Panera Bread Dress Code Policy Guide

With over 30 years of experience in the food business, Panera Bread is well known for its commitment to healthy eating and strong work ethic.

To assist customers in making their healthy choice, Panera Bread always employs devoted and qualified staff. 

They usually have a dress code, but they don’t need it to act like the professionals they represent themselves to be.

The dress code usually varies depending on the department, that’s why this article provides information about Panera Bread dress codes in the various departments.

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About Panera Bread

To place a loaf of bread in every arm, St. Louis Bread Company, a modest community bakery, was started in 1987 and later changed its name to Panera Bread. 

The art of baking fresh bread every day continues at the core of Panera Bread, even though this company has grown significantly since then and now operates well beyond St. Louis. 

They hire skilled bakers that stock the shelves of the bakery with delectable pastries, bagels, focaccia bread, and other freshly made bread.

They are known for providing customers with wholesome, freshly prepared cuisine and classic, hearty dishes that are featured on the menu, each with a unique touch.

They provide omnichannel access to your favorite Panera items, including smartphone ordering, catering, Rapid Pick-Up® for to-go orders, and curbside pick-up and delivery, all as a result of investments in technology and operations.

Today, Panera operates in 48 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada under the names Panera Bread® and Saint Louis Bread Co.  

Panera Bread Dress Code – For An Associate

Every worker including an associate at Panera Bread has a dress code that might be unique to them.

The dress code of an associate includes:

  • Black Shirt Or Collared Polo

Associates should dress professionally by wearing a short-sleeved collared polo, a black T-shirt without a logo, or a T-shirt with the Panera logo. 

The T-shirt needs to be neatly ironed, tucked in, and clean.

  • Dark Jeans Or Khakis

Khakis or dark-colored pants are the only types of pants accepted at Panera Bread and there should be no pattern on the pants. 

When necessary, a black leather belt should be paired with the pants.

  • Apron and Nametag

At Panera Bread, wearing a nametag is crucial because this will make it easier for customers and you to communicate. 

Associates are required to wear a clean, well-ironed, green apron at all times.

  • Shoes

Associates are required to wear non-slippery black shoes and nose masks if needed.

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Dress Code Of A Manager At Panera Bread

Short- or long-sleeved, solid-colored shirts with collars and long- or short-sleeved, solid-colored polo shirts are acceptable for managers.  

Black, blue, grey, and occasionally white are considered to be acceptable solid colors for managers.

The only branding that may be present on the t-shirt is the Panera Bread logo, and it must be neatly pressed and tucked in.

Managers are also required to wear non-slippery black shoes and nose masks if needed.

Dress Code For Bakers At Panera Bread

Although bakers at Panera Bread have uniforms, access to them is only granted to new hires after three months of service. 

The dress code includes a T-shirt in black or a Panera branded shirt, a white chef coat, a baseball cap with short sleeves, or a non-vented beanie.

Dress Code Of Delivery Driver At Panera Bread

Drivers must be wearing a black long-sleeved Panera Branded t-shirt because sweatshirts, hoodies, and sweaters are not permitted.

It is not acceptable to tuck pants into boots or shoes and only the company Orange jacket-approved outerwear is accepted.

Driver must wear their name tag at all times and they must wear non-slip black shoes. Black socks and either sneakers or boots could be worn.

Dress Code For Panera Bread Catering Coordinators

Panera Bread Catering Coordinators must dress professionally by wearing a short-sleeved collared polo, a black T-shirt without a logo or a T-shirt with the Panera logo.

They are also required to wear non-slippery black shoes and nose masks.

How To Dress For A Panera Bread Interview

Your choice of attire conveys a lot about your professionalism, so you should choose your clothing carefully before an interview at Panera Bread.

When attending the interview, avoid dressing inappropriately or inappropriately, simply dress for the level of employment you are seeking at Panera Bread.

Some dressing tips include:

For Women

  • Make sure your shirts and blouses are at ease and well fitting. Check to see if your blouse or top is tucked in.
  • Wear pants that are properly ironed and in neutral hues like grey, beige, navy blue, or even black.
  • Pleated or pencil skirts are stylish choices, just make sure the color matches the pants.
  • Put on some comfy shoes, such as wedges, boots, or flats.

For Men

  • Wear a collared T-shirt, and make sure it is spotless and ironed well.
  • Avoid wearing jeans as pants, so choose formal business attire and make sure it is neatly pressed.
  • Choose a leather belt in the same hue as your shoes.
  • Dress in dressy shoes with closed toes.

Other Tips You Might Like:

Color Options

Wear something that will catch the interviewer’s eye and be attractive because each color has a specific meaning. 

The list of some colors and their meanings includes:-

  • Red: Red is an assertive color.
  • Blue: The color blue represents credibility and dependability.
  • Black: Wearing a black outfit denotes leadership.
  • Orange: One of the worst colors to wear to an interview is orange. It represents sloppiness. Anytime you have an interview, try to avoid it.

For An Entry-level Position

  • Wearing jeans, yoga pants, or cropped pants is not recommended.
  • Avoid wearing shorts.
  • Avoid like the plague outfits with strapless or plunging necklines.
  • Put on business casual attire.

For Managerial Positions

For a manager position, either you dress professionally for business or you choose typical business attire.


One of the biggest fast-casual restaurant platforms in the U.S. is Panera Brands, which includes Panera Bread, Caribou Coffee, and Einstein Bros. 

Every business setting, even Panera Bread, has a dress code and a policy guide for every worker.

This creates a positive initial impression of professionalism, sincerity, prompt customer service, and an eagerness to adapt to the workplace culture.

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