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URBN – Loss Prevention Officer

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JOB TITLE: Loss Prevention Officer

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Urban Outfitters, Inc. (URBN Europe) is a worldwide consumer brand portfolio that sells a wide range of lifestyle items and consumer products through its brands Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People. All of our businesses are expanding rapidly, and we need bright, energetic, and creative people to join us!

A Loss Prevention Officer’s job is to protect URBN Europe’s employees, profits, and assets. Furthermore, it is expected that the job will contribute to the aim of minimizing losses by detecting and preventing theft, fraud, and noncompliance, as well as creating a safe and secure environment for our employees and customers.

Key Responsibility

Detecting any sort of company loss and deterring it via outstanding customer service.

Detecting and apprehending shoplifters in line with corporate policy.


Assisting businesses in understanding and detecting fraud.

Detecting internal corruption.

Detecting process flaws.

Ensure that all cases are properly managed by producing correct written statements and Incident Reports and ensuring that these are managed in accordance with corporate rules.

Attending Court on the Company’s behalf if necessary.

Ensuring that all reports adhere to GDPR guidelines.

When necessary, acting as a point of contact for law enforcement officials.

Deliver accurate, clear information to the Stores and District Manager on stock loss, events, and patterns in order to detect significant process flaws.

Make recommendations on cost-effective ways to minimize loss, enhance processes, and/or increase efficiency.

Where process modifications have been authorized, assistance with implementation, embedding, and follow-up is provided.

Assist store teams with emergency response and protocols, and escalate as needed.

Deliver Loss Prevention training programs on a regular basis to ensure that all store staff are informed and compliant.

Make certain that every new member of the shop team undergoes a Loss Prevention orientation.

Keep track of the training that is given and the people that attend it.

Make certain that all Loss Prevention and Retail Operations rules and procedures are followed. Any complaints or noncompliance should be reported to the relevant business partners.

Ensure that all physical security and loss prevention technological equipment is in good working order and is being used appropriately. In a timely way, troubleshoot and escalate issues as needed.

Communicate with and work with contract security services.

Communicate with and help other URBN Europe stores across all brands in order to exchange best practices and uncover common concerns.

Represent URBN Europe in local Retail Crime Schemes and attend meetings as needed.

Continue your knowledge by participating in internal and external Loss Prevention education and awareness initiatives.

The ideal candidate will be a successful manager supervising several sites in military, law enforcement, or security and loss prevention-related profession, however, individuals with varying levels of experience are encouraged to apply.

Results-oriented leader with strong influencing skills and experience working in a fast-paced, multi-tasking environment, as well as shown ability to build and manage functional teams and manage budgets.

Comfortable as a hands-on supervisor who actively acquires familiarity with the team’s strengths and service model so that they can capitalize on the team’s strengths and ensure it effectively uses established and cutting-edge technology, software, processes, critical information and data, as well as the equipment and tools required for success in their area of responsibility.

Awareness of, and expertise with, best practices relating to the use of physical security systems, investigation tactics, effective deployment and monitoring of contract security guards, and transportation and supply chain loss mitigation strategies is a plus.

Key Skills

Commitment to Excellence

Develop contacts and be a reliable business partner.

Excellent communication abilities, as well as the ability to influence and train colleagues at all levels.

Mindset that is analytical and data-driven.

Understand how to conduct surveillance without interfering with the in-store experiences of customers.

Learn about security processes and techniques.

Professional experience with handling sensitive and/or private data.

Ability to work independently and efficiently manage time

Have a solid understanding of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act of 1968 (PACE) and the Data Protection Act of 1998. (DPA).

Learn about contemporary loss prevention strategies.

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