How To Track A Phone Number In Nigeria

It is not a new thing to track a phone number in Nigeria.

Whenever a person loses his phone due to carelessness or theft, his next move is always trying to see if he can track the phone number.

Are there other valid reasons to track a phone number in Nigeria?

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, one can track a phone number if they need to find the location of someone calling them.

It could also be to monitor your business.

Stay with us as we guide you on how to track a phone number in Nigeria.

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Types Of Users To Track A Phone Number In Nigeria

There are two types of users one can track in Nigeria.

These users include:

A Smartphone User

A smartphone has many features that make it so effective, including tracking a phone number.

If a minor is using one, you can connect to his device.

You need to log into the Find My Device or Find My iPhone services to find their location on a map. You can also use tracking apps like Find My Friends, available on Apple. 

They help to interconnect the entire family or circle of friends together.

Although to do this, you can choose to secretly connect the devices even before handling the phone to a minor.

In most apps, the user will have to permit you to do this, but you can bypass that when it comes to your family or relative. 

It can effectively help you track a phone number in Nigeria.

A Non-Smartphone User

Tracking a non-smartphone is tricky and much more complex than tracking a smartphone device.

However, this is still possible. You can decide to use your phone as a GPS device, so it will show you its exact location if you lose it. 

Non-smartphones have GPS features, enabling you to track your phone should the need arise. 

To enable it, log in to the Accutracking site and follow the simple steps to set up your account.

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Reasons To Track A Phone Number In Nigeria

There are many reasons to track a phone number in Nigeria. However, the apparent reason people may need to find out who is using the phone number in a case of telephone abuse.

Phone abuse occurs when you regularly receive calls or texts from unknown numbers of your choice. Phone abuse is illegal and dangerous because it disturbs a person’s peace and is a security breach.

Phone abuse can happen by the following people:

  • A scammer that wants to know more about you to steal your money.
  • Former partner as girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife.
  • A business partner with a business agreement has also gone awry.
  • Someone who persistently calls you even after you remove them from your contact list.
  • Someone is calling you, not wanting to identify you.
  • Someone is trying to intimidate you by using threats such as change of identity, silence, deep voice, etc.
  • Someone disturbing your phone continually with calls.
  • Someone making offensive suggestions, requests, or comments.

How To Track A Phone Number In Nigeria

Before this moment, it was difficult to track a phone number in Nigeria due to poor technology. Therefore, stopping unwanted calls and identifying a caller was a big challenge.

Nevertheless, today, Nigeria has different ways to track a phone number. 

Some of these ways include:


Various websites will provide you with phone tracking services. However, it would be best to be very careful because many of these websites are unsafe and may try to trick you.

Do not give your information to a website you know nothing about. 

Some of these websites can send spam in the future.

In the event of a stolen phone, you can find the location of the phone by using the cell phone tracking with GPS rather than tracking the phone number. GPS tracking will track the phone directly, and you will find the correct location.

Be aware that it may cost less or require advance payment if other people are involved in getting a phone number.

Contact Your Network Provider

The first move to track a person by phone number is to contact your network service provider.

You can tell them to look up the phone number if something else happens.

Network service providers keep call logs, which means you can ask questions about specific calls.

However, for security and privacy reasons, network providers will provide you with the city and state where they made the call, even if you have fully verified your account or the reasons for needing this information.


True Caller is the newest program for this purpose in the play store. With True Call, you can also avoid spam calls and spam SMS and block unwanted contacts.

Truecaller does not immediately process your contact information, but users can search based on your name. 

The application is also free to use. A True caller can also track caller locations.


This app also helps you identify an anonymous phone number and will help you identify a hidden phone number that usually calls you.

Request For Help From The Police

If tracking a telephone number in Nigeria does not work for you, then it may be a good idea to contact the police and tell them what happened. They usually have a lot of resources and can track the phone quickly.

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Requirements For Phone Number Tracking In Nigeria

To successfully track a Phone Number in Nigeria, you must be sure to meet these requirements:

  • They must have used the phone number for the location tracking services to work correctly. Otherwise, no information will be available about the phone’s current location or where they found it during the tracking.
  • Know the phone number of the person you want to follow.
  • Have an Internet connection on the phone or a portable computer. You can’t track Nigerian phone numbers without a data connection.
  • If you do not have Wi-Fi access and only use your phone, ensure international navigation is off, so you do not have to collect payments.


Many phone number trackers are available to investigate phone numbers in Nigeria. The best option for you will depend on the type of phone and your specific needs, but there is usually one that you can use.

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