How To Generate Leads Through Linkedin Sales Navigator 2024 Update

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a platform that offers promising opportunities to groups of persons that want to excel in business to improve their career opportunities.

This article explains how to Generate Leads through LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

There is much to explore here as there are many upgrades that you may want to access in the version of Linkedin. Also, it adds important features to extend, deepen and integrate business chances. 

Being a novice, you can try the free version of ideas before investing in it. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the best natural steps to take if you are among the teams ready to take their business to the next level. 

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What Is The Linkedin Sales Navigator On Linkedin?

This is designed to help sales professionals grow and build customer relationships at scale through virtual sales.

You can say that it is a sales intelligence platform. They specialize in solving the market’s problems and proffering solutions. For sales professionals, Sales Navigators are the best version of LinkedIn.

There are various search options, and it also improves access to an extended workspace. They also help you reach the right decision maker at the right time.

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Goal Of LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

  • One of their goals is to quickly learn and identify people and companies that are perfect for your product or service.
  • They also understand and monitor key developments in target accounts and seize opportunities that may arise. 

Linkedin Sales Navigator Feature

LinkedIn Sales Navigator happens to be one of the most considerable tools for sales and marketing. They also have a premium LinkedIn account, and it is important you know the features of this premium account and why you should consider using it.

1. Advanced Search 

The advanced search allows you not to limit the number of searchers per month. In addition, there is no limit to the job search, company search, and years of experience in the advanced search.

2. Lead Recommendations 

This is responsible for examining your history and past prospects and helps you make recommendations for potential customers for your business. 

It is assumed that you must have done some searches in the past, therefore, you must have a past account. 

These previous leads can be saved and used for searches. While searching, you will also come across related lead fields.

3. Events Feature 

The event features show all the opportunities on your provided dashboard. Here, you can update and edit all the statuses of your channel.

4. Notes And Marks 

This feature allows you to add notes and marks to a lead so that you can track the source of the lead, and this feature is very effective. 

You can also add tags in the form of short words or phrases that help categorize your leads. For instance, all your leads could come from a seminar you took and label it as a big offer label.

One good feature of the Linkedin Sales Navigator is the ability for you to view how many people have viewed your profile in the previous 90 days.

You can also save the account of people that viewed your profile. You can also send up to 20 emails per month. As a result, your connections can be increased, and you can interact with people and reach out to new contacts.

5. Team Link

A team link is a feature that allows you to search for links of other team members. As a result, you can meet people and also get introduced to people with great business ideas. 

How To Integrate Sales Navigator On Linkedin

  • Choose the contact in Microsoft Outlook for the web and open the Microsoft Office 365 profile tab.
  • Tap the LinkedIn icon.
  • Your profile tab will show you possible profile matches. Select one and click Connect.
  • Continue with LinkedIn.com integration by clicking Continue on LinkedIn.

You can also complete this integration in a two-step process.

  • Link your LinkedIn account with your Microsoft account and click Accept on the Privacy & Terms page. 
  • Then link your Microsoft account to LinkedIn to ensure the Microsoft services are shared with LinkedIn.

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How To Generate Leads Through Linkedin Sales Navigator

1. Search 

With features like advanced filters, you can search among the 722 million options for prospects. There is basically no limit to the number of searches you can make as they offer over 30 filters to search for. Filters are divided into the following categories:

  • Company
  • personal
  • function
  • Workflow
  • main content
  • reflector and more. 

The spotlight category is important as it contains filters that spot ideas, experience, job change data, and news mentions. These filters also give critical points for your messages. You can mention some of the following; 

  • They recently published a post to let them know you appreciate their work.
  • an interesting idea or experience you share
  • the standard link with team link introduction
  • any recent job change

2. Post Content.

The post content will create a shortlist of those that have posted or uploaded a comment on a particular post with the keyword. You can search for the post by going to “Published on LinkedIn” in the ABOUT section.

This is a good prospect if someone is engaging in content related to your niche. If you want to learn about filters, you must start playing with them. 

3. Create Lists Of Quality Leads.

When your search result is ready, you may want to select some leads and save them up to the list you have already created.   

Once your leads are saved, you can now access them through the “Lead List” tab. There are many more things you can use:

  • Filter based on dynamic filters
  • Add notes to potential customers
  • send in emails
  • send connection requests
  • take notes
  • send messages
  • Visit a prospect’s or company’s profile and gather some insights.


How to Generate leads through LinkedIn sales navigator is quite easy if you carefully read through this article. 

Most importantly, LinkedIn sales navigator is best for business-minded people and also helps you get leads to search for other relevant stuff. If this article is helpful, please do well to like and share it with others. 

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