Top 15 Hardest Bachelor Degrees In The World

So you want to further your education, but all the usual degree programs feel a little light on the challenge. What can you do? 

Thankfully, some universities worldwide have taken it upon themselves to offer degrees that are as challenging as they are unique. 

You might not realize it, but plenty of challenging degree programs exist. Some of which will test your abilities and determination like no other. 

If you think getting into medical school is hard, try getting into one of these bachelor degrees instead. These are the top 15 hardest bachelor degrees in the world.

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Hardest Bachelor Degrees In The World

Are you one of the millions of people worldwide who aspire to earn a bachelor’s degree one day? 

If so, you’ll be excited to know a broad range of topics and subjects fall under that umbrella.

Below are the top 15 hardest bachelor’s degrees in the world:

1. Nursing

Nurses support doctors, therapists, patients, and their families.

Requirements include GPAs in biology, chemistry, math, psychology, and other core subjects.

Must be able to solve patient problems and prevent them.

Nursing is one of the hardest degrees in the world, requiring patience, expert medical care, a strong stomach, and an altruistic nature.

2. Law

There are no shortcuts in the law.

You will need a comprehensive knowledge of the law on various issues to interpret them accurately when the time comes.

If you want to study law, you must be prepared to spend a lot of time with your nose in law books.

If you believe you understand what it’s like to read a lot, talk to a law student at one of the world’s law schools.

Law is one of the hardest degrees in the world.


3. Neuroscience

Neuroscience, like all cognitive science disciplines, has another level of difficulty.

Neuroscience deals with the impact of the brain on human behavior and cognitive processes, including how we think, feel, and perceive things.

Combining chemistry, psychology, maths, and physics course requires an excellent technical foundation in some of the most challenging A-Level subjects.

The requirement to comprehensively understand all these disciplines highlights how challenging this degree can be, as many students find only one of them challenging.

As a highly specialized field, it should be no surprise that neurology is recognized as one of the hardest degrees in the world.

4. Pharmacy

As with the other courses on this list, the career options for this course are comprehensive and always available.

Although medicine and pharmacy are in the same industry, they differ significantly.

Due to its structure and the effort required, pharmacy is one of the hardest degrees in the world.

5. Statistics

Almost every sector uses statistics to display data, including social and scientific study subjects. The study of statistics requires knowledge of logic, reasoning, and mathematics.

Different theories and approaches are used to represent data accurately depending on the data type and population. 

The apparent simplicity of collecting, displaying, and analyzing data is deceptive, making statistics a solid contender for our list of the hardest degrees in the world.

6. Medicine

Medicine is tedious, yet you spend most of your time studying rather than memorizing the most demanding textbooks, definitions, and diagrams. On the other hand, a medical student certainly cannot miss anything, given that everything he studies is essential.

Although there are various medical institutions without tuition fees, the program is not simple.

This medical science degree program ranks among the hardest degrees in the world.

7. Architecture

Contrary to popular opinion, architecture focuses on the environment and its composition in addition to interiors and exteriors.

Using sustainable, biodegradable materials and methods requires the most intelligent and conscientious minds.

Taking architecture courses is not as easy as it sounds.

8. Physics

After graduation, one can work as a physics instructor, academic researcher, meteorologist, geophysicist, or sound engineer.

A physics degree requires a lot of time and effort from the student.

Physics is challenging but one of the hardest degrees in the world because it requires extensive coursework and math.

9. Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical engineering is an interdisciplinary STEM field.

These engineers construct various gadgets and technologies to identify health problems, including artificial internal organs, duplicate body parts, systems, and machines.

It is a program in engineering that focuses on applications of engineering concepts and practices in biology and medicine.

10. Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical engineering requires a high IQ, technical knowledge of engines, and the ability to perform quick calculations.

Aerospace engineers are risk takers with observational and computational skills.

Aeronautical engineering requires knowledge of mathematics and physics.

In this field, engineers conduct research on software such as ground control software, flight software, etc.

They use statistical and quantitative methods to evaluate the reliability of the aircraft because they take a lot of risks.

11. Chartered accounting

The life of a chartered accountant is tough, consisting of tasks such as comparing balance sheets and checking for errors in the ledger.

This course is also featured because it is one of the toughest degrees in the world.

Although it is a stable career path with high-paying opportunities, you cannot deny its difficulty.

12. Dentistry

Dentistry is among the most difficult degrees in the world.

Dentistry can be challenging to gain admission to.

It is a lengthy and challenging subject to study in college.

Top institutions will require good grades in science subjects such as biology and chemistry, which are significantly more difficult at A level than at GCSE.

13. Psychology

A career in psychology requires excellent observation and communication skills, an investigative spirit, and attention to detail.

Each day, each individual experiences a different emotion that makes it impossible to understand the human mind.

Psychologists examine people in various contexts, including employees, criminals, students, children, troubled individuals, and any other group of individuals.

14. Chemistry

If you appreciate and find high school chemistry easy and engaging, then studying chemistry in college is recommended; otherwise, no expert would recommend it.

The science of chemistry is more complex than most people realize and is constantly evolving.

Even though chemistry is present in almost every subject, majoring in chemistry is risky.

This is not an easy course.

Studying high school chemistry is straightforward, while college chemistry is among the hardest major in the world.

15. Astrophysics

To be successful in this course, you must be committed to working hard regularly.

You will need to understand new mathematical concepts and ideas and expand your knowledge of scientific techniques and methods of study.

However, Astrophysics graduates can find employment in various fields such as research, teaching, business, industry, and finance.

Astrophysics is undoubtedly one of the most difficult degrees in the world, as it requires understanding data constantly changing.


Prospective students must consider many factors when selecting the top 15 Hardest Bachelor degrees in the world. 

The path to an academic career and a lifelong passion for learning is paved with challenges and obstacles. 

During an academic journey, one will have to choose the right degree program that matches their interests and leave their comfort zone by taking risks and challenging ourselves in new ways. 

After all, finding the perfect balance between academics, social life, personal growth, and future career prospects is not easy. 

However, choosing the right degree program is not always easy. 

Some fields of study are more competitive than others because of a limited number of job openings at the end of graduation or the high graduate unemployment rate. 

Additionally, some degrees are harder than others, either because they require a lot more work or knowledge outside one’s primary area of interest.

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