What Does A Mason Do?

A mason is an integral personnel in a construction site, and they are crucial to the success of building structures.

Many wonder, what does a Mason do? A Mason uses natural stones, concrete blocks, or bricks to erect structures like fences and walkways. 

They also spot cracks in mortars that lead to water leakages.

To be a successful mason, one must have an interest in learning traditional techniques, a keenness for knowledge, exceptional problem-solving skills, and a raw talent for working with their hand. 

Mason typically takes roughly a three-year apprenticeship to be physically fit and able. A mason works with a small group of other construction workers to carry out a project.

Mason’s jobs are typically full-time, and sometimes it is unavoidable to go overtime. Schedules can be spontaneous during cold weather months when there isn’t a lot of building taking place.

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Duties Of A Mason

What Does A Mason Do?

There are several duties of a Mason, although these duties depend on the medium they work. 

However, here are the typical duties of a Mason:

  • Operating equipment such as forklift, dump truck, and flatbed or overhead areas
  • Measuring building materials and work
  • Building structures with stone, concrete and tiles
  • Cutting, molding, and textile materials.
  • Lifting, carrying, and placing fixed blocks.
  • Read the plans and diagrams to calculate the requirements accurately.
  • Ensure that workers fill expansion joints with appropriate kicking material.
  • Prepare for any safety hazards and report them to the supervisor. Contact any severe security issues.
  • Demolish, rebuild and point the chimney.
  • Stay informed of all safety procedures and rules, and follow them strictly.
  • Cut holes in walls, ceilings and floors made of building materials.
  • Ensure that the above areas are cleaned and polished by hand or electrical tools
  • Laying out patterns, forms or foundations for the following programs
  • Use tools and tools to perform basic construction tasks safely.
  • Assist in building, frame, shaving and roof structures.
  • Ensure that the above areas are okay before starting work
  • Supervise activities like storage, alteration, and repair of walls, sidewalks, sidewalks, floors, sink counters, bath showers, and other related facilities Maintenance of tools and facilities.
  • Perform activities like cutting, molding and textile materials.
  • Ensuring the environment is clean and tidy after finishing work.
  • Reading and following technical drawings.
  • Training apprentices.
  • Mixing cement and mortar.
  • Restoring old and worn masonry.

Mason Salary

A Mason’s salary depends on his area of specialization. However, the median Annual Salary of a Mason is $44,810, which is $21.54 per hour.

The Top 10% Annual Salary of a Mason is more than $77,360, which is $37.19 per hour.

The Bottom 10% Annual Salary of a Mason is less than $29,050, which is $13.97 per hour.

Requirements Of A Mason

What Does A Mason Do?

Here is a comprehensive list of requirements that one must meet to be a Mason:

  • Education

The minimum age requirement to receive a high school diploma or equivalent to qualify for training is 18 years.

  • Vocational Training

Students must complete approximately 144 hours of tutoring related to 2,000 hours of on-the-job training each year.

You can train yourself to do this job by completing three to four years of study.

They learn about plans, building code requirements, math, safety requirements, and first aid procedures.

When you have completed the program, you will become a trained Mason who can perform tasks without supervision.

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Skills Of A Mason

There are skills you must possess to be a Mason.

Some of these skills include:

  • Physical Fitness

Masons should always lift heavy objects and objects, such as blocks weighing more than 40 pounds. You must maintain a steady pace as you lay bricks all day.

Physical strength enables him to lift heavy objects during construction work. A Mason should be strong enough to lift over 100 pounds [50 kg].

A Mason must maintain speed when laying the bricks, as lifting heavy objects can be exhausting.

  • Manual Dexterity

You will have to apply smooth, even layers of mortar and quickly set bricks.

This skill will enable a mason worker to effectively lay bricks, stones, and other materials and place them precisely.

  • Creativity

You will have to shape stones into attractive and functional structures.

A Mason must possess in-depth knowledge and familiarity with appropriate tools, construction techniques, and equipment.

They must possess adequate skills and knowledge in building, modifying, repairing, and maintaining stone buildings and spaces.

  • Good Math Skills And Problem-Solving

These skills will enable a person to identify, analyze and solve problems and any problems that arise.

It is best if you had at least a high school diploma or equivalent and took a degree or vocational training.

  • Reading Skill

You must read and understand the instructions, including security policies and procedure manuals.

  • Interpersonal Skill

A Mason should feel free to work with other professionals in the construction industry

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Types Of Masons

There are different types of Masons with their unique duties. Some of these types of Masons include:

  • Brickmasons/Blockmasons

They are also called bricklayers. 

Identifying, cleaning, and metalworking workers are bricklayers repairing bricks, especially in older buildings. Refractory masons are brick killers who specialize in installing fireproof materials.

They build and repair walls, fireplaces, and other structures with brick, terra cotta, precast masonry panels, concrete blocks, and other masonry materials. 

  • Cement Masons And Concrete Finishers

In pouring, leveling, and finishing concrete, cement builders apply their knowledge of how conditions affect concrete and take steps to prevent mistakes.

They may paint in concrete areas, raise small stones on walls and sidewalks, or make concrete beams, columns, and planks.

For small projects, such as building sidewalks, cement builders can use a wire mesh called lath.

For significant tasks, such as building foundation foundations, steel reinforcement and rebar workers install reinforcing mesh.

  • Stonemasons

Stonemasons use a special hammer or diamond saw. Workers cut the stone into various shapes and sizes. Some stone masons are skilled at setting marbles, much like laying on a rock.

They build stone walls and set up exterior and stone walls. They work with two types of stone: natural stone, such as marble, granite, and limestone, and artificial stones, made of concrete, marble stones, or other building materials.

  • Terrazzo Workers And Finishers

Terrazzo workers make decorative cakes by combining fine marble chips in epoxy, amber, or cement, which are often colored. Workers repair the imperfections with a grinding machine when the terrazzo is well prepared. Terrazzo workers install small decorative materials or polishing compounds on new or existing concrete.

Also known as terrazzo masons, they create decorative walkways, floors, patios, and panels. Much of the initial work of pouring, measuring, and finishing the terrazzo concrete is similar to cement masons.

Working Condition

Even household jobs can be dusty and dirty. Outdoor work can expose you to bad weather, but much of this work is withdrawn, at least temporarily, under conditions like heavy rain.

Mason is hard work. It involves standing, bending, and bending long, as well as heavy lifting.

They can sustain injury from cuts and bruises, although wearing safety gear may prevent much of this.

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