How Solid Gigs Works

Solid Gigs is a web app that allows you to earn money by completing simple tasks on your computer. 

The site claims to have over 100,000 users and has been around since 2012. Solid Gig is a platform that connects freelancers with employers. 

You can find jobs in your area, apply online, and get paid for your work. Solid Gigs was created by two friends who wanted to help people find better jobs and make more money. 

They’ve been working on this project since 2016, but they’re still looking for ways to improve it! It’s easy to use, but you should know some important things before signing up for this service.

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How Solid Gigs Works/ The Working Process

Solid Gigs is a job board, so you can apply for jobs. 

If you possess the skills and experience to do the work, Solid Gigs will pay you money for it. 

That’s right! You can get paid for your freelance work!

Solid Gigs also has a feature that lets you find freelance gigs that match your skill set. 

This means that if there are any projects out there that require what you have on hand, Solid Gigs will show them to YOU first.

They will do so rather than sending out thousands of emails asking people who aren’t looking for those projects or probably don’t even know about them.

Why Should You Join Solid Gigs?

SolidGigs is a platform that connects people with jobs. 

They help you get paid to do what you love while helping employers find people who can work remotely or flexibly.

One can choose from a diverse collection of gigs.

They can do everything from writing articles and blogs to coding websites and apps.

These are from marketing campaigns, social media management, and event and design work!

How Much Does It Cost?

Solid Gig is a free service that gives you access to jobs and tools. 

You can upgrade to a paid account, but the basic version of Solid Gigs will give you everything the free version does:

  • Access to our job board for easy job-hunting
  • Free email notifications about new jobs in your area
  • The ability to post jobs on our site

How Long Do I Get Access To The Jobs?

You get access to jobs for as long as you want. 

If you decide that the job isn’t right for you, just cancel it.

You can also cancel anytime without penalty or charge.

When new jobs become available, they send them directly to your inbox, so they’re always at your fingertips.


What Types Of Jobs Do You Post?

You can post any type of job. 

They have many jobs, from one-off tasks to full-time positions. 

Some skills are more valuable than others, so the types of jobs you post will depend on your preferences and needs.

For example, if you’re looking for someone who knows how to handle customer service calls during business hours but doesn’t want them during the weekend or late at night (or even early morning), then posting a gig that involves answering phones would be ideal.

This is because it’ll keep your team happy while allowing them time off when they need it most!

Try Solid Gigs

You can test Solid Gigs for free. 

Try it out and see if the service is right for you.

Solid Gigs will give you a feel for the platform before committing to any of your gigs so that you know what it’s like to be on them and how much time they’ll take in your schedule. 

It’s also a good way to start your career as an independent contractor—and who doesn’t want that?

It’s not just about making money.

Solid Gigs also gives its users access to tools such as accounting software and payroll services.

These tools help keep track of their earnings from gigs at all times rather than waiting until payday.

Importance Of Solid Gigs

Solid Gigs are a great way to make money. 

It’s easy to use, free to join, and you can work from home.

You’ll be able to earn extra money by helping people find jobs or doing other tasks that are important for their business success.

You’ll also have the opportunity to make extra cash on your own time if you’re looking for something different than other sites offer and won’t take up too much of your day.

Features Of Solid Gigs

Solid Gigs has a great user interface, which makes it easy to use. 

There are two primary features of Solid Gigs.

The first is its search engine, which allows you to find jobs by keyword or location. 

The second feature is its “Featured Jobs” section, which lists all available jobs in one place.

Solid Gigs is easy to navigate because they have made it intuitive and simple for users who aren’t familiar with computers or technology. 

This means anyone could go on their site and start looking at job opportunities immediately! 

It doesn’t matter if they’re new to this kind of thing, they’ll be able to find what they need without much trouble!

Disadvantages Of Solid Gigs

There are many disadvantages of Solid Gigs. 

First, there is no assurance that you will get a job. 

If your application is unsuccessful, it is unlikely that you will receive any compensation or payment for your work. 

Additionally, if the Gig doesn’t pay well or on time, it can lead to legal issues with employers who may be unwilling to pay up when they don’t have their money’s worth in terms of production value and time spent on them. 

Some gigs may also ask for free labor from applicants, which isn’t normal practice. 

One should understand that this isn’t always possible because many projects require specialized skill sets.

These skill sets might not be available everywhere, so finding one person with those talents may be difficult at best!


Solid Gigs is a great way to make money on the side. 

It offers flexibility and convenience, but it also requires some effort on your part. 

If you are searching for a way to earn some extra cash while working full-time jobs, this could be perfect for you!

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