Does O’Reillys Drug Test New Staff Before Employment?

Drug testing before employment is a common practice by most companies.

This article would be discussing on what O’Reilly is and O’Reillys Drug Test.

O’Reilly’s is a hardware and home improvement store founded in 1978. The company has over 800 stores across the United States and a website that offers a variety of tools, lighting, furniture, and appliances.

The company also has more than 5000 stores across North America and employs more than 40,000 people in the US alone.

O’Reilly’s has been around for over 20 years and has hundreds of employees who work at its headquarters in Ireland. 

The company also has offices in other countries, including Australia and Canada, but most of its testing is done in Dublin. 

The company was founded in 1978 by Jim and Dave Reilly. 

The brothers purchased the building that would become their first store from a local farmer.

Many seek employment at O’Reilly’s but are confused if they drug test new staff before employment.

Read through to understand everything about O’Reilly’s drug testing of new staff before employment. 

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Does O’Reillys Drug Test?

O’Reilly’s drug tests new staff before employment.

O’Reilly Auto Parts, Inc. is a company with a zero-tolerance policy for drug use by its employees.

They conduct proper employee background checks before their hiring process. 

They do so because they do not want to hire people who use illegal drugs or alcohol while on the job. 

If you have been hired by them and fail a drug test, they will not hire you under any circumstances because they have a strict no-tolerance policy towards drug abuse among the employees who work at their stores.

The company operates in a highly competitive market, and it cannot afford to employ people who use drugs, so the company has a zero-tolerance policy toward drug abuse by its employees, including the management.

It is a drug-free workplace and environment. 

O’Reilly Drug Testing uses pre-employment drug testing to ensure that employees are fit to work.

O’Reilly Drug Testing provides drug and alcohol testing for the workplace. 

With over 45 years of experience in this field, O’Reilly Drug Testing can offer a complete range of drug and alcohol testing services.

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What Drugs Does O’Reillys Test For?

O’Reilly’s drug test is one of the largest drug testing companies in the world. 

O’Reilly’s drug test for the following substances:

  • Marijuana, 
  • Cocaine, 
  • Methamphetamines, 
  • Ecstasy, 
  • Heroin, 
  • Phencyclidine (PCP),
  • Alcohol 

What Type Of Drug Tests Are Used By O’Reillys?

O’Reilly’s drug test is done using a breathalyzer, a urine sample, a hair sample, or a blood sample. 

The company enforces its no-drug policy by conducting these random tests throughout all shifts and locations.

The most common drug tests are breathalyzers and blood tests. 

These can determine whether or not you’re over the legal limit, which varies by state and country.

O’Reilly’s drug test is usually conducted with a urine sample. 

Applicants can do the test at home or in the office, but it must be done within 24 hours of applying for a job. 

If you pass the urine test, you will be hired by the company.

If not, no one will hire you because they want to ensure that there’s no drug use on their premises or among their employees. 

An employee convicted of driving under the influence (DUI) or any other controlled substance offense will be tested for illegal drugs by their employer.

This is if they work in an industry where their presence is necessary to run their business efficiently.

These include construction or manufacturing industries where employees must use heavy machinery throughout the day and night, retail sales workers who interact with customers directly regularly, etc.

How To Pass O’Reillys Drug Test

Understanding how to pass a drug test is important, as it could mean the difference between getting hired and not. 

A failed O’Reilly’s drug test could mean that you will have to wait months before being able to return to work. 

If you fail more than once, your employment may be terminated immediately.

The best way for people who are trying desperately hard not only to pass but also avoid detection during their time at work is by following these steps:

  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day so that any toxins build up in your system will be flushed out naturally (this can take some time).
  • Eat meals regularly with high amounts of protein, such as fish or chicken, so these nutrients help.
  • Keep blood sugar levels stable, reducing lethargy chances after drinking coffee later in the evening. 
  • Also, limit alcohol intake, especially during evening hours. The evening hours are when most people tend towards consuming alcoholic beverages instead because they’re easier to access than healthy foods like fruits & vegetables.

Why Do O’Reillys Drug Test?

O’Reilly’s drug test is important for the company, employees, and customers. 

It helps keep O’Reilly’s compliant with laws, stay safe while at work and maintain a healthy working environment.

The company’s drug testing policy protects employees, customers, and the company. 

It also helps ensure that O’Reilly Auto Parts maintains its reputation as a responsible employer in the community.

O’Reilly Auto Parts has created an effective drug testing policy that helps ensure the safety of all employees, customers, and company property. 

The company’s drug testing policies help protect its reputation as a responsible employer in the community.

O’Reilly’s Drug Testing is necessary for the safety and well-being of all parties involved.

It’s easy to assume that employees do not abuse drugs, but this is not always true. 

In reality, some people who use illegal substances do so secretly because they don’t want their coworkers or customers to know about it. 

This could cause them problems later down the road if they lose their job due to drug testing positive for illegal substances like marijuana or cocaine.

They could also get into trouble with law enforcement agencies looking for suspects with similar backgrounds.

Failing O’Reillys Drug Test

If you fail the drug test, O’Reilly’s will terminate your employment. 

If you are hired by O’Reilly’s, they will notify you of their decision within three days of receiving your positive drug test result and offer an opportunity for a hearing before an internal review panel.

If this is unacceptable, you can get tested again (you must take another urine sample). 

You will do it at no cost by calling the 24-hour toll-free hotline at 1-800-742-9647 or visiting their website at www.orillysdrugtestingcenter  


O’Reilly’s has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs, alcohol, and other substances and enforces its no-drug policy.

O’Reilly’s drug test is now the world’s most popular and widely used type of drug test. 

Over 1,200 companies have adopted it, and more than 30,000 individuals are currently on take-home test rosters across the country. T

This success is because O’Reilly’s staff drug testing program gives people a clear explanation of how they can pass their drug test.

It makes it easier for employees to understand while taking their required tests before employment at any company or organization.

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