Top 20 Facebook Interview Questions (Example Answers Included)

First, you’ve surely heard about the absurd questions that digital juggernauts asked prospective employees.

Many job hopefuls are concerned about answering those difficult brainteasers. However, the true query is: Should you?


Fortunately, the response is no. They aren’t as typical as you may think. Certainly not today. There is some evidence to support the claim that difficult brain teasers don’t actually result in better hiring. the majority of businesses gave up on them.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about what you should highlight in your Facebook interview responses.

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Facebook Interview Questions And Answers

1. Which Strategy Do You Use To Remain Productive When You’re Working Remotely?

This question is intended to determine whether you can be counted on while working from home. The easiest method to reply to this is to reassure them that working remotely won’t affect your productivity.


Sample Answer

A table and chairs have been set up in my home office, where I work. Since there is nothing in the room to distract me, it is fairly conducive. It is set up exactly like an office. I get ready and go to the room every morning in the same way I go to the office. To keep me on track, I have a plan for my daily responsibilities.

2. We Are Focusing On Working In A Collaborative Environment. Have You Ever Worked In This Kind Of An Environment Before?

Here, the interviewer is trying to determine if you are able to function well in a group setting. Be sure to show that you can collaborate with others in your answers.

Sample Answer

I value a collaborative environment because I think that teamwork fosters the development of the best ideas. Even though I am capable of working alone, I would prefer to work in a team. The collaboration will be possible, in my opinion, with the aid of virtual meetings, particularly during this time of the Covid 19 pandemic.

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3. Describe A Time When You Failed In Your Roles And The Lessons You Picked.

Your response will assist your employer to determine your capacity to accept responsibility for mistakes. Give an example of a real-world failure you experienced and the lessons you learned from it.

Sample Answer

When I was a junior developer, the senior developer gave me a task to build a website for one of the business’s important clients. I had self-doubt because I considered myself to be a junior developer. Since I didn’t have faith in myself, I lost track of what I was doing.

The senior developer visited to check on the status of that task after two days but to be honest, I had not even started. Given the little amount of time he had to deliver the final product, he was quite frustrated.

He insisted on quality and that I finish it right away. Having reached my breaking point, I started developing the website and finished it in three days. The senior developer complimented me and expressed his great appreciation for the finished result. I learned from that experience to have faith in my abilities. Since then, I’ve produced some really fantastic things that have helped a lot of businesses.

4. Have You Ever Faced A Conflict With A Fellow Employee, And How Did You Handle It?

This question is intended to gauge your interpersonal and problem-solving abilities, when answering this question ensure to Show off your capacity to handle conflicts in your response.

Sample Answer

I wouldn’t say that I have ever fought with a coworker, but I have had to argue with them on numerous occasions. However, I will discuss it with my coworkers and resolve the issue eventually. This has helped me to get along well with all of my coworkers at work and do my work efficiently.

5. Describe To Me Your Ability To Adapt To Change.

The recruiting manager is looking for someone who can easily adjust to changes because Facebook’s products are always evolving. The easiest way to answer this question is to give an example of a period when you had to adjust to a change in one of your prior jobs.

Sample Answer

My boss frequently reorganized the sections of his business while I was working there as an online marketer. As a result, I needed to reorganize my strategies and learn how to publish regularly on various social media networks. I would always ask the management for clarification whenever these adjustments were made in order to understand their motivation. I would then be able to adopt a marketing strategy and adjust to the new adjustments.

6. What Is The Biggest Challenge That You Foresee In This Job?

This question is intended to determine whether you are knowledgeable about the most recent developments in this sector. Your response will serve as a testament to your capacity to handle any difficulties that may arise in the future. In your response, list some of the difficulties you anticipate and explain how you plan to overcome them.

Sample Answer

I believe that problems with data security and privacy will persist. This is due to the fact that hackers are getting smarter every day and that online privacy rules are getting more strict. If everything works out and I win the position, I’ll put in a lot of effort to identify any privacy and security flaws and come up with innovative solutions for them.

7. Describe Your Daily Routine At Work

Your capacity to prioritize tasks will be clear from the answer you provide to this question. Show that you are well-organized and have good time management skills in your response.

Sample Answer

I start my day by listening to voicemails and checking emails. If the supervisor did not give me the tasks the day before, I then go see him get the tasks for the day. Meeting with clients to discuss their goals, developing their website layouts, and writing code to program various site features to comprise the majority of the tasks. I occasionally create articles for the website.

8. How Will You Stand Out In A Sea Of Exceptional Talent Here At Facebook?

The interviewer is interested in learning about the talents that can help you stand out from the competition given the large number of applications Facebook receives. The finest opportunity to demonstrate your best abilities, traits, knowledge, and experience in relation to the issues at hand is now.

Sample Answer

Along with being a critical thinker, I also have excellent organizational, analytical, and decision-making abilities. My undergraduate degree is in information science.

I’ve been a digital marketing manager for two years, during which time I’ve obtained expertise dealing with many social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and others. I’m skilled in this subject because I have a strong understanding of website design and development. At work, I can be flexible. I am confident that if given the chance, I can succeed in this position.

9. Describe Some Of The Traits You Would Like Your Boss To Have.

This query may be used by the hiring manager to learn more about your preferred management style. Describe the type of workplace that most suits you in your response.

Sample Response

I like a manager that can allow me the freedom to grow personally, who is respectful, and who offers constructive criticism. This will help me advance both professionally and personally. I think Facebook will have a boss like that

10. What Are Some Of The Tasks You Hate Doing?

The hiring manager is evaluating your adaptability in this situation. The best way to react to this question is to let your interviewer know that even when you are doing a task you dislike, you are still involved in it.

Sample Answer

Working in repeated jobs is not something I love. But I’ve come to the conclusion that repeated labor cannot be avoided.

So I’m gradually teaching myself how to effectively follow a particular schedule. I can now concentrate on each work at hand thanks to this. I switch the order of the items I’m working on and even take pauses occasionally if I find myself losing focus.

11. Share With Us One of Your Proudest Moments.

The potential employer is interested in learning about your greatest successes. Your answer will reveal details about who you are and how you approach your work.

Sample Answer

The creation of a website for one of the schools was my finest accomplishment. This website was used by the administration of the school to promote it. After a few months, the school gained a lot of popularity and welcomed many new students.

This also became my point of reference. When I tell a client that I created a school’s website, they have greater faith in my work and give me more opportunities.

12. How Do You Stay Motivated In Your Work?

The hiring staff can better understand your values and interests by answering this question. Include a few of the hobbies and interests that keep you engaged at work.

Sample Answer

I become inspired by new difficulties. I enjoy participating in all facets of digital marketing and the creation of new websites. I receive valuable experience from doing this that I may apply to other facets of this career. My motivation is maintained by the opportunity to contact various groups of individuals and my flexible schedule.

13. Tell Me One Of Your Strong Areas

This question is intended to help the interviewer determine if you possess the skills needed for the position. The easiest way to answer this question is to highlight one of your strong skills that align with the requirements listed in the job description.

Sample Answer

Paying close attention to detail to guarantee that my blogs and articles are error-free is one of my talents. Before posting, I edit and proofread each post and article. Even though it takes a lot of work, I always appreciate that I hit my daily post goal.

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14. What Is The First Thing You Would Do On Your First Day On The Job?

The interviewer wants to find out your priority as far as the role you have applied for is concerned. Demonstrate the most important area of the job and keep it brief.

Sample Answer

The first thing I would do is familiarize myself with the basic tools and processes needed in my role. I will also take a brief reset between my current and previous roles so as to fit into the company.

15. We Have Introduced Ourselves To You. We Would Like To Know You As Well.

Here, the Facebook hiring manager wants to determine whether your qualifications and experience align with their requirements. The easiest way to answer this question is to explain how your experience and qualifications relate to the job for which you are applying.

Sample Answer

I am a dedicated and trustworthy professional prepared to work in a dynamic atmosphere like Facebook. I read over your job description, and I believe my qualifications and skills meet your needs. I have read through Facebook’s mission statement and fundamental principles, and I can attest that my values align with those of the organization.

In my previous job as an online sales manager, I managed daily updates on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn in addition to producing extensive blogs and articles for other websites. Should you choose to hire me for this position, I am confident that I could greatly benefit your team.

16. You Can Get A Similar Role In Other Companies. Why At Facebook?

Your motivation, interests, and passions with regard to the position you’re applying for will be communicated through the response you give to this question. Expressing your enthusiasm for working here and demonstrating how your talents meet their demands are the greatest ways to respond to this inquiry.

Sample Answer

Facebook is developing and rising to the top of the global social media heap. It currently boasts more than 2.7 billion users, making it incredibly alluring to pursue a job there. I have a lot of respect for Mark Zuckerberg because of his solid morals and the influence he has had on Facebook.

I’d want to report to him. Strong skills are used by Facebook’s employees, and I think that working with them will have a significant impact on my life.

17. Do You Have Any Previous Experience Working In Social Media?

This question may be asked by the hiring manager to gauge your familiarity with and comprehension of Facebook’s mission. Explain how you are familiar with the various social media sites and how Facebook stands out from them in your response.

 Sample Answer

Yes, I have a lot of experience using various social media sites, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. I have a lot of experience in internet marketing thanks to my prior job as a digital marketing manager, which also allowed me to write lengthy blogs and website articles.

18. Describe Your Experience With Facebook

The recruiter is looking into your past Facebook usage in this instance. The easiest way to answer this question is to let them know that you have a Facebook account, along with some examples of your advertising and networking skills.

Sample Answer

My Facebook account is active, and it’s a great platform for connecting with friends and business partners. In addition, I set up a company page where I have a little side business selling cosmetics. On my company page, I run various advertisements every day.

19.  Do You Know Anything About Facebook Culture?

If you have spent time researching Facebook, the interviewer wants to know. Show that you truly comprehend their viewpoint in your response.

Sample Answer

Yes, enabling people to establish community and bringing the world closer are Facebook’s top priorities. Connecting with friends and family on Facebook has helped people achieve this.

This enables children to learn about current events, share, and express whatever is important to them. Additionally, I adore the strategy Facebook employs to hire only the greatest talents who are eager to pick up new skills and develop their existing ones. Working with these outstanding experts will be a privilege.

20. Facebook May Require You To Work Remotely. Do You Think You Will Fit Into Facebook’s Company Culture?

The hiring manager will ask you this question to determine how well you’ll fit into their workplace culture. Show how you can blend into their culture in your response.

Sample Answer

Yes, I feel at ease in the Facebook office environment. I will apply my abilities, information, and expertise to benefit the business even though I will be working remotely.


A lot of people apply for jobs at Facebook. You must be well-prepared for the interview and think through all possible questions in advance.

The aforementioned inquiries are created in a way that they can provide you with a clue to assist you in answering any question.

Best of luck.


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