Interview Questions About: Why You’re Good At Sales

“Why you’re good at sales” or “what makes you a better salesperson” is a popular interview question for one of these positions. 

You should anticipate being asked this question if the job announcement for the position you’re applying for includes phrases like “how much sales can you get in a day,” “how effective are you,” or “how patient are you.”

Make sure to answer both sides of the question when responding to this one. 

Demonstrate why you are the greatest salesperson for the job and how successfully you interact with consumers.

Unlike interviews for other types of employment, however, your interview will most likely be arranged so that you end up showcasing your sales skills by “hard selling” the skills you would offer to the company.

Your interviewers will be interested in more than simply your responses to their inquiries. 

They’ll be searching for the excitement, charm, body language, and consultative needs assessment ability that defines a great salesperson in “how” you respond to these questions.

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How To Answer The Question – Why You’re Good At Sales

When preparing for a sales interview, consider what attributes you possess that make you a good salesperson. 

This will help you structure persuasive responses to many common interview questions, such as those listed above. 

You will feel more confident going into your interview if you are well-prepared for these types of questions.

In terms of going over the questions, make sure you do as much research on the company as possible. 

Even small businesses usually have a website where you may get information that can help you prepare for your interview

You can obtain press releases and other articles about the company by Googling it, which you might mention during the interview to demonstrate your interest in working for them.

Tips For Being Successful

  • Skills
  • Sell yourself


Make a list of the hard and soft abilities you have that have aided in the development of your selling style. 

Hard selling, soft selling, patience, consultative selling, networking, client relationship management, account management, product pitching, marketing, territory management, cold calling, negotiation, lead generation, product presentation, and/or closure are all examples of sales talents.

Use your list to connect those talents to experiences that demonstrate your sales prowess. 

Answers that offer detailed, verifiable facts from previous employment or experience are preferred by interviewers.

Sell yourself

Demonstrate your sales talents by “hard-selling” your expertise and skills to the interviewer, using the same body language and approaches as if you were selling their product or service. 

Concentrate on the talents they’ve specified in their job ad as “desirable” or “preferred.”

Research everything you can about the company’s sales program, goods, and market positioning so you can persuade them that you would be a great fit for their team.


Interview questions can be quite tricky sometimes because some interviewer doesn’t just judge you from your answer alone.

Questions judging how good you are at sales tend to be the trickiest because your approach to answering also matters.

Hope this article helps you, good luck. 

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