Top 10 Skills In High Demand In Nigeria Right Now

Do you know that there are still skills in high demand in Nigeria?

Well, Nigerians are no stranger to unemployment. Therefore, it is quite unfortunate that most times, after all the effort to bag a good degree, youths have no employment opportunity.

It has been the situation, especially after the pandemic.

Many people even lost their jobs, and basic needs like feeding is a challenge to individuals and families.

What gave Nigerians a lifeline? Put; A skill.

Since people lost jobs and pay was not sufficient to survive in a tough economy, people had to resort to getting a skill.

When you have a skill, you have more control of your time and activity, not to mention you could earn in foreign currency like pounds sterling or dollars if you work for an international company.

It is advised that parents encourage their children to acquire a skill even if they choose to send them to university.

It would help them survive during and after their study years. It is because there are so many skills that are in high demand in Nigeria.

Follow through as we discuss the ten top skills one should have right now.

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Top Skills In High Demand In Nigeria

Here is a comprehensive list of various skills in Nigeria:


Of course, copywriting! I’m getting paid for the fact that you are reading this. It is at the top of my list because it is a skill that is really in demand. But who is a copywriter?

A copywriter is a person that writes a clear and concise written text used for marketing a brand, promotional, or ads for a virtual audience or an organization.

You can find copywriting in an article, blog post, social media post, email, or any written text that increases the audience.

However, the primary purpose is to write a copy, but you must write it in a captivating and attractive structure to drive sales. The great advantage copywriters have is that they can work in any industry. 

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Tailoring And Fashion Designing Skills

The fashion industry is an in-demand industry that has given Nigerian youth a way to escape unemployment and poverty.

Consistency in the sector pays off. The power that drives here is love. Fashion enthusiasts can acquire enough skills to help them set up their sewing shops and fashion chains in less than six to twelve months.

Auto Servicing Skills

It is considered a dirty job that requires a lot of work, it is a much-needed skill, and if handled with skill and expertise, it will bring excellent benefits.

It is often also popularly referred to as a mechanic in Nigeria, providing essential services that you cannot ignore.

You will find mechanical shops on almost every road or area of ​​Nigeria to immediately assist people whose vehicles break down in strange places and times.

Construction Services Skills

People need housing just as much as they need food and clothing. The demand for construction projects is high because we need our homes, schools, roads, hospitals, and all other facilities for different purposes.

Construction services include ground inspectors, elevator civil engineers, building inspectors, and others involved in the entire construction process.

Digital Marketing Skills

You can expand your social media accounts today by learning how to market goods and services online. But, first, you need to understand an internet connection, a mobile device, or a laptop computer.

One can make a lot of money on social media if used properly. Companies and products are aware of this and have begun using it by hiring digital advertisers.

Web Development

Web developers monitor site performance and performance. Accordingly, these developments can be online or intranet (private networks).

It is a digital skill that involves creating, designing, and maintaining web websites and applications. The task is to build a website that attracts viewers and links to navigation to make it work better.

Essential technologies like CSS, HTML, Javascript, Sass, Web.com, Grunt e.t.c are used by web developers. There are free online courses to learn the basics of web development—job opportunities designer UX, frontend and backend, mobile engineer, etc.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an excellent digital skill choice for people who are creative thinkers and lovers of art. It can quickly be learned using a phone or a laptop.

Job opportunities for graphic design are visual designer, creative designer, e.t.c. and can work in publishing companies, advertising firms, PR agencies, e.t.c.

It creates visual content with computer software to communicate or inform and attract customers. However, despite being visual content, it also deals with using necessary digital tools to share information, for example, displaying a designed logo or designing a flashy advert for your client.

Examples of graphic designs are posters, banners, magazine ads, etc. 

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Photography Skills

Photography skill is an excellent choice for digital skills for smart and art-loving people. It can be easily read using a phone or laptop.

Job opportunities in straightforward design visual designer, creative designer, etc. and can work in publishing companies, advertising firms, PR agencies, etc.

Creating visual content through computer software to communicate or inform and attract customers. However, in addition to visual content, it also deals with using the digital tools needed to transmit information, for example displaying a logo designed or designing your client a glamorous ad.

Examples of vivid designs are posters, posters, magazine ads, etc.

Computer Support

The good thing here is getting moderate job training in computer support and technology to earn enough money.

Computer software and equipment is a rapidly growing market because computers are helpful and sophisticated, creating the need for more professionals and technical support.

Food Services

Many young Nigerians have received training as cooks.

There is a constant need for food worldwide; I do not believe that there can be too many food handlers or vendors because all people, regardless of social status, have to eat to survive, and you can cook not all food at home.

Anyone who can provide food must get a job if they are not ready to run their own business.

I know some of the best restaurants in the world for people who have earned degrees in the non-food fields.

Many chefs, bakers, and lovers make good money by managing their products online. Foodservice is a much-needed job that enjoys a healthy perspective that continues to grow slowly.

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