11 Top Short-Term Career Training Programs

Many people today are gradually opting for top short-term career training programs.

It is important to note that as much as it is considered a short-term career training program, it does not necessarily mean one will not get a good salary.

A short-term training program can land you a lucrative job if you can attain the required level of skill and knowledge needed for the job.

This article will discuss some of these top short-term career training programs.

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Top Short-Term Career Training Programs

Here is a comprehensive list of top short-term career training programs.

1. Emergency Medical Technicians

A basic EMT level requires 100 hours of training.

Medium or advanced EMT certificates include approximately 1,000 hours of training.

EMTs receive an average annual salary of $33,380.

Students must pass a national competency test and complete an accredited training program to qualify for all EMT performance levels.

License requirements vary from province to province. Search your local health department for a query that includes “authorized EMT training programs.

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) serve as the first point of contact for injured or suddenly sick people.

EMTs intervene to provide medical care and stabilize people injured or sick before treatment by doctors and then refer patients to hospitals for care.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects job opportunities for EMTs to grow much faster than regular employment due to aging and stroke, falls, heart attacks, and other emergencies.

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2. Hairdressers

Hairdressers receive an average hourly salary of $11.95.

Countries require stylists to complete written tests and sometimes performance skills tests to qualify for a license. Search by your region name and keywords “authorized cosmetology schools” to find a list of schools in your area.

Hairdressers with shampoo cut, color, straighten, curl, and treat clients’ hair. Training programs are usually nine to 10 months long, and districts require approximately 1,000-1,600 hours for licensing.

3. Massage Therapists

Many individuals are licensed as massage therapists and require completing an accredited program, usually a year or more in length, at least 500 hours of study.

The average annual salary for massage therapists is $39,990.

Massage Therapists control clients’ muscles and soft tissues to relieve pain, reduce stress, and increase relaxation.

Massage therapists perform their jobs in private practice, with chiropractors, hospitals, rest areas, and fitness centers.

They advise clients on reducing stress and muscle tension and getting more rest.

4. Wind Turbine Technicians

Wind turbines specialize in maintaining wind turbines and equipment. They check equipment safety and efficiency, identify problems, modify parts, and perform other repairs.

5. Apprentice Programs

Training for apprentice programs usually takes one to three years, but trainees get paid during this time, and there are traditionally no training costs. Find out about apprenticeship options in your area through your regional office.

Typical jobs for apprentices include plumber, electrician, thermal engineer, carpenter, machinist, and mechanic.

Vocational training programs provide a way for new employees to learn handicrafts using a combination of pay-for-job training and classroom instruction.

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6. Sales Trainees

Many organizations have job training programs to train trainees in their products and marketing strategies.

Sales Trainers show interest and assertion in how you communicate with the employer. Conduct informational discussions with vendors and other employees in targeted companies to demonstrate your communication skills.

They engage customers and encourage them to purchase products or services. Candidates with solid speaking and interpersonal skills can often convince employers to hire them without any direct marketing impression.

7. Commercial Drivers

Commercial driver training programs usually last two to six weeks. Learn more about truck driving.

The average salary for heavy truck drivers is $42,480

Commercial drivers must complete a written inspection and road inspection.

Commercial drivers transport goods and construction materials by trailer or other heavy vehicles. Contact your car dealership in your region for specific requirements in your area for a commercial license.

8. Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers complete all online courses lasting six to twelve weeks or training programs lasting about six months.

Personal trainers earn an average salary of $39,210 annually.

Personal trainers work in private client homes, community-based / fitness gyms, and fitness businesses or leisure centers.

Verification boards need people who will write exams and, sometimes, test skills.

Trainers should promote their services to potential customers sustainably to save revenue.

Personal trainers design and deliver client fitness programs. They create procedures to improve their clients’ aerobic condition, flexibility, and muscle strength.

9. Physical Therapy Aides

Most physical therapists receive on-the-job training for three to 12 months.

Physical therapists earn an average salary of $25,730 annually.

Physical therapy assistants greet patients and arrange appointments.

Physical aids help patients in and out of medical facilities. They intensified treatment procedures after therapists began intervening with clients.

Physical therapy services provide support for physical therapists and physical therapists. They help plan equipment and prepare patients for procedures.

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10. Advanced Certificate Program In Data Science

In this professional job-oriented short-term course, you will need detailed knowledge of Statistics, Predictive Analytics using Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualisation, and other related Data Science and ML concepts. 

Once you receive the certification, you can apply for promising Data Science job roles like Data Analyst, Product Analyst, Business Analyst, and Machine Learning Engineer.

Data Science is the latest tech trend that has taken the industry by storm. Companies and organizations, irrespective of their trade, are adopting Data Science tools, technologies, and solutions to promote innovation, increase productivity, boost sales, and maximize customer satisfaction. 

11. Certified Nursing Assistants

Some health centers offer free training programs to students committed to serving their organization.

Most Certified Nursing Assistance programs can be completed in four to six weeks and require at least 75 hours of training locally.

The average annual income of nursing assistants is $ 27,520.

Certified Nursing Assistants, also known as CNAs, support the medical efforts of trained nursing staff by monitoring and reporting significant changes in patients’ symptoms and health status.

CNAs help patients communicate daily activities such as eating, dressing, and bathing. Red Cross, hospitals, community colleges, and online apps offer training programs.

Certified Nursing Assistant is significantly in demand given the growing needs of older people for medical care. Certified Nursing Assistants perform their duties in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, private homes, and medical facilities.


Top short-term career training programs are ideal for individuals who wish to change their careers, mainly if they have limited time and money to pursue a long-term program.

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