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About Promasidor Nigeria

Promasidor is one of Nigeria’s leading food and dairy companies. Producers of Top tea, Kremela creamer for tea and coffee, Twisco, Cowbell, Milksi, Onga, and Loya milk. Onga seasoning cubes and Sunvita cereals. 

Since 1993 when it commenced operations, Promasidor Nigeria has achieved tremendous growth with a range of products that includes everything from powdered dairy products to culinary food enhancers and refreshing beverages.

Promasidor prides itself on offering products that are economical, yet of excellent quality.

Promasidor Nigeria produces, distributes and markets a quality range of products in Nigeria. It is also known for bringing quality food products to Nigerian homes in order to keep families NOURISHED as well as bringing joy to millions of consumers.

Promasidor is also the leading provider of high-quality food products across various regions in Africa, offering excellent quality foods across its extensive product range.

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Promasidor Branded Products Include


Over the years Promasidor powdered milk products have been perfected to stay fresher for longer without compromising on standards. 

Promasidor dairy product range includes a variety of instant powdered milk brands, which are available in convenient pack sizes to suit all pockets. These milk products guarantee a high nutritional value as well as consistent quality. 


Promasidor Nigeria boasts of classic quality flavoured Top tea. The company’s strict adherence to quality helps to maintain the nutritional benefits of key ingredients, such as the health-giving properties of flavonoids in their teas, to ensure that beverages are not just tasty but have nutritional values too. 


Enriched with nutritious vitamins and minerals that provide the recommended daily allowance needed by the body, and assist with cognitive brain development, the prestigious Promasidor cereal range caters to infants and adults.

Available in two variants, the baby cereals are the ideal introduction to solids for babies while the low GI family cereal provides long-lasting energy throughout the day. Available in various pack sizes for additional convenience, these cereals require no cooking and are easy to prepare.


Made from a selected blend of finely combined herbs and spices, for savoury seasoning to meals, the Promasidor dry stock seasoning products include ingredients that can be added to any traditional meal for that unique aroma, and colour and taste. 

Job Vacancies At Promasidor NIG.

  • Admin officers.
  • Production Supervisors.
  • Account and Stock control officer. 
  • Brand Manager.
  • Sales Coordinator.

Eligible applicants should prepare their CVs and upload them on the login portal on the company’s website. At


Employee Benefits At Promasidor.

Working at Promasidor, you’re accorded the freedom to be innovative, to be able to create and implement your own ideas to develop products that meet the nutritional needs of everyday people across the African continent. Promasidor entrepreneurs are people with a drive that delivers exceptional results.

They have no fear of limitations or impossibilities and will create a path where there is none to get results.

As an employee at Promasidor, you would develop and grow your capabilities based on the established values to become an outstanding talent. Promasidor develops people, nurtures talent, and delivers results. 

Promasidor believes their most critical assets are the employees, and that’s why they consciously create an enabling environment that promotes: Fair & Competitive Remuneration, Capability Development, Employee Health & Wellness, International mobility, Career Advancement, Open communication, Diversity, Inclusion & Equality. 

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