21 Best Jobs For Misanthropes And Introverts

Everybody needs a job regardless of their personality type. 

If you have a personality trait that hates being around people, working with people, and you find pleasure in working alone, you are probably a misanthrope or an introvert. 

Before we proceed with the best jobs for misanthropes and introverts, you should be clear on the differences between them. 

While a misanthrope hates people and completely avoids social interactions, an introvert prefers spending time with a few close friends and family and avoids large gatherings.  

Introverts are attentive, detail-oriented, calm, and think before they speak. These are invaluable traits that are sought after in some jobs. 

Whatever personality you self-identify with, whether misanthrope or introvert, there are jobs that will fit your personality

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Best Jobs For Misanthropes And Introverts

Here we have listed the 21 best jobs for misanthropes and introverts. These jobs are flexible and do not require much interaction with people so if you like to work alone, you will find them really enjoyable.

1. Writer 

Writers use written words in different styles and techniques to communicate ideas. They are creative thinners with a keen eye for detail.

As a writer, you can spend long hours working alone on books, articles, blog posts, etc. You mustn’t have a degree in journalism to become a writer. If you have an interest, you can start by practicing and taking opportunities as they arise. 

Average Annual Salary: $61,703

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2. Art Curator 

Art curators are responsible for managing collections of artworks for a museum, foundation, or art gallery.

These professionals usually have a degree in art or history-related field and they spend their working hours collecting art and taking care of displays and exhibits. 

Curators should not be mistaken for docents. Docents guide visitors through the exhibits in a museum and art gallery.

Average Annual Salary: $79,637

3. Landscape Designer

Landscape designers are also called landscape architects. They create attractive and functional outdoor spaces for homeowners, schools, businesses, and other organizations. 

If you have a creative mind, great visualization skills, and love the outdoors, you should consider being a landscape designer. The job gives you lots of alone time and you get to work with a small team of helpers. 

Not all landscape designers have degrees in landscape design. You can learn on your own or through experience. 

Average Annual Salary: $57,412

4. Translator

Are you multi-lingual? If you are, this is could be a chance to make money off your skill. Translators are responsible for translating writing or speech from one language to another. As a translator, you can work alone and remotely. You do not necessarily need a degree to become one. Most times, employers as that you provide quality transitions you’ve done in the past. 

Average Annual Salary: $46,009

5. Librarian

Most introverts would prefer getting lost in the world of books to being around people. Libraries would be the perfect place to keep social interaction down to a minimum.

As a librarian, you provide access to information and sometimes social or technical programming or instruction on information literacy to users. To become a librarian you require a degree in library sciences or education. 

Average Salary : $55,908

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6. Graphic Designer

This is a professional who assembles images, typography, or motion graphics together to create a piece of design for published, printed, or electronic media like brochures and advertising.

As a graphic designer, you have the opportunity to work on different kinds of projects and you can work as a remote staff or as a freelancer for a company.

You don’t need to stress about having a degree in graphic design except if you prefer offline classes or you have specific reasons to do so. 

There are myriads of websites like Udemy and LinkedIn that provide courses and training on graphic design where you can learn online at your own convenience. 

Average Annual Salary: $49,777 

7. Park Ranger

Park rangers have the responsibility of protecting state and natural parks; the natural resources, ecosystems, and wildlife within them.

As a par ranger, you can choose to work as a law enforcement officer, environmental expert, historian, or even all three of them. To secure a job, you require at least a bachelor’s degree. 

Average Annual Salary: $35,673

8. Night-Time Security Guard

This is one of the best jobs for misanthropes. Did you know that there are times night-time security guards go an entire shift without seeing another person? As crazy as it sounds it’s true. 

Night-time security guards are responsible for monitoring the premises of a business, or institution at night. These professionals do not require a degree. Usually, they receive training on the job.

Average Annual Salary: $48,717

9. Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists often spend a lot of time doing research giving them ample time to be alone. Their job demands that they travel to different parts including remote areas to collect samples and essential data. To get a job as an environmental scientist, you require a bachelor’s degree and a master’s to increase in rank. 

Average Annual Salary: $68,308

10. Dishwasher

Dishwashers wash and dry dishware, cookware, and cutlery often in a restaurant setting. This is a very busy job and although you may have to work with other kitchen staff, the chances for small talk and chats will be at the barest minimum. This job does not require any formal training. 

Average Annual Salary: $27,695

11. Overnight Stocker

This is another job that reduces your chances of meeting many people. Overnight stockers are professionals that restock shelves and organize products at stores outside the regular operating hours. You do not require any formal training for this job. 

Average Annual Salary: $54,557

12. Long Haul Trucker

Long haul drivers spend long hours traveling miles transporting goods and cargo to specific destinations. Since they spend a lot of time on the road, they have a lot of time to themselves and have the luxury of seeing different parts of the country. To qualify as a long-haul trucker you need to have a CD incense and some necessary certifications. 

Average Salary: $74,793

13. Data Entry Clerk

A data entry clerk is responsible for entering or updating data into a computer system. Most data entry jobs are remote and require a high school diploma or its equivalent as an educational qualification. The job requires individuals who are detail-oriented, great with numbers, and have fast typing skills. 

Average Salary: $33,529

14. Artist

Artists can work in art studios from home or any other place; whichever you choose, you can be certain of having all the quiet time to yourself without distractions.

Most artists are naturally skilled and do not require any formal training but you can pursue a degree to hone your sis. 

Average Salary : $56,352

15. Archivist

If you are a history buff, you would find this job interesting. In this position, you would be responsible for assembling, cataloging, preserving, and managing valuable collections of historical information in museums, libraries, government organizations, and schools. You require at least a bachelor’s degree in history or library science to land a job. 

Average Annual Salary: $63,515

16. Pet Sitter

Pet sitters care for various pets while their owners are away working or on vacation. Pet sitters are in high demand and do not require any formal training except animal first aid. 

Average Annual Salary: $36,615

17. Mechanic

Mechanics spend time doing what they love without having to work with many people. They repair and maintain vehicle engines and machinery. If you love this field, you can start as an apprentice and with time you can get the required training and skills to work on your own.   

Average Salary : $44,675

18. Grocery Delivery

You wi be required to deliver groceries and you wi spend most of your time in the car or walking the aisles of the grocery store. Grocery delivery has some customer service requirements and since you will be delivering products you need a reliable vehicle. 

Average Annual Salary: $69.915

19. Photographer

There are different types of photography including still life and portrait photography and they do not involve much human interaction. You can receive formal training or be self-taught. 

Average Salary : $41,826

20. Newspaper Delivery

This job description involves driving a specific route and delivering papers to local subscribers. You do not require any formal training to qualify except for a driver’s license. 

Average Salary : $33,601

21. Sanitation Worker

Sanitation workers are responsible for cleaning, maintaining, operating, or emptying sanitation equipment. As a sanitation worker, you are likely to work with a few people and lift heavy objects. Most applicants are required to have a high school diploma.

Average Salary: $45,364

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Famous Misanthropes

Some famous misanthropes include;

1. Oscar Wilde

2. Patricia Highsmith

3. Franz Kafka

Famous Introverts

Here are some famous introverts;

1. Albert Einstein 

2. Bill Gates, 

3. Elon Musk

4. Emma Watson

5. Meryl Streep, 

6. Audrey Hepburn

Frequently Asked Questions

What Jobs Are Good For Extreme Introverts?

Accounting manager
Landscape designer
Behavioral therapist
Content manager
Executive chef
Graphic designer
IT manager

Which Job Is Best For A Silent Person?

The following jobs are best for quiet people;
Graphic designer
Software Developer
Market research analyst
Technical writer
Civil engineer

Who Is A Famous Misanthrope?

Jonathan Swift, writer of A Tale of a Tub and Book IV of Gulliver’s Travels is believed to have been misanthropic.

How Do You Treat Misanthropy?

With cognitive behavior therapy, misanthropy can be treated. The individual will learn techniques to change his behavior or thought processes to be more positive, rational, and productive.

What Is The Opposite Of A Misanthrope?

The opposite of a misanthrope(someone who hates people) is a philanthrope, philanthropist, humanitarian, or believer. 


Misanthropes and introverts may have a hard time relating with people but there are still jobs they can do and enjoy. If you fall into any of the categories you can check out our list of the best jobs for misanthropes and introverts.

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