Is It Illegal To Sell Stuff At School In The US?

Are you a high school student running a small business or about to start a business with the intent of selling your wares to your classmates?

Have you ever wondered, if is it illegal to sell stuff at school in the US? 

Well, selling things at school can be a grey area in the United States. Some states have laws prohibiting it, while others don’t have any specific laws prohibiting it. 

Depending on the state, selling items like pens and pencils may be allowed, while other items, like candy or lunch boxes, may not be. 

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, if the student is selling a fundraiser item, then they are allowed to do so.

Regardless of the circumstance, It’s important to check with your local school district to see if selling items is allowed before setting up a business in your school. 

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 Why Do Students Sell Stuff At School In The USA?

Parents often encourage their children to sell things at school to make extra money. Why? It can be a way for students to get what they want, and it’s also good for business. 

Here are some other reasons why students sell stuff at school in the USA: 

  • It Enables Students to make a lot of Money 

One reason why students are so eager to sell their belongings is that it is an easy way to make money. Many schools have designated areas where students can sell their items.

In the United States, students are often urged to sell their belongings on campus to make some extra cash. 

This is because students can make a lot of money by selling their items. In fact, according to one study, students who sell stuff at school can earn an average of $780 each year. 

Additionally, most schools where it’s not illegal to sell stuff at school offer discounts to those who sell a lot of merchandise. 

  •  It’s a Great Way to Learn about Business 

By selling things on behalf of others, students learn how to run a successful business. They also learn how to work with other people and develop relationships.

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Are There Any Laws Against Selling Stuff at School?

 In short, no – there are no laws against selling things at school.

 However, there may be policies in place that prohibit certain activities or sales methods. 

For example, some schools may have policies prohibiting outside sales representatives from coming to campus, or requiring that all sales take place through the school’s designated vendor. 

In addition, some states have passed laws prohibiting the sale of items that are considered hazardous to students.

What are the Positive Implications of Selling Stuff at School In The US?

There are many positive implications to selling items at school. Some students make extra money that they can use to buy things they need, such as textbooks or supplies.

 Another benefit is that it can help build community within the school. In addition, by working together, students can learn how to negotiate and how to think on their feet.

Studies have even shown that when kids are engaged in creative endeavors outside of school, they tend to do better in school. 

This is likely because their brains are getting a lot of stimulation and they’re not just sitting passively listening to lectures.

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What are The Negative Implications of Selling Stuff At School

Below are some reasons why selling stuff at school may not be a great idea: 

  • When kids are selling products or services at school, they may be taking advantage of their classmates. In some cases, these sales may be illegal.
  •  These activities can lead to students becoming complacent and not learning new skills. 

Furthermore, when kids are constantly selling things to others, it can create a sense of entitlement. This can have negative consequences down the line in terms of job opportunities and earning potential.

  • If the items being sold are not properly regulated and/or do not meet safety and health guidelines, then the students may be putting themselves and others at risk. 
  •  Allowing kids to sell things at school can lead them to spend more time on homework and less time on other activities because they’re so busy making money.


Can a kid sell candy at school?

Selling anything, but especially junk food, on school grounds, violates both California and federal law.

Can you sell a product to a school?

Yes, Selling directly to schools is a common approach for businesses in the edtech industry. 

Can a student sell on Amazon?

Even students can use Amazon to sell products on Amazon as beginning with Amazon is extremely easy, and anyone with an interest in eCommerce can do it.

What do students buy most?

– Room and Board
– Required Books
– Back-to-School Stuff
– Clothes
– Alcohol
– Snacks & Drinks
– Entertainment
– Personal Care

Can F1 students sell?

Yes, international students on F1 visas can buy and sell stocks.

Why food is a good item to sell at school?

Food And Beverages


In conclusion, it is not illegal to sell stuff at school in the US, as long as you follow the specific regulations set forth by your state. 

Always check with your local authorities to make sure that you are following all the rules before starting up your business in your school. 

Finally, remember to be safe and respectful of your students and other school employees while selling stuff at school.

If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to leave a comment expressing them. 

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