Shell Nigeria 2024 Sabbatical Attachment for University Lecturers

Shell Nigeria currently prides itself as the oldest Nigerian energy company. It has grown to have  a long-term commitment to the country, its people, and the economy.

Shell is a global group of energy and petrochemicals companies with an average of 93,000 employees in more than 70 countries. 


They are known to engage in so many charitable works like Secondary School reach outs, Scholarships for postgraduate and Undergraduates, providing Internship Programs for students, etc.

This is to announce that among other charitable works done by the energy providing  Company, the Application for the Shell Nigeria 2024 Sabbatical Attachment for University Lecturers has closed for 2024.

The Program is targeted at Nigerian University Lecturers in different higher institution looking for Scholarships to fund their research and programs.

Through the Sabbatical attachment program, most lecturers are provided with the resources and funding needed to acquire industry-related experience and lectureship.


The venue for the program is the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd (SPDC JV Centres of Excellence CoE)operated a joint venture with the Rivers State University in Port Harcourt 

The amazing feature of the SHELL Nigeria 2024 Sabbatical Attachment Programmes is that it is known to have a transparent application process, which gives every lecture the liberty to apply notwithstanding anything as its open to every one them.

It is a program that runs for 6 – 12 month, Lecturers who crave to enhance their knowledge in their field are called to apply especially Senior Lecturers who are well known in their field of study.

The Benefits of the Program cannot be overemphasized as it gives the lectures access to enough funding for their research and inventions.


It also serves as a link between them and gurus who are professional, it also provides them with a wider range of jobs and gets them more exposed to knowledge about their fields as resource materials and facilities are always available and at Applicant’s disposal.

The focus is usually on fields connected dealing with Environment, External Relations, Community Health, Oil Spill Responses, Nigerian Content Development.

Requirements to Apply

  • Firstly, Applicants must be academically sound with proven records in their field
  • Ideal Candidates are University lecturers, especially senior lecturers.
  • Thirdly, Candidates are also expected to have published works to their credit.
  • Experience from previous sabbatical attachments.
  • Your length of teaching experience is paramount.
  • M.sc, Ph.D. holders 
  • Disqualification arises from multiple Applications, especially for senior lecturers
  • Additionally, experience from teaching would be an advantage.
  • In addition, the Applicant must be from disciplines related to Environment, Occupational Health, and Oil Spill Response.

Application for the SHELL Nigeria 2024 Postgraduate Research Internship and Sabbatical Attachment Programmes is and was done online on the company’s site.

No email application was accepted this year as everyone was asked to apply online. Instructions on how to apply were on the site and which included 

  • A summary of how the candidate intends to add value to the skin business during the 12 months sabbatical (400 words maximum).
  • At least three referees.
  • Research Proposal including Study background, technical objectives, /methodology/data required, and the expected outcome (1300 words maximum).
  • Work experience related to the course proposed.
  • A valid email address is important because that is the means of communication.

Goodluck to the Applicants of this year’s Sabbatical attachment 


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