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After its early launch in Africa in 2018, Opera News quickly became the most downloaded app in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa.

Its popularity kept growing and Opera News became the news app choice for millions of people around the world. Readers, viewers, and internet users stay up to date with current events and are offered the best reading experience.

According to newly released data from Sensor Tower, Opera News is the worlds’ most downloaded news app, which uses a mix of editorial teams and AI to deliver a wide variety of the worlds’  most relevant news information.

Often times, people tend to waste money on data surfing the internet continuously searching for the wrong things, which brings them little or no benefits at all. 

How about staying glued to your phone and making money from using your keypads? 

This article will proffer the tools that you need to make money surfing the internet. Only if you are an aspiring writer with a flair for writing or you are a creative writer looking for where to channel your creativity.

There’s an online News Hub known as Opera News, that brings the latest information circulating your radar. You do not only log on to catch the latest news information, you can also be a provider of the latest news information; on fashion trends and entertainment, 3ducation, politics, sports and more.

Opera News empowers you by turning your creative passion into a thriving career  by means of a simplified workflow. You are able to create and manage your content with very easy tools while you earn some money for yourself.

Your time and data is being valued and doubled when you write about the things that go on online. 

All these are achieved by writing credible and authentic articles with Opera News Hub.

Article Road Map

How Money Is Made On Opera News Hub

Opera News Hub allows you to write your own articles on news, trending issues, and other interesting topics that are pleasant and would attract readers across the globe. After which your written article will be published on the Opera News platform for clicks by internet users. With every click on each article written, you get paid.

As a writer with opera news hub, getting people to read your articles will not be a difficult task, because of the tools used by the hub to generate traffic. 

How Authentic Is Opera News Hub?

Opera News Hub is geared towards providing viable and authentic information to the general public.  Articles that are written to violate national laws, or pose as fake will be against the publishing rules of Opera News Hub and would be rejected.

How To Register

Eligible content and creative writers who are willing to be part of this innovation should click on; http://www.gh.opera.news  OR http://www.operanews.com 

Follow the registration prompts. Afterward, your registration would be confirmed by the publisher before registration is approved. Only then can you start writing articles for the hub while getting value for your time.

Talented and creative writers should turn their writing abilities into money making opportunities by being a part of this new innovation called Opera News Hub.

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