15 Best Programs Similar To Americorps In 2022

It is impossible to overstate the value of volunteers, who have helped communities all over the world grow and flourish since the dawn of time.

Even though there are no financial incentives for volunteering, doing good in the world brings happiness and contentment to many people. 

Americorp is one of these organizations where you can volunteer and find satisfaction in giving back to the community.

Each of these voluntary organizations is on a mission to carry out predetermined objectives and realize predetermined dreams.

This article contains a well-researched list of the 15 best programs similar to Americorps.

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About Americorps

AmeriCorps is sometimes referred to as the domestic Peace Corps and its official name is the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS).

AmeriCorps is a voluntary civil society program that is financed by the federal government of the United States.

Americorps works across the country to improve neighborhoods, educate children about reading, construct affordable homes, respond to natural disasters by restoring rivers and streams, assist seniors to live independently, offer immediate and long-term aid to victims of natural disasters, and attend meetings.

To help others and fulfill critical community needs, they also include adults in public service work.

For the most part, Americorps volunteers work full- or part-time jobs to complete tasks in the industries of education, public safety, healthcare, and environmental protection.

Although volunteers are not paid, each member receives a monthly stipend to help with costs like rent, groceries, and other essentials. 

Everyone who is a citizen of the United States or a legal permanent resident is eligible to join Americorps civic society.

Its members can work for nonprofits, government organizations, colleges and universities, Native American tribes, and faith-based organizations.

Volunteers can instruct and mentor young people, construct inexpensive offer after-school programs, provide housing, instruct computer skills, maintain parks and streams, and assist communities in catastrophe recovery.

Best Similar Programs Like Americorps

If you want to volunteer with Americorps, you must pass some rigorous tests, but not every volunteer may is favored by these policies.

But when it comes to volunteering your time, abilities, and good intentions, there are various similar programs, like Americorps, with less stringent eligibility standards.

Depending on eligibility and the number of years to commit to service, these volunteering programs make it possible for you to help others.

1. Love Volunteers

Similar to Americorps, the Love Volunteers program enables volunteers to work in Moldova, an Eastern European nation. 

Volunteers interact closely with local youngsters to teach them about community, human rights, cultural diversity, and healthy lives.

Those who are interested in Eastern Europe as a volunteer are best suited for this opportunity. 

People who volunteer with Love Volunteer develop better problem-solving and self-confidence skills.

Anyone can apply for this program, regardless of their background, stage of life, or age.

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2. International Volunteer HQ

Almost everyone can volunteer in healthcare, including those with little or no medical training, although each volunteer at International Volunteer HQ must be prepared to commit at least a year and finish 12 worthwhile tasks within that time.

Similar to Americorps, this civic society provides possibilities in Guatemala that are secure, responsible, and reasonably priced.

In Guatemala’s rural areas, volunteers are allowed to work in small neighborhood clinics and develop more expertise in the medical profession.

3. Habitat for Humanity

Through housing, this civil society is dedicated to fostering strength, stability, and independence. 

This habitat for humanity program offers living options to as many people as feasible with the goal of assisting everyone in having a nice place to live. 

Helping individuals build, fix, and rebuild their houses is something you can do as a volunteer.

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4. Save Volunteering

A volunteer program called Save Volunteering gives you the chance to work in the untamed and stunning arable plains of Africa.

The South African organization Save Volunteering has branches in Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Malawi, Namibia, and Kenya.

Their volunteer activity is mostly focused on the fields of education, wildlife conservation, community improvement, and construction.

Therefore, you’re not alone if you’re looking for a chance to volunteer in Africa and change the world.

5. Teach For America

Teach for America is searching for volunteers to increase educational possibilities if you want to volunteer in the educational field.  

Volunteers provide two years of instruction in a low-income neighborhood in the United States.

As of the most recent count, there were more than 8, 200 volunteer instructors working in more than 35 urban and rural locations.

6. Orange County

As an organization dedicated to fostering rich and meaningful client experiences, Orange County connects businesses, NGOs, and individuals to provide a range of services and solutions.

Each of Orange County’s four national days of service is open to volunteers. 

Volunteers have the chance to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and legacy by performing meaningful service on MLK Day.

This program also supports nonviolent protestors who are using their First Amendment rights under the Constitution to speak out against injustice and racism.  

7. Big Brothers Big Sisters of America

The largest donor and volunteer-supported mentoring network in the USA are run by the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America organization. 

Most of the adolescents in the program group have been successfully matched with mentors thanks to the organization. 

And most of these enrolled youths reside in homes that receive poverty or food stamps.

8. Peace Corps

Unlike Americorp, Peacecorp volunteers have the chance to support international communities, but must be prepared to serve in this civil society for a full two years.

Motivated changemakers have the option to serve in this civil society and become fully integrated into a foreign community.

In Peace Corps, volunteers collaborate with locals to address today’s most pressing problems.

9. Pacific Discovery

Pacific Discovery Programs gives volunteers the chance to take part in service-learning excursions all over the world for summer and academic year adventures.

These chances for experiential learning are centered around six main themes which include service learning, sustainable adventure travel, cultural and linguistic immersion, outdoor and wilderness exploration, and personal and leadership growth.

10. The Corps Network

The Corps Network has registered over 29, 000 young men and women doing worthwhile civic work.

Volunteering through this program strengthens communities, fosters civic engagement, and protects and restores the environment.

11. City Year

City Year is a group of volunteers committed to actively promoting equity, inclusivity, and diversity to provide everyone a sense of belonging. 

When you join, you will collaborate with teams of individuals from a variety of backgrounds and be assigned to serve in classrooms and schools all around the nation, addressing issues of educational inequity.

12. Youth Conservation Corps

The Conservation and Service Corps is another name for the Youth Conservation Corps program. 

Like AmeriCorps, it features a network of programs that all work toward the same objective, that include its members, particularly young adults, in education, training, and community service.

13. Policy Allies

A national movement called The Policy Allies is dedicated to improving social justice through volunteerism, including and empowering everyone’s leadership. 

As long as you are above 17, have a high school diploma or GED, and are a citizen or permanent resident of the United States, you can volunteer for the ten-month program.

14. Civic Justice Corps

Youths who are formally jailed or in court-related situations between the ages of 18 and 24 are included in this program’s community service and job opportunities, vocational training, and academic interventions for skill development and career development.

 15. Youth Build

With the youth build program, young people have the opportunity to build the skillsets and mindsets that will lead to learning, employment, and leadership.


The programs in this article are some of the best options for Americorps alternatives in 2022, whether you want to volunteer for teaching, defending the environment, or rebuilding your town.

Although, apart from these programs, there are other Americorps-like programs that you can always volunteer to.


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