE, or EFAS.

Programs Offered In The University of Waterloo Mathematics Global Scholarships

As outlined in the requirements mentioned earlier, applicants must complete both the program admission and scholarship application.

A list of programs an applicant can choose from includes the following: 

  • Mathematics → Business Management in Laurier and Computer Science in Waterloo
  •  Double Degree, Business Administration in Laurier and Mathematics in Waterloo
  • Dual degrees, Honors Mathematics, Mathematics / Financial Analysis and Risk Management, Computer Science, Mathematics / Business Administration, Mathematics / Chartered Professional Accountancy.

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How To Apply For The University of Waterloo Mathematics Global Scholarships

To apply for the University of Waterloo Mathematics Global Scholarships, applicants must:

  • First, you are required to fill out the application form and submit all necessary documents in hard copies to the International Student Office.

You should arrange your application form in the following order :

  1. Complete and sign the application
  2. Official high school transcript(s)
  3. First reference letter – Math or Computer Studies teacher
  4. Second reference letter – Principal or designate
  5. All relevant copies of award certificates.
  • Second, complete the Scholarship application by going to the Faculty of Mathematics website for further details on the application process.

For additional information, email [email protected] in the Faculty of Mathematics if there are things you would like to be enlightened on.


Application Deadline: February

Course Level: Scholarships are available to get an undergraduate degree program.

Lesson study: Scholarships will be awarded to the Faculty of

Scholarship Prize: Scholarships will be awarded for up to $ 12,000 to $ 25,000.

Number of Scholarships: Ten scholarships are available for students.

Nationality: Scholarships are available to international students.

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